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Ahab's Characters: Male#5 by AhabDev

2024, June 19 - 15:39
Designed to deliver great visuals right out of the box for the three main Render Pipelines, featuring two outfit sets and mesh hair.

Keynotes about the custom shaders used:

The custom skin and eye shaders, while inspired by those used in CC Tools, have been extensively reimagined and developed to become unique works on their own. They feature brand-new features as:

  • Subdermal color zones for a more pseudo-realistic look. Two modes avaliable.
  • Individual cutout masks to address clothes poking through in a straightforward manner.
  • An overall optimization and simplification of variables.
  • Skin pseudo-decals support.
  • Customized Shaders' GUIs.
  • Eye decals to give a unique touch to your characters' gaze!

Skin and Eye shaders for the BRP and URP were created with Amplify Shader. While not required, it's recommended for those wishing to edit them. The skin and eye shaders for HDRP was developed in Shader Graph. The hair (and brows and beard if any), as seen in the promo images, uses liltoon shader for the three render pipelines and is included in the pack up to version 1.7.2. under the MIT License. For the best possible results, especially for the skin, consider using a proper Post Processing Profile (an example is included for the three pipelines) and at least a 3-point lighting system (demo scenes are available for reference).

About the textures:

PBR: Diffuse, Metallic, Specular, AO, HDRP Mask Roughness, Normal (not always all for each mesh, adapted for each render pipeline).

Avergae size: 2K-4K.

Most textures used for clothes and skin have a size of 4K for demo purposes. You can easily downsize them to fit your project requirements.


Body (beard and brows, if any, attached), 23768 vertices, 18950 polygons

Boots, 1816 vertices, 3034 polygons

Eyes, 324 vertices, 320 polygons

Inner, 648 vertices, 606 polygons

Jacket, 24793 vertices, 23109 polygons

Pants, 3941 vertices, 3971 polygons

Scarf, 9691 vertices, 9404 polygons

Tongue, 309 vertices, 296 polygons

Character is presented in an unique mesh. Clothes are separated. The character can get fully naked and and get attached new clothes via third party softwares.


This character is intended as an option for satisfying visuals out of the box in most scenarios and across the three main render pipelines, and certainly going beyond of what you typically can find. The promo images accurately represent what you will get; all have been captured inside the Unity Engine without the use of other utilities or engines, ensuring no misleading marketing. To achieve these results, a mix of post processing settings, detailed lighting settings and use of custom shaders have been utilized (demo scenes included for all the render pipelines).

The character is compatible with the Unity Humanoid Rigging System. The hair, if any, as shown in the demo pictures, is included, but you can easily change the character's style by acquiring other hair options from my collection. All are 3D Hair Cards, available for review here. This character comes with two outfits: a formal one-piece dress with heels and a set of inner clothes. For adding new clothes to the character, refer to the video tutorial in this same sales page.

The character includes over 200 blendshapes and an Expression Editor (a custom set of scripts), providing a wide range of customization options.

Stay tunned for more characters to come!

Price $44.99

Simple Poker Template by natomarcacini

2024, June 19 - 15:08
The Simple Poker Template is a basic template for a poker game that follows the rules of Texas Hold'em. This asset offers a base to adapt the template and create their own poker game.
  • Simple AI
  • Poker Editor (levels, GUI, colors)
  • Integraded Unity Ads
  • All platform supported
  • Project made with 3D build-in but with 2D graphics, so you can convert to fully 3D.
  • Saving system with JSON


This asset is a not multyplayer game.

This asset has dependencies on DOTWeen and Advertisement Legacy (UnityAds) under Standard Unity Asset Store EULA.

The Simple Poker Template is a basic template for a poker game that follows the rules of Texas Hold'em.

This asset offers a base for artists and programmers to adapt the template and create their own poker game, whether 2D or 3D. Integrated with an editor to configure the basic gameplay arts without the need to modify the code.

WebGL Demo here

Online documentation here

Asset uses free Third-Party assets; See Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details. 

Price $60.00

Cyberpunk Port City Environment by Leartes Studios

2024, June 19 - 14:09
Cyberpunk Port City Environment with 219 Unique Meshes


  • 219 Unique Meshes
  • Attention to Detail / AAA Quality
  • Controllable parameters in Material Instances
  • High Quality Assets
  • Unique Concepts of Assets
  • High Attention to Details

Material Variations For Some Assets

Texture Sizes:

  • 4096
  • 2048
  • 1024

Texture Size: 4096 for detailed Assets, 2048 for Mid sized Assets, & 1024 for small assets

Collision: Yes, Custom collisions for complex assets

LODs: Yes, 3 LODs for complex assets

Average Poly Count: around 1K up to 48K

Texture Map Types: Base Color / Diffuse, Normal, Smoothness / Roughness, Metalic, Opacity

Materials: This asset contains PBR-based materials which means each material contains a Base Texture and a Normal Texture by default and additionally has Smoothness, Ambient Occlusion, Metalic and Opacity Texture Maps according to the material.

Props: Box, Barrel, Barrier, Bottle, Cable, Can and Table, Pipe, Lamp, etc.. [Resolution 2048x] [Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Opacity, AO, Metalic]

Architecture: Ground, Walls, Windows, Ceiling, Roofs etc. [Resolution 2048x] [Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Opacity, AO, Metalic]

Number of Meshes: 219 Unique Meshes

Number of Materials: 283

Number of Textures: 237

Supported Development Platforms: All Platforms

Cyberpunk Port City Environment with 219 Unique Meshes. Including all showcased assets and high-quality assets. With a good level of detailed.

Creative Direction by Leartes Team, Environment made by talented Artist “Guillaume Laval”

If you want to populate your game environments or any kind of Virtual Production levels, here is the pack you can use to get high-quality visuals and well-optimized assets.

For all your promotional requests, technical support needs, suggestions please create a ticket.

Here you can join Leartes Discord channel for live support, discounts and Custom Outsource Environment Projects.


Price $119.99

Bark - Realistic 4K PBR Collection Vol.01 by Ditag Design

2024, June 19 - 13:36

Texture maps:

  • Diffuse
  • Height
  • Normal
  • ORM (Ambient Occlusion, Rougness, Metallic)

Texture Resolution: 4096x4096

Number of Materials: 12

Number of Textures: 48

Normal Type: OpenGL

Asset Description:

  • Seamless 4K Textures
  • PBR Shader
  • Mobile Supported
  • Material Instances
  • Editable Parameters

Realistic Bark Bundle is suitable for any indoor or outdoor scenes you want to create! This material bundle contains different bark shader types of materials in it. You can use it in any of your realistic environment. All of the textures have been designed as seamlessly, so you can tile them as much as you want. And also Ambient Occlusion, Roughness and Metallic maps combined as one ORM map for optimization purpose.

The package has one master shader graph to generate other materials.

All materials are easy to use, you can simply drag and drop on any of your models! Lots of parameters will be waiting for your creativity, in order to build your own worlds.

You can easily change the exposed parameters on material like Color Tint, Smoothness, Normal Map Strength, Tiling and much more...

This pack contains 12 Themes of materials:

  • Bark01
  • Bark02
  • Bark03
  • Bark04
  • Bark05
  • Bark06
  • Bark07
  • Bark08
  • Bark09
  • Bark10
  • Bark11
  • Bark12

Price $15.00

Prefab Icon Maker by Dante Deketele

2024, June 19 - 13:16
Render high-quality prefab icons directly within the Unity Editor with customizable camera settings and multiple render modes.
  • Compatibility: Unity 2019.4 LTS or higher
  • Platform: Works on all platforms supported by the Unity Editor (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Dependencies: No external dependencies required
  • File Size: Lightweight package, under 1MB
  • Documentation: Included PDF manual with step-by-step instructions
  • Shaders Included:Unlit/Wireframe: Custom shader for wireframe rendering
    Unlit/Color: Custom shader for flat color rendering
  • Camera Settings:Predefined positions: Top, Front, Right
    Custom position option
    Orthographic and Perspective modes
    Adjustable Field of View (FOV) for Perspective mode
  • Output Settings:Customizable output folder path
    Configurable image resolution (default 512x512)
  • Render Modes:Shaded
  • Preview Feature: Displays the last rendered image within the tool window
  • Automatic Bounds Calculation: Ensures optimal camera position and size to capture the entire prefab
  • Editor Integration: Seamlessly integrates into the Unity Editor without affecting the current scene

Prefab Icon Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use tool designed to render high-quality icons for your prefabs directly within the Unity Editor. This tool simplifies the process of creating visually appealing icons for your assets, saving you time and effort. With customizable camera settings, multiple render modes (Shaded, Wireframe, Albedo), and flexible output options, you can generate the perfect icon for any prefab in your project. Ideal for developers and artists looking to enhance their asset previews and project organization.


  • Simple Interface: User-friendly window to select prefabs and configure settings.
  • Customizable Output: Define output folder paths and image resolutions.
  • Flexible Camera Settings: Choose from predefined camera positions (Top, Front, Right) or set a custom position. Switch between Orthographic and Perspective views.
  • Multiple Render Modes: Render prefabs in Shaded, Wireframe, and Albedo modes.
  • Automatic Bounds Calculation: Automatically adjusts camera position and size to fit the prefab.
  • Preview Last Rendered Image: Easily view the last rendered icon directly in the tool window.
  • Seamless Integration: Works within the current scene without affecting it, leveraging existing lighting.

Perfect for creating high-quality icons for the Unity Asset Store or for internal project organization.

Price $4.99

Miami Beach by Art Equilibrium

2024, June 19 - 10:14
The famous street of the beautiful city.

Number of prefabs 469

Number of textures 177

Exterior and interior

Demo scene 2 (Day and Evening)

Modular system

Texture sizes 2048x2048

Number of materials 92

Minimum polygon count 2

Maximum polygon count 3464

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information 3 of levels

Types of materials and texture maps PBR

This resource is specifically designed for PC projects. It can be used for virtual reality (VR) projects if the scenes are simplified by reducing the level size and the number of props. However, please note that this resource is not suitable for mobile projects.

Screenshots and videos are made using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Versions of the Standard Render Pipeline (SRP), HDRP, and Universal Render Pipeline (URP) are supported out of the box. When importing an object, select the pipeline you need (refer to the screenshot or read the "Readme" file).

Object Overview

This asset is ideal for creating game levels or standalone projects themed around Miami or the USA.

Modular System

All building modules are designed according to industry standards and offer various variations. There are also optimized buildings and background buildings.


The LOD (Level of Detail) system typically consists of 3 groups. Texel density is 512 pixels/m for modules and 512-1024 pixels/m for props.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Price $47.99

2D Inventory icon pack by DavidKot228

2024, June 19 - 10:06
Hello, if you need icons for your project, I will be happy to help you.

[Used source file(s)] sizes

File count 59

Animated: No

Animation type list -


This 2D asset package includes a comprehensive collection of high-quality assets designed for game developers, graphic designers, and digital artists. The assets are suitable for various applications, including video games, mobile apps, and digital artwork.

Number of Assets: Total assets included:59

Image Dimensions:

  • Each asset comes in multiple dimensions to cater to different use cases: 1080x1080 pixels

Color Depth:

  • The assets are rendered in 32-bit color depth, providing a wide range of colors and excellent image quality.

Transparency Information:

  • All assets support transparency, utilizing alpha channels to ensure smooth edges and seamless integration with various backgrounds and other graphical elements.

File Formats:

  • The assets are provided in popular file formats for ease of use and compatibility:PNG (Portable Network Graphics) for high-quality images with transparency
    Usage Examples:
  • Ideal for environmental sprites, objects, UI elements, icons, and more.

  • Support:
  • For any questions or support, please contact

Price $4.99

Ceiling Light Set by SIUP

2024, June 19 - 10:02

Texture size: 2048x2048

Textures: AO, Color, MetallicSmoothness, Normal, Emissive

UV mapping: Yes

Includes formats: FBX, TGA textures


Lamp1 1302 triangles

Lamp2 1776 triangles

Lamp3 130 triangles

Lamp4 210 triangles

Lamp5 8069 triangles

Set of five different ceiling lamps.

Perfect for any apartment or office interior. Includes textures for the lit variant of the lamps.

PBR textures.

Texture size: 2048x2048

Textures: AO, Color, MetallicSmoothness, Normal, Emissive

UV mapping: Yes

Includes formats: FBX, TGA textures


Lamp1 1302 triangles

Lamp2 1776 triangles

Lamp3 130 triangles

Lamp4 210 triangles

Lamp5 8069 triangles

Price $9.89

Eadon Dice Roller by Cogs & Goggles

2024, June 19 - 08:06
Eadon Dice Roller is a physically accurate dice rolling framework

Includes very optimized dice models.

All materials use the standard shader for the built-in rendering pipeline and can be converted to URP or HDRP with the Unity material upgrader.

Now you can make your dream RPG, with complex dice rolling mechanics like famous D&D inspired games with Eadon Dice Roller, a physically accurate dice rolling framework.

This asset comes with seven different dice material, and includes all the classic dice shapes, from D4 to D100.

Fully documented!

The asset has a comprehensive documentation which you can find here: doc

Online support

Support is via our discord server here

Price $30.00

Essential Footsteps Sound Effects Pack by WOW Sound

2024, June 19 - 06:02
3263 footstep sounds covering the extensive movement of footsteps for running, walking, jogging, jumping, landing, scuffing and armour gear foley sound files.

Sample rate: 48 kHz

Bit depth: 24 bit

Loopable: No

Additional: Mono

These footstep sounds were recorded on six essential material surfaces: concrete, dirt, grass, metal (hollow, solid A & B), water puddles (including ankle-deep), and wood (hollow and solid) in three different footwear types: barefoot, boot, and leather boot, with up to 20 variations each.

The footstep sound FX collection is meticulously organized by material and footwear type, making it incredibly easy to find and implement the ideal footstep sounds into your video games and films. Bonus files of armour and gear foley sound files like leather, chainmail metal, metal, and cloth, categorized into jogging, jumping, walking, and running, further enhance the realism of your character's movement.

The footstep sound effects in this pack are of the highest professional quality, capturing the dynamics and stride needed to enhance immersion and offer critical player feedback. These features are essential for creating a compelling and interactive gaming experience, making this pack a must-have for any serious video game developer, filmmaker, or multimedia creator.

▼ What’s inside the pack?

  • 284 Concrete Footstep Sounds
  • 289 Dirt Footstep Sounds
  • 296 Grass Footstep Sounds
  • 755 Metal Footstep Sounds (Hollow, Solid A and Solid B)
  • 396 Water Puddle Footstep Sounds
  • 547 Wood Footstep Sounds (Hollow and Solid)
  • 581 Foley Sounds (Chainmail, Cloth, Leather, Metal and Gear)
  • 115 Blood Footstep Sounds


This footstep sound effects pack is edited from Rock The Speakerbox's Sound Effects Library—a collaboration with Rock The Speakerbox and WOW Sound.

[ Support Email: ]

And if you have any music genres you would like to hear but are currently not available in our store, do drop us an email! We will be most excited to try to create your desired sound effects and music for you!

* We release new packs regularly so there will always be the latest and most up-to-date music and sounds for your game projects!

Price $99.00

Cartoon Carpet Multi Pack by Golem Kin Games

2024, June 19 - 05:33
Dive into the colorful world of our Carpet Multi Pack Collection, a comprehensive pack designed for mobile and PC that features a vibrant Carpet Multi Pack.

Product Details:

  • Tris Count: The model has less than 2 Tris, optimized for performance without compromising on visual quality.
  • Poly Count: The model has 4 polygons.
  • Texture Maps: The Carpet Multi Pack comes with a high-resolution albedo map of 2048x2048, providing clear and detailed textures.
  • Rigged: No

This model is perfect for developers looking to add a playful and visually appealing touch to their Dungeon scenes.

No animator controller is in the project or rig, allowing you the ease to do whatever you want with the underlying asset.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us at:

Price $4.99

Antique Table And Chair by E6 Model

2024, June 19 - 05:25
5 Pieces 2048 Pbr Texture 1 Pieces 2048 Non-Pbr Texture

Triangle : 5,712 3D Format

5 Pieces 2048 Pbr Texture 1 Pieces 2048 Non-Pbr Texture

Triangle : 2,674

Use it as a Horror or puzzle game. Suitable for Mobile, VR and Computer games.
Price $16.00

Japanese zelkova by HoloLab Store

2024, June 19 - 03:17
Japanese tree. Japanese zelkova. The model includes two patterns: summer and autumn.

It consists of three unitpackage files: one for built-in, one for URP, and one for HDRP. Please expand and use each unitpackage according to your pipeline.

Number of textures: 11

Texture dimensions: 4k

Polygon count: 310k

Rigging: No

Animation: No

UV mapping: Yes

Types of materials and texture maps: PBR

If the textures are displayed incorrectly when built

Set Project Settings > Player > Optimization > Vertex Compression to None.

This tree model is based on actual measurements taken with a high-precision ground-based laser scanner.

The process of generating a 3D model from the scanned tree point cloud data uses a proprietary algorithm to reproduce the highly detailed trunk and branch geometry.

The leaf textures are also based on the actual leaves photographed, with dedicated textures for the front and back surfaces.

This allows for a realistic representation of the tree shape.

Price $0.00


2024, June 19 - 00:25
The ALL IN ONE GAME SOUND is a curated selection of unique, high-quality game sound effects unpublished from our library collection.

Audio file types : wav

Sample rate : 44100

Bit depth : 16bit

Loopable : No

Additional : Stereo


with minimal burden

the best sound

Free Updates

Sound Cloud One Sound Preview 🔊

The JBOB ALL IN ONE GAME SOUND is a curated selection of unique, high-quality game sound effects unpublished from our library collection.

The advantages of the JBoB Sound archive are non-reused sounds, clean and consistent quality. Created from the ground up for creators, post-production, video, gaming and more, it's like no other collection.

Don't miss out on the best free sound update service for the least amount of pressure

➢ 001_JoJo Style 🎚️ 142ea

➢ 002_Sub Bass Boom 🎚️ 82ea

➢ 003_Drone Robot 🎚️ 34ea

➢ 004_Car Cinematic Sound 🎚️ 14ea

➢ 005_Character 🎚️ 223ea

➢ 006_Interface 🎚️ 71ea

➢ 007_Sci-fi 🎚️ 108ea

➢ 008_Whoosh 🎚️ 141ea

➢ 009_Ambience Loop 🎚️ 16ea

➢ 010_Interface 🎚️ 172ea

➢ 011_Ninja Sword 🎚️ 14ea

➢ 012_RPG Interface 🎚️ 177ea

➢ 013_Ch Sword 🎚️ 31ea

➢ 014_Ch Gun 🎚️ 22ea

➢ 015_MORPG Ambience 🎚️ 8ea

➢ 016_MORPG Damage 🎚️ 54ea

➢ 017_MORPG Monster 🎚️ 318ea

➢ 018_MORPG Object Trap 🎚️ 26ea

➢ 019_MORPG Character 🎚️ 150ea

➢ 020_MORPG Interface 🎚️ 100ea

➢ 021_Cartoon Magic 🎚️ 61ea

➢ 022_RPG Ability Ch 1 🎚️ 11ea

➢ 023_RPG Ability Ch 2 🎚️ 12ea

➢ 024_RPG Ability Ch 3 🎚️ 15ea

➢ 025_RPG Ability Ch 4 🎚️ 22ea

➢ 026_RPG Ability Ch 5 🎚️ 14ea

➢ 027_RPG Ability Ch 6 🎚️ 14ea

➢ 028_RPG Ability Ch 7 🎚️ 17ea

➢ 029_RPG Ability Ch 8 🎚️ 14ea

➢ 030_RPG Ability 🎚️ 10ea

➢ 031_Ch Hammer 🎚️ 31ea

➢ 032_Tiny Robot Game 🎚️ 94ea

➢ 033_Lightning Sword Whoosh 🎚️ 30ea

➢ 034_Electron Wave 🎚️ 26ea

➢ 035_Engine Move Step 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 036_Engine Spark Up Down 🎚️ 40ea

➢ 037_Robot SFX 🎚️ 95ea

➢ 038_Spark Whoosh 🎚️ 27ea

➢ 039_Ch Assassin 🎚️ 36ea

➢ 040_End Impact Logo 🎚️ 26ea

➢ 041_Power Explosion Whoosh 🎚️ 47ea

➢ 042_Fight Battle 🎚️ 56ea

➢ 043_Pixel Fight Sound 🎚️ 122ea

➢ 044_Ambience Sound Design 🎚️ 8ea

➢ 045_Animation Light 🎚️ 40ea

➢ 046_Animation Magic 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 047_Dark Magic Use Signal 🎚️ 26ea

➢ 048_ETC Click 🎚️ 57ea

➢ 049_ETC Pass by Whoosh 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 050_Horror Buff 🎚️ 33ea

➢ 051_Magic Cast Energy 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 052_Magic Skill Buff 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 053_SF Mechanic Signal 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 054_SF Whoosh 🎚️ 35ea

➢ 055_Blood Impact 🎚️ 53ea

Price $49.99

TopDown Undead pack - Animated 2D Pixel Characters by SmallScale Interactive

2024, June 18 - 19:55
A large pack of 9 animated, top down 2D characters! Each character is fully animated in 8 directions with over 30 unique animations, and a total of 2160 animation clips spread across the 9 characters.

Animation clip count: 2160

Individual sprites: yes

Sprite sheets: No

Sprite dimensions: 128 x128 (193x193 for large characters)

nr of sprites per animations: 15

A large Character pack for your next top down 2D game. Great for Enemies or player characters.

Each character have variations of the following animations in 8 directions:


  • Crouch idle
  • Die
  • Fall
  • Idle
  • Idle2
  • Crouch idle
  • Take damage


  • Crouch run
  • Walk
  • Run
  • RunBackwards
  • Slide start
  • Slide
  • Slide end
  • Strafe left
  • Strafe right
  • Rolling / Fly
  • FrontFlip / Levitate


  • Special 1
  • Special 2
  • 180 turn
  • Attack1
  • Attack2
  • Attack3
  • Attackrun
  • Kick
  • QuickShot/Pummel
  • BlockMid
  • BlockStart
  • CastSpell


  • Sit down
  • UnSheathe / Initiate (Spawn animation)

The Asset also includes the following animations for projectiles and special effects:

  • 4+ different spells
  • 3 different arrows
  • 4+ different AoE effect
  • 1 fire prop effect

The asset also includes a Example scene with a map, an example animator controller for each character, 9 character portraits and some ui Elements.

The example scene in the video is included, but is mainly meant for demonstration purposes and is not completly game ready. The example scene only works with URP, but the sprites can be used with any pipeline.

Price $19.97

AI Commander by Your Indie Dev

2024, June 18 - 18:25
Seamlessly integrate AI into Unity games for intelligent decision-making. AI selects functions and parameters based on context, enhancing player experience with swift recommendations.

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly incorporate the OpenAI API into your Unity game development workflow.

Intelligent Decision-Making: Utilize AI algorithms to select the most appropriate functions within Unity based on contextual information.

Text and Voice Input: Support for both text and voice commands, providing flexibility for player interaction.

Enhanced Player Experience: Elevate immersion and engagement by integrating advanced AI-driven features into your game.

Developer-friendly: Easy-to-use package with comprehensive documentation and support for developers of all skill levels.

Our package offers seamless integration of AI models with Unity game development, providing developers with advanced decision-making capabilities for their projects. The content provided is highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor the AI's recommendations to suit the specific requirements of their game. Whether you're working on a first-person shooter, role-playing game, simulation, or any other genre, our solution adapts to your needs, enabling you to enhance gameplay mechanics, improve player interactions, and elevate overall immersion. With its versatility and flexibility, our package is suitable for any genre, empowering developers to create captivating and innovative gaming experiences.


Price $10.99

Goblin 2 by Njordmund

2024, June 18 - 18:24
3D model of a Goblin 2 for your game.

Number of textures 15

Texture dimensions 4096

Maximum polygon count 17275

Number of meshes/prefabs 3

Rigging: Yes

Animation count 28

Animation type list

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information ТNo

Types of materials and texture maps PBR

The model is suitable for your projects of the genre: RPG, strategy, first-person shooter, etc.


Additional bones that are added to skeleton:






toga_r 01-06

toga_l 01-06

togaB_r 01-06

togaB_l 01-06


4K PBR Textures(tga)

6 materials

15 textures


Model contains 28 animations:










Verts: 17275

Faces: 15468

Tris: 28871

Price $40.00

Monster 10 by Njordmund

2024, June 18 - 18:24
3D model of a Monster for your game.

Number of textures 6

Texture dimensions 4096

Maximum polygon count 6256

Number of meshes/prefabs 3

Rigging: Yes

Animation count 30

Animation type list

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information ТNo

Types of materials and texture maps PBR

The model is suitable for your projects of the genre: RPG, strategy, first-person shooter, etc.


Additional bones that are added to skeleton:










4K PBR Textures(tga)

3 materials

6 textures


Model contains 30 animations:










Verts: 6256

Faces: 5540

Tris: 10772

Price $35.00

Runtime Debugger + Source Code by laiting

2024, June 18 - 18:02
Runtime Debugger enables you to view, debug, and control your game in real-time from the browser.

Supported Unity Versions: 2021.3 or higher.


  • Windows Standalone
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • MacOS Standalone
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android (including Quest VR)

Website | Demo | Documentation | Discussions

Feature Overview

  • Real-time view of Hierarchy, Inspector and modification of Component's properties
  • View the logs in your browser
  • View FPS, memory data and analyze memory usage
  • Device and game information
  • Browse for files in Unity-specific paths
  • Terminals that can interact with the Unity Runtime to perform operations

Price $34.99

Ahab Bones: Dynamic and Spring Bones System by AhabDev

2024, June 18 - 17:53
A dynamic bones system designed to simplify your animation workflow and enhance your projects. An alternative to other popular dynamic bones systems with unique features and ease of use.

Ahab Bones is implemented as a group of MonoBehaviour scripts, ensuring compatibility with standard Unity projects without the need for DOTS or Jobs packages. This setup allows for straightforward integration into existing workflows, utilizing Unity's built-in components and systems. By leveraging MonoBehaviour, Ahab Bones maintains simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible for developers of all skill levels.


IF YOU BOUGHT ONE OF MY CHARACTER OR HAIR PACKAGES, DON'T BUY THIS. ALL OF THEM HAVE A FREE COPY OF THIS TOOL INCLUDED. Email me with your invoice code to request a faster update of your purchased package.

Key Features

1. Custom Editor for Automated Workflow Save time with the custom editor that automates many tasks, reducing the need for manual input and speeding up your workflow.

2. Save and Load Preset Profiles Easily save and load preset profiles to maintain consistency across multiple characters and projects.

3. Jiggle Simulation Support Perfect for animating elements like breasts and anime-style spiky hair, Ahab Bones supports chains of only one bone, adding realistic jiggle effects.

4. Comprehensive Documentation All functions and variables come with detailed tooltips and video tutorials to help you use Ahab Bones effectively.

5. Open Source Code The source code is open and free from external plugins, allowing you to customize and extend the system as needed.

6. Advanced Collision Support Ahab Bones offers three types of custom colliders: plane, sphere, and capsule. You can also create custom colliders using mesh renderers, simplifying the setup process.

7. Cost-Effective Solution Ahab Bones is priced lower than many competing systems, offering a budget-friendly option for dynamic bone animations.

8. Two Dynamic Bones system Choose between two different implementations (simple and complex) to get different effects for each occasion.

Additional Features

- Free auxiliar Armature Drawer script: one simple script to easily visualize any armature and be able to fast select bones.

- External Forces and Limitations: Include gravity and other external forces to influence bones, and set angle limits to control bone movement.

- Constraint Support: Use constraints to maintain bone length and positioning, with adjustable strength and iterations.

- Pseudo Vibration: Add subtle vibration effects to your animations, with control over direction, intensity, and speed.

- Performance Optimization: Adjust collision and constraint iterations to balance performance and realism in your animations.

Price $15.99