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Projectile Manager by Shuji Hori

2020, May 18 - 07:41
ProjectileManager is a plugin that enables you, the Unity developer, to deal with 3D ballistic math calculations under the gravity effected environment. It's fast, flexible, mobile compatible and easy to use. It's great for any project involving ballistic projectiles and trajectories.
This plugin includes functions to
- Calculate a force to add to an object to hit a position obtained by player's input (mouse or touch).
- Calculate ballistic trajectory of a projectile.
- Change the style of a trajectory line (Colors, Alphas, Width, Resolution, etc...)
Price $0.00

Vehicle Physics by ProgramIst

2020, May 18 - 07:20
It's an asset that allows to create your own vehicle . An asset presents car and truck vehicles but you can make a vehicle with any numer of wheels, engines, gearboxes, differentials, reduction units, axles.
*The asset provides ajustable steering assistant with couter-steering, linearity and other options.
*There is a realistic physics of clutch and gearbox that has got automatic and sequential (manual) mode.
*It has got a unique wheel physics.
Price $15.99

Terrain Texture 4K by PoèMe

2020, May 16 - 14:33
This pack is a collection of textures for terrain in 4K. Suitable for the Unity terrain system and using the terrain tools package.
You can use these textures for prototyping or for your final product.

In this asset you will find:
-5 terrains textures
In 4k but you can decrease the resolution if you want
Contains albedo map, normal map, and mask map
Contains one folder per texture with all the textures used in the masks textures

-5 terrains layers

-1 layer palette profile

-1 demo scene

This asset was made by PoèMe
If you have any question please ask !
Price $4.99

Battle Buggy 1 by Havolk

2020, May 15 - 19:48
Youtube link
Mega Battle Car Pack Link
Battle Buggy 1 is a high quality model to add more details and realism to your projects. All colors can be easily modified. Unity 3D compatible models FBX . PROFESIONALLY MODELLED Models in scene were made without ngons and to keep polycount as low as possible: WELL ORDERED Like all our products this scene is handy to use and easy to modify. In this product there is no problem with multiplied materials and textures! There is more models of this series – explore our models set! It is suitable for game engines :) Unity also can easily use
Quoted poly count is for triangles.
Game Environment is low-poly model ideal for game engines (Game-Ready). Easy to optimize model for PC, PS2, PS3, Mobile, X-BOX games.
Very High detailed Game Environment ready for professional projects.

-Free license
- Texture uv 2048-2048
- Model is fully textured with all materials applied. You can edit the material :))
- (PBR)=Normal--MetallikRoughness--Emissive--BaseColor
- Four different base colors Black,Blue,Yellow,Red
- Properly named Textures,Materials and Meshes
-Buggy 1 Polygon 7600
-Apparatus Polygon 19000

Other work will continue link

Price $4.99

Knight and Forest Pixel art Pack by Toy Master

2020, May 15 - 18:12
A complete package with everything you need to make your game. Characters, enemies, bosses, backgrounds, tilesets, props and everything else.
3 knight characters to pass the blade in everything that moves. Each with 7 animations (Idle, Run, 2 Attacks, Attack in air, Jump and death).
4 common enemies prepared to plague the lives of players who are unlucky enough to run into them (2 goblins, necromancer and zombie).
A mushroom man as boss.
31 forest tiles.
2 layers forest background.
Enjoy your rpg / action / metroidvania / platform adventure etc with this complete package
Price $6.99

School Uniforms - Anime Boy Characters by Lukebox

2020, May 15 - 18:04
Anime Schoolboy characters. All characters are rigged and humanoid animation ready

• 3 School uniform shirts
• 2 School uniform pants
• 2 hair styles
• +30 facial expressions using BlendShapes
• 4 premade hair colors
• Custom eye color
• Full body model, underwear shorts
• .fbx models, poly count 10-15k tris
• .png textures, resolution 512x512 to 2048x2048

Problems, feedback, suggestions?
Email me

Price $9.99

Stylized Fantasy : Magic Campsite by Polyart Studio

2020, May 15 - 17:57
PBR Stylized Environment : Magic Campsite

The 2nd collection of Handpainted PBR fantasy objects to create fantasy campsite environments in minutes.This pack contains a huge collection of camping and fantasy survival items themed around a mystical campsite deep within the forest!

Optimized for all platforms and all render pipelines
Standard RP - Unity 2018.3+
Coming Soon High-Definition RP 4.1+ - Unity 2018.3+
Coming Soon Lightweight RP 4.1+ - Unity 2018.3+
Coming Soon Universal RP - Unity 2019.3+

Join the community!
Discord | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

The pack is game ready, low poly and optimized and can be used for desktop and mobile projects as well.

- 130+ assets including tents,potions,bedrolls and food.
- Campfires ( firewood with 3 different states : burned, unburned, burning).
- Customizable color shader for all vegetation textures.
- 10 Stylized Particle Effects ( Fire, smoke, candles, bubbling potions, falling smoke)
- Backpacks, satchels and bags.
- Carriage with interior and doors.
- Stylized nightsky
- Animated treasure chest
- Scrolls
- Can be used both in PBR and non-PBR workflows.
- 2 demo scenes (Night & Day) and postprocessing settings included

Part of the Stylized Fantasy Collection! Check out the rest of the series HERE.
Support Thread here : FORUM

For any questions:
Price $29.99

Lowpoly Isometric House Interior by Rogily

2020, May 15 - 17:54

Assets were created to build a home interior with endless customization options.

-This package contains several features to easily create home interiors in your games. Also, it contains about 183 components for low poly home interiors.

-In the package you will find furniture, accessories, walls, floors, windows.

-A level with 12 scenes of interior examples containing bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and more!

-Easy customization, just drag the Material into the desired part to personalize it.


Technical Details

For more

Number of prefabs267

Number of models268, 141 used for collision

Collision: Yes, custom collision or single box collision 

Vertex Count24 - 1,840


Number of Materials23

Number of Textures: 2

Texture Resolutions:



Supported Development PlatformsWindows

Intended PlatformAll

Platforms TestedWindows

Price $14.99

2D Pixel art pack - Rousette by SiLena_ART

2020, May 15 - 17:19
High-quality 2D pixel art asset with that would be perfect for people who are making 2D platformers .
Package contains:
- animated character flying dog Rousete
- 3 animated fruits
- 15 different plants for your unique environment
- 13 pieces of ground that you can youse for tilemaps
- animated sparkles effect
- background piece that can be reused to create infinite background

Price $0.00

Cartoon Chef by Jeremy Zheng

2020, May 15 - 17:13
This is a very beautiful cartoon chef model.
You can use it in your game scene. Features:

1. 1 roles, 1 prefab.
2. Every role contain 10 completion animations, There are idle,death, jump, tun, dance and so on.
3. You can use them on most platform . like windows, Android, IOS and so on.
4. There is an example scene in the package.You can know them very easily.
Price $4.99

Footsteps Sound FX - Carpet on Wood by TomWinandySFX

2020, May 15 - 16:55
Listen to preview here
More footsteps SFX from this series
If you enjoy this product, please consider giving it ★★★★★

These realistic footstep sounds have been recorded with high quality gear and then designed and edited to perfection.

This sound pack contains 120 individual and meticulously engineered footstep sounds for CARPET ON WOOD and contains sounds for the following states:

Sneaking / crouched

Technical Details
Features the following files in WAV format:

Walk - 25 sounds
Run - 25 sounds
Sprint - 25 sounds
Sneak / crouched - 25 sounds
Jump - 10 sounds
Land - 10 sounds

Number of audio waves: 120
Sample rate: 44,100 Hz
Bit depth: 16 bit
Price $7.99

Footsteps Sound FX - Wood 2 by TomWinandySFX

2020, May 15 - 16:52
Listen to preview here
More footsteps SFX from this series
If you enjoy this product, please consider giving it ★★★★★

These realistic footstep sounds have been recorded with high quality gear and then designed and edited to perfection.

Wood 2 contains 120 individual and meticulously engineered footstep sounds for WOOD and contains sounds for the following states:

Sneaking / crouched

Technical Details
Features the following files in WAV format:

Walk - 25 sounds
Run - 25 sounds
Sprint - 25 sounds
Sneak / crouched - 25 sounds
Jump - 10 sounds
Land - 10 sounds

Number of audio waves: 120
Sample rate: 44,100 Hz
Bit depth: 16 bit
Price $7.99

Houdini Engine for Unity by SideFX Software

2020, May 15 - 16:44

Houdini Engine for Unity lets you bring procedural node-based assets into the Unity editor. These assets contain "recipes" that can be applied many times in multiple levels to create consistent, high quality game art.

DOWNLOAD & LICENSE: To use this package, you need to download the Houdini Installer then acquire a Houdini Engine license. The Houdini Engine Indie license is available for FREE for Indie gamedevs. Houdini or Houdini Indie licenses will also work with the plug-in.

Once you install and set up a Houdini Engine license on your computer, this Unity package will then communicate with the Houdini software to make the plug-in available within the Unity editor.

How does it Work?

In Houdini, networks of nodes can be easily wrapped up into Houdini Digital Assets then shared with other artists. With the Houdini Engine, these assets can be loaded into the Unity game editor with procedural controls available to artists.

The asset can then be manipulated in Unity. Anytime a parameter is changed on the asset, the Houdini Engine is called upon to "cook" the network of nodes and publish the results to Unity. This is why you need Houdini installed on your computer. This workflow allows for deep integration of Houdini Digital Assets into a Unity game development pipeline.

It is important to note that the assets are procedural in the editor and not at runtime.

Learn More at the Unity Plug-in page on

Price $0.00

Space Wave Shooter by Daniel Buckley

2020, May 15 - 16:24
PLAY the demo!

Space Wave Shooter, is a top-down wave shooter. Control a space ship and shoot through waves of enemies to finish the level. Buy upgrades and items between waves to level up and improve your player.

Project Features
- Complete wave shooter game
- Player ship controller
- Enemy ships
- Mobile support
- Item and upgrade shop
- Object pooling system
- Create custom shop items
- Fully documented code
Price $9.00

Stylized Fantasy Summer Environment Pack by N-hance Studio

2020, May 15 - 16:23

Stylized Doodads and materials Pack for your RPG, MOBA, or MMO
Stylized Forest doodads and materials are suitable for any outdoor forest scenes you want to create!

Contains materials from Stylized Fantasy Forest Landscape Material Pack which you can buy separately


85 Stylized doodads:
-7 Trees
-3 Fallen Tree
-7 Tree Root
-2 Tree Stump
-15 Bush
-3 Cattail
-3 Bunch of fallen leaves
-3 Lillypad
-2 Vines
-6 Moss
-13 Mushroom
-21 Rocks
Pack contains 16 materials of landscape (8 for PC & 8 for Mobile)
Pack contains 4 materials for Environment doodads

-Environment doodads use custom shader!
-Scene from screenshots is not included!

-Ambient Occlusion
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048, 4096x4096
Number of Materials: 20( 8 Mobile Materials & 12 PC Materials)
Number of Textures: 56
Price $29.99

Game Font — Engraving by Paul Dela Cruz

2020, May 15 - 16:05
This TTF font has been tailor-made to meet industry standards for use by individuals, indie studios, and triple-A game companies.

It will certainly prove useful for designing logos, icons, graphics, posters, UI, texts, dialogues, and much more— giving credit is optional!

• Professionally crafted
• Scaling is smooth and dynamic
• Works on all resolutions
• Colors can be modified

This font can be used commercially and non-commercially for any purpose so long as each user owns their own license, and the font is not redistributed or resold.

The characters that are available with this font are displayed in the product screenshots.

Available Game Fonts

✗ Marker ✗ Urban ✗ Quirky
✗ Carving ✗ Robot ✗ Medieval
✔ Engraving ✗ Modern ✗ Readable
✗ Paintbrush ✗ Futuristic
Price $5.00

Gun Towers by Silver Phoenix

2020, May 15 - 16:03
Package includes:-
- 6 Model
- 6 Prefabs
- 6 Materials
- 2k PBR textures (Base Color / Normal / Metallic map)
* Color Texture
* Normal map
* Metallic map
- 7 Example demo scene

Price $0.00

Model Balsa Plane Pack by Reens Studios

2020, May 15 - 15:55
The Model Balsa Plane Pack contains over 70 prefabs including a Balsa Plane, Tools, Furniture, Display Cases and a Workshop to add to your game level.
Demo scene is included.

Tri Count for Models:
Balsa Plane (5520)
Propeller (252)
Beam (12)
Chopping Block (12)
Display Case (50)
Door (52)
Fuselage (1450)
Knife (400)
Lamp (268)
Paint Brush (284)
Paint Jar (252)
Rudder (64)
Ruler (12)
Spotlight (204)
Stool (684)
Tail wing (196)
Walls (12-52)
Wheel (60)
WingPart_1 (28)
Wings (1368)

Textures 2048x2048
Albedo, Metallic, Normals Maps
"Dream BIGGER Create BETTER"-Reens Studios

Please feel free to contact us for support
Price $10.00

Messerschmitt BF 109 by Aleksn09

2020, May 15 - 15:47

This asset includes a model for the Messerschmitt plane from World War II.

Messerschmitt LOD 0
Polygons: 1 190
Verticles: 1 277

Messerschmitt LOD 1
Polygons: 342
Verticles: 409

Included PBR textures: Albedo, Diffuse, Normal and Specular.
Size textures: 2048*2048

Price $4.99

SD Basic Hand Prop - SD Unity-chan Haon Custom by Haon

2020, May 15 - 15:43
This package is compatible with the SD Unity-Chan Haon Custom series. It can be used without SD Unity-Chan Haon Custom.

SD Unity-Chan Haon Custom uses the same format. You can check the format of this series with free assets. ▶ SD Unity-Chan Haon Custom Bundle

The SD Unity-Chan character model attached to the package is subject to the Unity-chan license. All other assets are covered by the EULA license.
View Unity-chan license
View Asset Store EULA license

The SpringBone script included in the package is the script provided by the official Unity package.

© Unity Technologies Japan/UCL
© Haon
Price $5.00