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Updated: 46 min 13 sec ago

FM Network 2.0 (UDP) by Frozen Mist

1 hour 22 min ago
FM Network 2.0 is a plugin for Unity3D, which provides you a simple, flexible networking solution using UDP. It’s also part of our popular full package “FMETP STREAM”.

UDP, Data Stream, Socket, Server-Clients Networking System

^^^^^^^^^^ FM Network 2.0 Upgrade Plan ^^^^^^^^^^

Anyone purchased V1: 50% off upgrade fee

Webpage | Main Forum | Support Forum | Youtube | Docs & APIs

FM Network 2.0 is a plugin for Unity3D, which provides you a simple, flexible networking solution using UDP. It’s also part of our popular full package “FMETP STREAM”.

[Updates v2.000]

1. Supported New Network Type: Data Stream

This network type allows you to receive raw udp data stream from StereoPi(UDP or TCP), Gstreamer. Meanwhile, it simplifies the usage of unicast, multicast, and broadcast for sending or receiving raw UDP with ease.

2. Added Reliable Send option(*experimental feature)

UDP Networking With Simple Commands:

SendToAll("Hello World");

SendToOthers("Hello World");

SendToServer("Hello World");

SendToTarget("Hello World", "IP Address");




SendToTarget(byte[], "IP Address");

Example of sending in one line function:

FMNetworkManager.instance.SendToAll("Hello World");

FMNetworkManager.instance.SendToTarget("Hello World", "");

Reliable UDP Feature(*experimental feature, please be reminded):

SendToAllReliable(); SendToOthersReliable(); SendToTargetReliable();

It’s a cross-platform networking solution, which is focusing on local network stream, involves the key features below:

# Auto Network Discovery & Connect

# Simple Send & Receive with Message or Byte[]

# Smooth Sync Network Objects

# Server <=> Clients

# General Send Type: All, Server, Others, Target IP

# Added Large File Sender Example

# Cross Platform: iOS/Android/Mac/PC/Linux/UWP…etc

# All Written in C#, easy to modify if necessary.

*advanced live streaming solution in FMETP STREAM


Price $20.00

DESTROYER Spacecraft by CGPitbull

5 hours 29 min ago

_Textures included (Tiff):

_PBR Materials (see previews)

_1 Albedo / Diffuse map 4096x4096

_1 Normal map 4096x4096

_1 Glow (Emission) map 4096x4096

_1 Roughness map 4096x4096

_1 Metallic map 4096x4096

_1 AO map 4096x4096

Weapons have 2048x2048 maps.

Included 1 - 4096x4096 PSD file, you can customize colors, add your own logos, remove or add dirts & more. The previews images was done with Marmoset Toolbag.

This Original package contains one SCIFI DESTROYER Spacecraft.

!!!Due to its polycount this model is not recommended for smartphone video games or smartphone APPs!!!. Poly count: Polys/195.258 - Verts/201.930 - Tris/374.924 With no weapons added, with weapons: Tris/383.864

DESTROYER Spacecraft (Original SciFi model). This design is my own concept, does not repeat any existing work. You can use it without a doubt about copyright.

To discover more CGPitbull models, please check my Asset Store publisher page

Set of one SF Spacecraft. This model include separate weapons, see previews, No LOD or FX. Check all previews, descriptions and video for full details before buying.

Price $49.00

Electronic Beat Collection by Donát Baracsi

6 hours 48 sec ago
Electronic beat collection, with 20 tracks.

Number of Audio Wavs: 20

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz, 16 bit

Does music loop: Most of them yes

Minutes of audio provided: 37

Supported Development Platforms: All



I'm Donát Baracsi, a music composer from Hungary.

Music is a really big part of a game's soul, it can easily ruin even a triple A game, and can be a huge help to an indie game to achieve great heights ... I'd love to help you reach that height! : )

This music pack contains 20 electronic tracks, I hope you'll love it!


Feel free to send me a message, if you've got any questions!

Price $30.00

Piano For Games (Vol. 1 - 5) by Blayne Norrick

6 hours 17 min ago
50 Assorted Classical Pieces I Recorded!

Audio file types: 50 .wav files

Sample rate: 48Khz

Bit depth: 24

VOL. 1 - VOL. 5

1st Place Winner of the EGD 2021 Summer Jam, we know the value of pro level music to a Developer!



50 Classical Pieces Mastered including:


  • Ballade in G minor
  • Waltz in C#
  • Etude No. 1 Op. 10 (Waterfall)
  • Etude No. 2 Op. 10 (Chromatique)
  • Etude No. 3 Op. 10 (Sadness)
  • Etude No. 4 Op. 10 (Torrent)
  • Etude No. 5 Op. 10 (Black Keys)
  • Etude No. 6 Op. 10 (Lament)
  • Etude No. 7 Op. 10 (Toccata)
  • Etude No. 8 Op. 10 (Sunshine)
  • Etude No. 9 Op. 10
  • Etude No. 10 Op. 10
  • Etude No. 11 Op. 25 (Winter Wind)
  • Etude No. 11 Op. 10 (Arpeggio)
  • Etude No. 12 Op. 12 (Revolutionary)
  • Nocturne in F# min
  • Nocturne in B maj
  • Nocturne in C# maj
  • Nocturne in F maj
  • Nocturne in F min
  • Nocturne in G maj
  • Nocturne in G min
  • Nocturne in E min
  • Prelude in C min
  • Prelude in E min
  • Ballade in G min
  • Waltz in C#


  • Gnossienne No. 1
  • Gnossienne No. 2
  • Gnossienne No. 3
  • Gnossienne No. 4
  • Gymnopedie No. 1
  • Gymnopedie No. 2


  • Prelude in G min
  • Prelude in D maj
  • Elegie in Eb min
  • Vocalise


  • Arabesque No. 1
  • La Cathedrale Engloutie
  • Snow Is Dancing
  • Claire De Lune
  • Girl With Flaxen Hair
  • Passpied
  • Reverie


  • Fantasia in D min


  • Sinfoniain in E maj
  • Sinfoniain in D maj


  • Pavane for a Dead Princess


  • Moonlight Sonata 1st mov.

Price $14.99

The Pirate Captain by Tokiyoshi Takaya

6 hours 42 min ago
Pirate Captain, animated and rigged (type Humanoid).
  • 1764 triangles, 1 mesh.
  • Rigged Humanoid.
  • 10 animations: attack, damage, dead, die, idle, run, showup, skill, spawn, stun.
  • 2K PBR textures: albedo, normal, metallic.
  • Animations inside FBX file.
  • No weapon included.

Price $15.00

Ultimate 2D Game Kit by Ellisjames20061

6 hours 51 min ago
High quality package containing everything you need to make a game in unity2D.

2D Beginner Kit

2D Zombie Shooter Kit

2D Advanced Character Controller

2D bullet hell kit

HQ 2D Platformer Template

This asset cpntains third party assets check the Third-Party-Notices.txt for information.

2D Beginner Kit:

- Basic Movement

- Dashing

- Jetpacks

- Shooting

- Moving Platforms

- Gravity Swapping

- Bounce pad

- Traps

- Multiple AI types

2D Zombie Shooter Kit:

- Top down movement 

- Shooting

- Damage system

- Blood splat

- polished particle effects

- Health system

- 12x zombie variations

- Custom artwork

- Health packs

- Ammo pickups

- XP system

2D Advanced Character Controller:

- Customisable movement system

- Acceleration / Deceleration

- Customisable jump height

- Customisable jump amount

- Dash ability

- Customisable dash force

- Crouch system

- Grapple hook system

- Particle effects

- Camera zoom in and out system

- Custom cursor system

2D bullet hell kit:

- Multiple bullet shooting system

- 6x enemy AI

- Different shooting variations

- Trail effects

- Health and damage system

- High quality particle effects

HQ 2D Platformer Template:

- Customisable movement system

- Acceleration / Deceleration

- Customisable jump height

- Customisable jump amount

- Dash ability

- Customisable dash force

- Crouch system

- Grapple hook system

- Particle effects

- Camera zoom in and out system

- Custom cursor system

- Customisable Moving Platforms

- Lava

- Spikes

- Patrol Enemy

- Agro enemy

- Bouncing Enemy

- Flying Chase Enemy

Price $35.00

Flying Skull by Tomas Verhaegh

6 hours 52 min ago
A floating orb of flesh with a skull, and with powerful magical abilities.

It consists of one geometry of 1667 triangles and a material with albedo, metallic and bump channels. Each channel has a resolution of 2048 pixels.

It is rigged and animated with 13 animations which are: attack, battle run, battle stand, damaged, death end, death start, down end, down start, emersion, getup, neutral stand, neutral walk, skill.

The rig type is Generic.

Price $15.00

Security Guard 1 by Hitoshi Matsui

7 hours 8 min ago
Generic security guard (with and without hat).

* 1 mesh.

* Geometry: 13258 triangles, 8450 vertices (+480 triangles with hat).

* Three PBR high resolution materials (2K).

* Channels: diffuse, normal, metallic.

* Animations: 58, all carrying a (not included) submachine gun.

* Rigged type Generic.

* Need a weapon?

* SRP support: BuiltIn, URP, HDRP.

* Unity version: +2020.3.

Price $20.00

2 Low Poly Futuristic Swords(FREE) by eclissare

7 hours 16 min ago
2 Low Poly futuristic game ready swords

808 triangles, verts 412

tris 902, verts 549

Number of textures - 1 (Color palette);

Texture dimensions - 256x256;

Polygon count: 1 model) 808 - triangles, verts - 412; 2 model) triangles -902, verts - 549;

2 meshes, 2 prefabs;

Rigging: No;

UV mapping: Yes;

2 Low Poly game ready swords with one 256x256 texture (color palette) in a simple style.

Screen shots are taken from Blender and Unity.

Price $0.00

Simple Airplane Controller by HeneGames

7 hours 28 min ago

This asset uses Cinemachine backage for Camera's controllers!

The Simple Airplane Controller allows you to easily setup cartoon style airplane for free.

Easy-to-understand controls give you free hands to customize the airplane or aircraft to your liking. Three example aircraft prefab, tutorial videos and documentation will help you get started quickly.

This asset cannot be used for physics-based simulations, this asset is intended for simple airplane games.

Biplane model made by: Jussi Kotka

See my other Assets

If you want to make weapons for your planes, you can make them easily with this package: Simple Bullet

Price $0.00

Pixel Town - Parallax background pack by Digital Moons

7 hours 49 min ago
Pixel Town - Parallax Pixel art Background set

Resolution: 240x135px

Layer counts:

  Rooftop Backgrounds; 5 layers each

  Day, Night, Sunset backgrounds; 9 layers each

  Winter Day, Winter Night backgrounds; 10 layers each 

File count: 82 sprites

Additional: Pixel art, 2D

'Pixel Town - Parallax Background pack' is a seamless & parallax background set of a cutesy styled suburban Town.

The asset pack includes 5 versions of background:

  • Day, Night, Sunset, Winter Day, Winter Night

Also including Rooftop-versions of the same backgrounds.

Price $4.99

Splats Pack by FXMonster

8 hours 2 min ago
Enjoy the dynamic and action animation template, which includes a unique collection of energy elements! This package contains 12 Splats FX sprite sheet animations for 2D Games.

● File Formats: transparent Png.

● 30 FPS

● Works with any render pipelines

Texture Resolutions:

Splat 01.png 2048x1382

Splat 02.png 2048x1481

Splat 03.png 2048x1382

Splat 04.png 2048x1152

Splat 05.png 2048x1317

Splat 06.png 2048x1152

Splat 07.png 2048x1728

Splat 08.png 5632x3744

Splat 09.png 5632x3744

Splat 10.png 1536x1440

Splat 11.png 4096x2592

Splat 12.png 3072x2016

Frame dimensions:

Splat 01 409x230

Splat 02 292x164

Splat 03 409x230

Splat 04 409x230

Splat 05 292x164

Splat 06 512x288

Splat 07 512x288

Splat 08 512x288

Splat 09 512x288

Splat 10 512x288

Splat 11 512x288

Splat 12 512x288


● Sprite animations work much better than any other shaders and particles due to memory capacity.

● Optimized for games.

● Pivot point set properly.

● No setup or plug-ins required.

● All materials, sprites and other parts of pack properly named.

● Demo Scene with all prefabs is included.

Supported platforms:

● Windows

● Web GL

● iOS

● Android

● Mac OS X

● Linux

How to use:

Simply drag and drop the “Splats Pack” prefab to your scene and use it.

(Prefab(s) located under

Asset > Splats Pack> 02 Prefabs).

Price $18.00

Pixel Gun Icons by PixelMasterH

8 hours 2 min ago
you can use art icon

art work

Good morning!

I am PixelMasterH.

The package consists of only 55 pixel art icons.

If you don't have time to do dots yourself, purchase and use this pack.

Contains 50 bow weapon icons of 128x64.

If you have any pixel props you want, please tell me!

I'll make it new or add it to this package!

Price $4.99

[Free] Prata: Dialogs in seconds by Berserk Pixel

8 hours 22 min ago
Prata is an easy to use dialog system. It makes creating a conversation a breeze with it’s in-built dialog graph tool.

Note: This is the free version of Prata: Dialogs in Seconds so it has limited functionality

(FREE) Prata is an easy to use and lightweight dialog system. It helps with the creation of characters and interactions between them.

The beginner-friendly in-built graph view provides an easy and quick production workflow. Assign a character and it's emotion and connect them to other nodes. This will generate a fluent and easy to use dialog system for you.


  • The visual editor for easy and quick iterations for you and your team
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy Character creation
  • Integration with input system
  • User Documentation
  • Easy Integration
  • Insanely extensible
  • Full source code

This package includes: documentation, full-commented source code and a demo scene.

All the above can be found in the online docs

Code is commented but if you have any questions don't hesitate on contacting us!

You can also check some of our other assets here

Looking forward to working together and see your creations,

Alberto - developer of Prata

Price $0.00

Those Endless Summer Days by Ruud

8 hours 41 min ago
Feelgood and motivational Folk track
  • File type: WAV file
  • Sample rate: 44.1kHz
  • Bit depth: 16 bit
  • Stereo
  • BPM: 120
  • Key: C maj
  • Duration: 2:00

Those Endless Summer Days is a feel-good and inspirational folk tune with acoustic guitar and piano. This joyful and upbeat royalty free track will make you feel like summer never ends. Perfect for TV commercial, ads, presentation, documentary, motivational video & more!

If you're looking for custom and exclusive music for your project, please contact me at

Price $15.00

Stylized Fantasy Elementals Pack №4 by N-hance Studio

9 hours 4 min ago
Stylized Fantasy Elementals Pack with options for customization for your RPG, MOBA, or MMO

Development Render Pipeline: Built-In

Rigged: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Characters: 4

Number of Prefabs: 30 (15 PC & 15 Mobile Prefabs)


Triangle Count of characters:

  • Magma Elemental - 7,168
  • Ice Elemental - 9,560
  • Stone Elemental - 15,722
  • Storm Elemental(Character) - 5,930
  • Storm Elemental(Projectile) - 924


Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048

Number of Textures: 22

Number of Materials: 24 (12 PC & 12 Mobile Shaders)

Number of Animations:

  • Magma Elemental - 10
  • Ice Elemental - 10
  • Stone Elemental - 10
  • Storm Elemental - 11

Join the N-hance Studio community on: Discord and Facebook



In case of usage of our assets (including this one) in NFT / Blockchain projects - we recommend to contact us via e-mail!


Asset Description:

This package is designed for stylized / fantasy games. This creature pack is well detailed and can be used for First Person camera.

Various color materials for wide color customization included!

PBR Stylized Material:

  • 12 Handpainted Diffuse Maps
  • 4 Normal Maps
  • 6 Emissive Maps

Choose between different styles:

  • Purple Stone Elemental
  • Blue Stone Elemental
  • Yellow Stone Elemental

  • Blue Magma Elemental
  • Green Magma Elemental
  • Magma Elemental

  • Storm Elemental
  • Purple Storm Elemental
  • Green Storm Elemental

  • Ice Elemental
  • Green Ice Elemental
  • Red Ice Elemental

Price $59.99

Fantasy Landscapes Game Music Pack by Pavel Sabacky

9 hours 12 min ago
This game music pack contains 7 tracks (WAV & MP3 files) inspired by fantastical landscapes (forests, valleys, mountains, open fields, caverns...) for mostly fantasy oriented games.

Audio file types MP3 & WAV

Sample rate 48kHz

Bit depth 24bit


This game music pack contains 7 tracks (WAV & MP3 files) inspired by fantastical landscapes (forests, valleys, mountains, open fields, caverns...)

for mostly fantasy oriented games.

Price $15.50

Piano Pack Vol. 5 by Blayne Norrick

9 hours 17 min ago
10 Assorted Classical Music Pieces I recorded!

Audio file types: 10 .wav files

Sample rate: 48Khz

Bit depth: 24

1st Place Winner of the EGD 2021 Summer Jam, we know the value of pro level music to a Developer!

Music is essential to making your dreams of a successful game reality! Start Here!

10 Classical Pieces Mastered including:

  • Arabesque No. 1 - Debussy
  • La Cathedrale engloutie - Debussy
  • Gymnopedie No. 1 - Satie
  • Gymnopedie No. 2 - Satie
  • Gnoissence No. 4 - Satie
  • Moonlight Sonata 1st mov. - Beethoven
  • Vocalise - Rachmaninoff
  • Prelude in G min - Rachmaninoff
  • Fantasia in D minor - Mozart
  • Pavane for a Dead Princess - Ravel


Price $4.99

Tropical Music - 072522 by GWriterStudio

9 hours 25 min ago
10 tracks with Tropical, Island, Caribbean RPG theme music

Format: Wave (.WAV)

Number of Music Tracks: 10

Does Music Loop: Yes

Sample Rate\Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz, 1411kbps, 16 bits, Stereo

There are 10 tracks with Tropical, Island, Caribbean RPG theme music that suitable for your game, videos, etc.

All tracks Loop Seamlessly

There wont be new track added but there will be fixes/changing in the update.

Tracks List:

1. Tropical Discover

2. Tiki Island 2

3. Starfish Island

4. Jellyfish Island

5. Jellyfish Island Night

6. Mossy Rainforest

7. Coast Village

8. Along the Beach

9. Jungle Ruin

10. Surfing Waves

Total Length : 22:10s

Full link : TropicalMusic Youtube


You can use my music Commercial & Non-Commercial.

Credit is not a must but If you give me credit I will be appreciated.(GWriterStudio)

Do not resell/claim my music

Any problems, question please contact me.

mail :

Price $5.00

Casual Obstacles Pack by FlyXCreative

9 hours 43 min ago
Animated and low polygon obstacles for Hypercasual and Casual game assets. Easily usable for Runner platform games.

Number of textures : 1 per object

Texture dimensions : 512x512

Polygon count of 17 models : 12.741

Number of prefabs : 30

Animation count : 18

UV mapping: Yes

The objects can be customized with 2 different materials.

There are 30 different obstacles.

Price $4.99