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G2: Medic and Soldier by Quang Phan

Asset Store newest packages - 9 hours 41 min ago
Male and female characaters ready for games
  • Over 80 Blendshapes/Morphs for AR Face Tracking, Oculus Lipsync and some Basic Expressions
  • Rigged with same skeleton
  • Male and Female head same scale so you can share Hair/Hat
  • Blending/Mixing color/textures on Materials
  • Makeup Face/Hair/Eyes/Lips
  • Cloth and Jiggle physic setup ready

Number of textures: ~40

Texture dimensions: 2048 -4096

Polygon count of [Model Name]: 20k -50k

Minimum polygon count: 20k

Maximum polygon count: 50k

Number of meshes/prefabs: ~16

Rigging: Yes

Animation count: 0

Animation type list

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information (count, number of levels): No

Types of materials and texture maps (e.g., PBR): PBR

Please learn more about different between Genesis 2 (G2: Characters) and non G2 characters before buying this package.


View picture full resolution on Artstation


How to use

  • To start playing with packages and upgrade shader please watch this Video tutorial
  • How to create more Prefabs by yourself
  • You should open Overview scene to find out features of character package
  • This package included HDRP, URP, Standar Shader to use this character in Standard or URP you need swap shader following this Video Tutorial
  • You can find Face Morphs/Blendshapes on Head Morphs in this package.
  • Feel free to learn more about characters and make a questions on my [My Discord]


With new shader, you can blend color and textures to your liking. All character body parts are modular so you can mix with my other Genesis 2 characters same gender but make sure you have scripts to mix character, this package not included mixing character scripts.

For best result with physic you should use Dynamic Bone for chain.

This character has over 85 Blendshapes/Morphs for AR Face Tracking, Oculus Lipsync and some Basic Expressions, 02 hairstyle can use for both male and female characters

Price $79.99

Art Gallery Vol.5 by AK STUDIO ART

Asset Store newest packages - 14 hours 12 min ago
The "Art Gallery Vol.5" package is a comprehensive collection of assets designed to create stunning art galleries in your Unity projects.

The "Art Gallery Vol.5" package is a comprehensive collection of assets designed to create stunning art galleries in your Unity projects. This package provides you with a wide variety of elements and details to design elegant and sophisticated spaces to showcase artworks.

Whether you're creating a game, an art gallery simulation, or an interactive experience, the "Art Gallery Vol.5" package provides you with the necessary resources to build impactful and captivating environments.

Get the "Art Gallery Vol.5" package today and take your Unity projects to the next level by creating stunning art galleries that showcase the beauty and creativity of the exhibited artworks. Immerse yourself in the world of art and create inspiring environments with this comprehensive set of assets!

Technical specifications:

- Number of Unique Meshes 27.

- Number of polygons - from 4 (for simple models) to 11,024 (for complex models).

- Texture size (2048 x 2048).

- Types of texture maps – BaseMap, Normal, MaskMap.

The package contains:

· 14 Fbx models

· 19 Prefabs with colliders

· 65 High Quality Textures (2048 x 2048)

· Optimized 3D Models

· VR Ready

· Baked GI

· Post Processing Setup

· 1 Demo scene with lightmap

Price $19.99

JU TPS 3 - Third Person Shooter GameKit + Vehicle Physics by Julhiecio GameDev

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 17:31
JU TPS makes third-person shooter game development as simple as possible
  • JU TPS works independently of the render pipeline, which by default uses the Built-in Render Pipeline. You can convert the shaders to the Render Pipeline you want.

JU TPS is a Template/GameKit designed to facilitate the creation of third-person shooter games. It offers a variety of features such as realistic locomotion, advanced ragdoll system, vehicle physics, AI for vehicles and enemies, inventory system, weapons, items, and more.

📝 Documentation

🎮 Demos (Windows, WebGL, Android)

See the list of all features below

🤖 Controller Features:

  • Third Person Control
  • Realistic Locomotion
  • Realistic Rotation
  • Root-Motion Support
  • Advanced Ragdoll System
  • Body Part Damage System
  • Advanced Foot Placement System
  • Support to create new Actions/Expand the System
  • Drive Vehicles System
  • Gravity Switching System

🎮 Gameplay Styles:

  • Third Person Shooter
  • First Person Shooter
  • Top Down
  • Sidescroller

🕹️ Input Features:

  • Integrated with the New Input System
  • Cross-Platform Support (Keyboard, Gamepad and Mobile)

🧠 Artificial Intelligence Features:

  • Vehicle AI
  • Zombie AI
  • Patrol AI

🗡️ Inventory and Item Features:

  • Inventory System
  • Weapon System
  • Melee Weapons
  • Throwable Items System
  • Armor/Clothing System
  • Dual Wielding System

🏍️ Vehicle Physics Features:

  • Motorcycle Physics Included
  • Car Physics Included
  • Custom Vehicle Physics Support

🎥 Camera Features:

  • Third Person Shooter Camera (TPS)
  • First Person Shooter Camera (FPS)
  • Sidescroller/TopDown Camera System
  • Expandable Camera System
  • Camera State Triggers

🛠️ Tools/Utils/Bonus Included:

  • JU Icon Generator
  • JU Fracture Generator
  • Destructible Objects System
  • Camera Shaker
  • Slowmotion Feature
  • Pixel Quality Scaler

To see more details about each feature see the documentation.

🔴 If you purchased JU TPS 2 before this version was released, you can upgrade for free for 90 days from the day of release.

Third-Party Notice:

Asset uses some audios, and textures under CC0 1.0 License (Public Domain)

Price $60.00

Rome Building Pack Vol.2 by Boris Dubois

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 17:09
This assets includes 358 icons.

This assets includes 358 icons.

- All icon are made with 256 x 256 pixels size.

- Made of PNG.

- Transprent.

Very high quality, please check our screenshots.


Price $15.00

Rome Building Pack Vol.1 by Boris Dubois

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 17:09
This assets includes 350 icons.

This assets includes 350 icons.

- All icon are made with 256 x 256 pixels size.

- Made of PNG.

- Transprent.

Very high quality, please check our screenshots.


Price $15.00

Fire Magic Skill & Spell Sound Pack by LegroSFX

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 16:51
Unleash the power of fire with 146 unique sound effects in this Fire Magic Skill & Spell Sound Pack. Cast, loop, impact, projectile, buff, armor, and more - perfect for RPG and fantasy games

Audio file types: .Wav

Sample rate: 44,100Hz Sample Rate

Bit depth: 320Kbps Bit rate

Additional: Stereo

Do Sound Fx Loop: Yes like cast skill

Windows and Mac:Yes

Support Dev Platarform: Yes

-Dynamic sound

-Well ogranized

🔈View Sound List

Introducing our Fire Magic Skill & Spell Sound package, featuring 144 high-quality sound effects. This package includes a variety of sounds related to casting, looping, impact, projectile, buff, armor and other fire-related effects, all available in multiple variations. By adding these sounds to your game, you can create a unique and immersive experience for your players. Whether it's for an RPG or fantasy game, this package is the perfect addition to take your game to the next level. With our Fire Magic Skill Spell sound effects package, you can bring the heat to your game and leave a lasting impression on your players.

Price $9.99

Vintage Electrical Stuff | Low-frequency Amplifier by Maskayop

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 16:47
Vintage museum low-frequency amplifier that can be used as a scene prop or decoration. PBR textures


Low-frequency Amplifier - 10192 Triangles

Low-frequency Amplifier low - 3406 Triangles

Low-frequency Amplifier very low - 1840 Triangles

Textures: png, 4096x4096

Albedo, AO, Metallic/Smoothness, Normal

The package contains 2 folders: models and scenes

The models folder contains 2 folders:

- a folder with Low-frequency Amplifier models, prefabs, materials and textures;

- folder with models of the demo scene (materials and prefabs).

The scenes folder contains a demo scene and its associated assets.

Low-frequency Amplifier models and prefabs have 3 types:

high-poly, medium-poly and low-poly.

They use 1 material, 1 texture set with textures:

Albedo, AO, Metallic/Smoothness, Normal

Price $5.00

SimpleWebTransport by James Frowen

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 15:35
Websocket Transport for Unity. Supports standalone server, standalone client, and webgl client.


  • c# websocket server
  • c# websocket client
  • weblgl (jslib) websocket client
  • Supports WebSocket secure to encrypt messages

This allows for tcp communication between unity instances. 

The c# websockets dont depend on untiy and can also be used in standalone .NET

SimpleWebTransport is a low level Websocket transport used by many network libraries including Mirror, Fishnet and Mirage

The package is open source under MIT License. The github repo can be found here: https://github.com/James-Frowen/SimpleWebTransport

Tested up to 500 CCU in movement heavy game!


For a guide on how to use see the README on github


Please report any bugs or issues Here

Price $0.00

poly church by spase

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 15:26

the total number of polygons in the project is 36723. textures were used 2 images 2048x2048, the number of materials was 3

the asset does not include the forest, the road and the environment, only what is on the last two screenshots



icon (x6), altar, wall candle, chandelier (x2), bells, cross, podium, notice board, bench, stand (x2), icon lamp, candle, candlestick, triple candlestick, candle, crucifix, golden cross, bible (x2 )

total number of objects 27

the total number of polygons in the project is 36723. textures were used 2 images 2048x2048, the number of materials was 3

Price $10.00

FSR 2 - Upscaling for Unity by Alterego Games

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 15:20
FSR 2 is an upscaling technique, creating high quality and resolution frames based on lower resolution input. Greatly optimize your Unity projects!

Current supported Unity Render Pipelines:

Built-in (BIRP), Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

Current supported platforms:

  • Windows (DX11, DX12, Vulkan)
  • Linux (Vulkan)
  • MacOS (Metal)
  • iOS (Metal)
  • Android (Vulkan)
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Nintendo Switch

Not tested platforms:

  • VR

Boost your frames with FSR 2 Upscaling for Unity!

Current FSR 2 version: 2.2.0a

This Unity asset is created to interface with the open-source FSR2 found here: https://github.com/GPUOpen-Effects/FidelityFX-FSR2.

FSR2 is an upscaling technique, creating high quality and resolution frames based on lower resolution input. By using this, projects could have drastically lower GPU requirements than without.

Only if your project is limited by GPU performance, FSR 2 will gain you a higher framerate. If a project is limited by CPU performance, all it will do is make the GPU workload lower. While this may seem like a big limitation, it also means a laptop will use way less battery power when using FSR 2!

Easy to use

Simply drag our FSR 2 component on your camera and you're all set to go!

Both Built-in and URP are a single drag and drop, only for HDRP we need two small changes to the source files. All described into detail in our documentation!

Platform support

By using a compute shader FSR back-end, we're able to support almost all platforms, check the Technical details below for which platforms are supported and tested.

If you run across any issue with implementing FSR 2, please read our Documentation or contact us on Discord or the Forum.

Even while the asset has been rigorously tested, there are always edge cases that are difficult to foresee, please contact us if you run into any issue!

Asset uses FidelityFX-FSR2 and FSR2Unity under MIT License; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

Price $29.99

Wait! - Easy Coroutines by Iterant Games

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 14:59
Wait! is a coroutine utility that lets you use declarative syntax to write coroutines without the fuss of IEnumerator or yield syntax for both simple and complex timing tasks.


  • Demo scene with a dynamic Wait builder to see your options in action.
  • Robust documentation both in a distributed PDF and online at our website.
  • Well commented code with clear method summaries.
  • Chat with the creator and get assistance with any questions or requests via a dedicated Discord channel.

Wait! is a wrapper that provides easy declarative syntax for the More Effective Coroutines package which lets you run coroutines anywhere in your code, not just in MonoBehaviours.

It can be used for simple timings like waiting until the next frame or for any number of seconds as well as more complex timings such as waiting for 3 seconds after an object is in position. It's very easy to compose multiple timings how ever you choose.


  • Easily wait for
    • Frames
    • Seconds
    • SecondsWhilePaused (ignores Time.timeScale)
    • Until any condition you specify is satisfied
    • Any combination of the above!
  • Repeat your wait any number of times or indefinitely.
  • Chain waits together. (eg. wait until 5 seconds after a condition is complete)
  • Group waits to stop, pause, or resume them all together.
  • Specify an action that runs when ever you start the wait.
  • Run coroutines in any script, not just MonoBehaviors (thanks to More Effective Coroutines)



Price $0.00

Dungeon Treasure Icons by A-ravlik

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 14:59
The set includes 100 treasure icons.
There are transparent PNG.
256×256 pixels size.
Price $9.99

AI Tools (API for ChatGPT 4/3.5, DALL-E, Completions, Edits) by KornyAS

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 14:58
Add a small but smart helper to your project in just one click! Ask AI to make you a cool story for your game or the whole code for it! :) Help yourself to be much more productive with the AI tools!

To use this asset you should have an OpenAI api key. You would find it here after registration.

If you would have some questions - feel free to contact me

Email: korobko416@gmail.com

Telegram: @Alexandr_Korobko

This asset adds a bunch of really smart helpers to make your life easier. You could ask AI on ChatGPT to generate a cool storyline for your game then make a prompt for Completions AI to create all the NPCs dialog answers and names, ask AI DALL-E to draw all the needed design for your game and using Edits AI and code-davinci model create the scripts for your game.

That's it - you've just created a whole game withing minutes!

What can I do with this asset?

  • Generate code: First thing comes to mind when you hear "ChatGPT" is of course code generation. You can ask AI to write you a code or a hard part of code and it will gladly do it for you!
  • Edit code: If you already have a code - you can ask Edits AI to make any changes you want with it, starting from fixing errors, ending with completely rewriting the code to a different language
  • Generate story: You should really try it as soon as you get the asset! Simply ask "ChatGPT" to create you a very fantastic story and tell it make any changes you want. Also you could ask to generate all names for you NPCs, all dialogs, name for all your equipements and infinite number of things more...
  • Translation: You can quickly translate everything in your project to every existing language and it will make it much better than the google translator and even better than a human!
  • Generate Images: Ask AI to generate any images you want based on the prompt you write. By the way you could even ask Chat to create a promps for DALL-E and the result will be much better.

The list of use cases is infinite! The only limit is your imagination...

By the way, you should be prepared that using OpenAI api is not free. To use the asset you should have a profile in openai site and get the api key here

The price for the api is really cheap and openai would give a free 5 dollars after creating your profile so you can test it really a lot.

Price $19.99

GpEmbedder by Diisnist

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 12:58
Embedder is a powerful Unity plugin that allows users to seamlessly embed static geometry into skinned and blend shaped geometry. This feature simplifies the process of creating complex, interactive scenes by combining static and skinned objects without sacrificing performance or quality.

- Embed static geometry into skinned geometry.
- Use compute shader and Mesh API to improve performance.
- Compatible with Unity's animation and physics systems.
- Easy-to-use interface for quick implementation.
- Supports any materials and graphics pipelines.

- https://www.diisnist.com/embedder
Price $10.00

Openable Japanese Umbrellas by Neji-ninjin

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 12:35
This is a Japanese umbrella called Wagasa. In addition to using this to keep out the rain They are placed in inns and hot springs to bring out the uniqueness of Japan.






Polygon data is as follows

Japanese Umbrella(Wagasa): 2584 Vertices, 2722 Triangles

This uses blendshapes.

You can open or close the umbrella depending on the blendshape value.

There are 6 types of textures. Please choose your favorite pattern and use it.

 1. Red (the most standard pattern)

 2. Starry sky (original design)

 3. Juni-hitoe (original design.Juni-hitoe is a traditional Japanese costume for women)

 4. Blue Sky (original design)

 5. Jellyfish (original design)

 6. Spring outfit (original design)

This is not setting up a collider.

The reason is that the shape of the mesh changes with the value of the blendshape.

This is made with low polygon.

Price $9.98

Fantasy Character Voices: Humanoid Vocal Efforts Sound Pack by Cyberwave Orchestra

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 12:30
Fantasy humanoid NPC voice pack, with vocal efforts of attack and defense in combat, taking damage, laughter, death, and more! For creature characters such as orcs, goblins, trolls, giants, etc.

Number of Audio Files: 203

Sample rate/bit rate: 16bit 44.100 Wav.

Does music loop: No

Minutes of audio provided: 02:08

Supported Development Platforms: All

This humanoid voice pack features a wide range of vocal efforts. Vocal efforts are an irreplaceable addition for adding game realism and are always in high demand, which is why this pack was created. It is suitable not just for fantasy creatures like orcs, goblins, trolls, giants, etc., but also adaptable for sci-fi characters and playable or non-playable characters of any genre. Be creative and have fun!

Listen on SoundCloud

Files Included List


Attack Grunts: Short and medium-length vocal efforts that NPCs make when initiating an attack or swinging a weapon, adding impact to combat actions.

Charging Sounds: Vocalizations that NPCs make when charging towards a target or preparing for a powerful attack, similar to Attack Grunts but longer in duration, for heightened intensity.

Laughter: Playful or ominous laughter for small humanoid enemy creatures, dark wizards, giants, trolls, and other NPC types, conveying amusement, ridicule, or menace.

Hurt and Pain: Vocalizations that NPCs make when injured or hurt, conveying different levels of pain or injuries, such as cuts, impacts, or burns, for added realism and immersion in combat situations.

Death Sounds: Vocalizations that NPCs make when defeated or killed, conveying a sense of finality, loss, or defeat, and varied in pitch, tone, and intensity for different humanoid creatures, enhancing the impact of gameplay experiences.

Surprised Sounds: Vocalizations that NPCs make when they spot something unexpected or suspicious, conveying surprise, shock, or awe, with varied pitch, tone, and intensity to suit different situations and reactions.

Exertion Sounds: Vocalizations made by NPCs when exerting physical effort, such as lifting heavy objects, pushing, pulling, or short ones during jumping, adding realism and immersion to actions that require physical exertion.

We appreciate hearing from our buyers and value your feedback! Leaving a review, providing suggestions, or reaching out to us directly helps us understand your needs and preferences better. As authors, we genuinely enjoy interacting with the developers who use our product.

Thank you,

Cyberwave Orchestra


Price $25.00

MN D by BobGrandmaster

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 12:19
monster + animations(idol,walk,run,attack,crit attack,death,idol 2)

textures(PBR): Diffuse, Emissive, Glossines, AO, Specular, Normal, Normalobj. (4096).

animations 7-idol,walk,run,attack,crit attack,death,idol 2

Polygonal Quads/Tris.

UV mapping: Yes.

Rigging: Yes

Polys-12 832.

Verts-12 691.

textures(PBR): Diffuse, Emissive, Glossines, AO, Specular, Normal, Normalobj. (4096).

animations 7-idol,walk,run,attack,crit attack,death,idol 2

Polygonal Quads/Tris.

UV mapping: Yes.

Rigging: Yes

Polys-12 832.

Verts-12 691.

Price $0.00

GrinderTrap by Tridentcorp

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 12:04
Low-Poly Grinder for your Game projects.

Grinder vertices 2448 Fases 2244 Tris 4248

Frame vertices 220 Fases 290 Tris 580

Full vertices 5192 Fases 4778 Tris 9076

 FBX/Obj PBR tex(Albedo, Metal, Normall, AO.Roughness.(Unity HDRP URP,UE Arm)2048x2048).UV Maps.

Rigging: no

UV mapping: Yes



Presented to your attention is a 3d model of a grinder trap, which is suitable for almost any project in which you can use various traps and obstacles.

 The model is low-poly and optimized for game engines, the models are made separately from each other for impact animation. Attention animation is not included.

Price $8.00

Weapon Sound Pack - Machine Gun: Negev by Catastic

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 11:56
This modern Machine gun is a must-have!
There is the rugged and reliable Israeli machine gun!
This pack contains all the sounds needed to make it fire correctly!
This a small pack for a heavy weapon!

The package contains:

-84 sounds
-Parts sounds to let adjust them to your animations
-Shooting sounds
-Shooting reverb (outside and no reverb)
-Handling sounds
-Ammo belt handling
-Bullet Casing sounds
-Reloading (ammo box, cocking, trail cover)
-A note to explain how to use them
-Royalty free sounds.

All sounds have been recorded in Stereo 44KHz.

And don’t forget to check in the future, more small weapon pack to come!
Price $6.99

A Wrench In The Works - 10 Song Dystopian Synthwave Pack by One Man Symphony

Asset Store newest packages - 2023, June 9 - 11:54
A Wrench In The Works is an electronica album with darkwave & synthwave elements. The album is packed with ten songs, mostly in the same key for smoother transitions between the scenes and the songs.

Number of Audio Wavs: 10

Total Duration: 36 Minutes

Genre: Ambient, Atmospheric, Synthwave, Elecronica, Darksynthwave

Release Date: May 03, 2022

File Format: Lossless WAV

WAV Bit Depth: 16Bit Float

Does music loop: Some

Are loop files provided: Yes

Can Be Used In Multiple Projects?: Yes

Attribution Neccessary?: No

Can Be Edited or Remixed: Yes

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

A Wrench In The Works is a darkwave/dark synthwave themed electronica album. This music pack is made out of 10 songs which have been written in the same key mostly to provide developers and other artists to be able to capture smooth transitions between their scenes and the provided songs. These 10 tracks' themes and genres can be splitted into:

  •     4 Action Theme
  •     2 Chase Theme
  •     2 Investigation Theme
  •     1 Stealth Theme
  •     1 Ambient Theme

Genre: Ambient, BGM, Dark Synthwave, Synthwave

Total album duration: 36 Minutes

Does Loop: Some*

  •     Your Digital Footprint (Investigation Theme)*
  •     Unknown (Hideout Theme)*
  •     Looking For A Trace (Investigation Theme 02)*

Loop Files: Available & Provided

Price $19.99


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