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MicroSplat - Ultimate Bundle by Jason Booth

2020, October 19 - 14:13

Offered at over a 30% discount compared to buying the modules independently, the MicroSplat Ultimate Bundle offers these modules in one package:

- Anti Tiling
- MicroSplat Core Module
- Decals
- Global Texturing
- Dynamic Snow
- Low Poly Look
- Mesh Terrains
- Mesh Workflow
- Puddles, Streams, Lava & Wetness
- Runtime Procedural Texturing
- Scatter
- Terrain Blending
- Terrain Holes
- Tessellation and Parallax
- Texture Clusters
- Triplanar UV
- Trax
- Wind and Glitter

After purchasing this bundle, visit each package listed above, and you will be able to get them for free.

Support for HDRP and URP are available via separate purchase.

A license for the MicroSplat Terrain Collection
is also provided to make downloading modules easier

Support Forum
Discord Group

MicroSplat is the fastest and most feature rich terrain shader available. From flowing water and lava, to simple blending of objects with terrains, to anti-tiling features like Texture Clustering, Snow Tracks, decals and mesh based workfows, MicroSplat does it all and does it faster. Supports up to 32 PRB textures per terrain or object

Price $180.00

Stylized Food Pack by Robot Skeleton

2020, October 19 - 13:32

This pack of Stylized Food is perfect for a café or restaurant scene.

All models are designed with a mid to low poly count in mind for high performance.

All 11 models contain albedo, normal, occlusion maps where appropriate.

The models are between 716 and 2568 tris and are in the FBX format.

This package includes:

Big Vanilla Cake

Tris: 1736

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px

Big Chocolate Cake

Tris: 2568

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px


Tris: 724 Each

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px


Tris: 1094 Each

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px

Baked Potato

Tris: 716

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px

Beans on toast

Tris: 1764

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px

Egg on toast

Tris: 882

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px


Tris: 1894

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px


Tris: 770 each

Texture Maps: 2048x2048 px

Price $4.99

Cube World Rabbit Roger - Proto Series by BitGem

2020, October 19 - 12:07
This is cube world rabbit Roger. Roger has a somewhat strained relationship with the neighboring farm. It's their own fault though for growing those irresistible carrots.

Roger comes with a bunch of fun animations:
- Idle
- Shout
- Panic
- Talk
- Gethit
- Run
- Dizzy
- Shout2
- Cheer

Price $4.99

PBR Sci-fi grenades pack by zayfert1999

2020, October 19 - 11:13


This asset includes 3 models:
* Stun grenade;
* Frag grenade;
* Gas grenade.

Each model has moving parts such as rings and switches. They were made as separate objects so that they could be easily manipulated.

Model characteristics:

Stun grenade:
Triangles: 2.6k;
Vertices: 1.4k.

Fragmentation grenade:
Triangles: 1.7K;
Vertices: 952.

Gas grenade:
Triangles: 2.3k;
Vertices: 1.2k.

4K PBR texture
UV padding 8px
Ready to Standart Metallic and Specular shaders

Price $8.00

Mocap Zombie Animations by Pixel Maniacs

2020, October 19 - 11:05
Zombie Animations created with a motion capture suit.

Contains 18 Animations:
Zombie 3Dmodel NOT included!
Price $4.99

Big gladiator by Alexey_Gruzovik

2020, October 19 - 11:03
Big Gladiator with 3 skins.

19447 vertex, 36717 faces.
30 textures 4k: normal, ao, roughness, metallic, base color.
6 materials.
10 animations: run, walk, walk left, walk right, walk back, jump, rest, death, kick1, kick2
-Sculpt - Zbrush
-Retop - 3DCoat
-Uv - UvLayout
-Texturing - Substance Painter
-Animations - Maya
Price $14.99

Tiger Cat Animated by Game Props Factory

2020, October 19 - 10:57
Tiger Cat Kitten character for games and animations. The model is game ready and compatible with all Unity versions.

The model is low poly with four texture resolutions 4096x4096, 2048x2048, 1024x1024 & 512x512.

The package includes 18 Animations which are as follows:

1. Run
2. Idle
3. Jump
4. Leap left
5. Leap right
6. Skidding
7. Roll
8. Crash & Death
9. Power up
10. Whirl
11. Whirl jump
12. Waving in air
13. Backwards run
14. Dizzy
15. Gum Bubble
16. Gliding
17. Waving
18. Looking behind

The model is game ready at:

- 3632 Polygons
- 3620 Vertices

The model is UV mapped with non-overlapping UV's. The shadows and lights are baked in the texture, although you can add more lights and shadows for rendering and use it as you please.
Price $20.00

Targeting system 1.0 by

2020, October 19 - 10:55
Geometric vision targeting system 1.0 brings you object and entity based targeting. Targeting system is a component that can be added to your game object. This component can then be called for providing your code targets and tools to work with.

A target is an object in code that contains information about game object or entity. This plugin gives developers access to data that normally can't be directly found from your Unity environment. Such as objects distance to the center of view direction.

Targeting system uses vector mathematics to analyze the environment and then builds up a data structure for you to use. This can be used in variety of ways to enhance user and player experience by making it easier for the developer to build features based on this data. In addition to this, the targeting module provides some tools to modify both entities and game objects simultaneously. To make the plugin even more useful, there is an action template for spawning and despawning prefabs with given timings.

Plugin also contains example projects that show the best way to use the targeting system and how to create isolated target groups by giving a tag or a script.. So you can get up to speed with the plugin as fast as possible.

Full list of features:
-Get closest targets
-Filtering targets based on game object tag and/or by entity component.
-Trigger spawning actions from a template
-Frustum culling for targets, transforms and entities.
-Open source.
-Runtime and performance -tests

Since the plugin uses some special/preview packages, it requires you to have these installed.

-Burst. Version 1.3.2 - June 17, 2020
-Editor Coroutines 1.0.0
-Jobs. Version 0.4.0-preview.18 - July 22, 2020
-Entities. Version 0.13.0-preview.24 - July 22, 2020
-Mathematics. Version 1.2.1 - August 07, 2020
-Performance testing API. Version 2.0.9-preview - March 24, 2020
-Hybrid renderer. Version 0.7.0-preview.24 - July 22, 2020
-Dots editor. Version 0.9.0-preview.1 - July 27, 2020
-Collections. Version 0.11.0-preview.17 - July 22, 2020

Have questions?
Join our discord server:
Or visit website.

Please not that you can get the targeting system 1.0 for free from a link from my website , but with a more limited open source licence(GPL v3).

If nothing else, the free version is excellent for testing the system up before a purchase.
Price $29.90

Sci-Fi Neon City by Aniow CG

2020, October 19 - 10:53
Sci-Fi Neon City - this city with unique design and immersive atmosphere.
This city is made in a pleasant design, so it is suitable for game any genre or other CG Project.
Good 3D models and realistic textures will allow using this asset for Virtual Reality.

- HDRP ( High Definition Render Pipeline ).
- Built-in rendering ( Standard Render Pipeline, Package included ).
- 29 Variants of Buildings.
- 24 Variants of Ad Banners ( all Ads are animated ).
- Quality & Optimized 3D models.
- High-Resolution textures.
- The scene and all objects are configured.
- Lighting is configured.
- Baked Global Illumination.
- PBR Materials.

The Asset include:
- 29 Buildings, 179 Ad Banners, 52 Wall Elements, Sidewalk, Road, Curb.
- 69 Textures & 46 Materials.
- 24 Video files ( format ".MP4", High-Quality videos for Ad Banners ).
- 3 Sounds ( Environment ).
- 2 Source Files ( format ".MAX", 3ds Max ).
- 59 Prefabs ( Buildings, Ad Banners, Walls, etc. ).
- Post-Processing effects.
- Reflection Probes.
- Baked Occlusion Culling Data.
- Skybox ( Night Sky, Stars ).

- The color of illumination each Building, Wall, Curbs can be easily change.
This will create a new lighting design for the city.
- The image or video of each Ad Banner can be easily replaced with any other image or video.
- Video and all preview images were created with HDRP.
- To import this asset, you need to pre-install the HDRP Package.

Please rate this asset, write your opinion and impressions.
I would be glad. Thank you.
Andrei Grebenshchikov ( aka Aniow )

- Additional Information -

3D Models:
- 3D Models are ready for use in games.
- 3D Models has real-world scale.
- 3D Models grouped for easy selection.
- 3D Models have correct and logical names.

- Clean geometry.
- Quads and triangles only.
- Polygons: 680 553.
- Vertices: 663 089.

- Textures have correct and logical names.
- Format ".PNG", ".TIF".
- UV Maps.

Texture Maps:
- Color/Albedo Maps.
- Metalness Maps.
- Roughness Maps.
- Normal Maps.
- Ambient Occlusion Maps.
- Height/Displace Maps.
- Emissive Maps.

Textures resolution:
Basic Textures
- 2048x2048.
Ad Banners
- 256x2048, 1024x2048, 2048x1024, 2048x512, 256x1024, 512x512. Environment ( Night Sky, Stars )
- 16384x8192.

- Materials have correct and logical names.

If you have any questions please write to me:
Price $19.99

FPSP || First-Person Parkour Controller by fragmentchain

2020, October 19 - 10:50

FPSP focuses on achieving the most fluent first person parkouring possible,
while requiring as little work as possible to set up. And all of this is done keeping affordability in mind witout sacrificing quality!


Its features include:


✔️ Input Handling:

No need for Unity's input system, the controller manages its own inputs that can be expanded and adjusted!


✔️ Different movement abilities:

• Running

• Jumping (different jumps depending on the situation)

• Sliding

• Crouching

• Wall-Running (even around corners and round objects!)

• Climbing

• Dashing

• Vaulting


✔️State self-awareness:

This First-Person Controller knows what it's doing. It can display it's current action. (e.g. "running", "sliding", "wallrunning") This can be used to easily implement other features such as animations or sounds.


✔️Environment Awareness:

Using a set of "detectors", the controller scans its surroundings and uses that data to move. No need to set up ledges, slopes or walls manually to ensure correct functionality.



This Package is designed to be used with little to no setup. It requires no further customisation, coding or modification of the environment to function.
Just drop it in and have fun!


✔️Loads of easy customisation:

Should you choose that you want to tweak the Controller to your liking, you can easily do that by adjusting neatly ordered parameters!


✔️Smooth Camera:

The controller has a camera attached that has some helpful features like Headbob or Adjustable mouse sensitivity.


✔️Upcoming features (will be added soon)

• A grappling hook/gun.

• Swimming

• Flying


Disclaimer: The controller it compatible with every render-pipeline, but the demonstrative scene in only compatible with HDRP and must be converted to be used in a non-HDRP project.

Price $23.99

Basic Inventory System by

2020, October 19 - 10:47

BasicInventorySystem - BIS


- Example 2D scene!
- Complex Inventories
- Items for special Inventories
- Global and local Inventories
- Expandable and easy to intergate system
- Eqiupments support
- Save&Load support
- Chests support
- Dropped items support
- Detailed comments in code
- Developed with love <3

Price $12.00

Caveman Girl by Jeremy Zheng

2020, October 19 - 10:45
This is a very beautiful Caveman model.
You can use it in your game scene. Features:

1. 1 roles, 1 prefab.
2. Every role contain 11 completion animations, There are walking, running, jumping, idle, death, attack, dancing, victory, disappointment, screaming, greeting, etc
3. You can use them on most platform . like windows, Android, IOS and so on.
4. There is an example scene in the package.You can know them very easily.
5. 6448 verts , 11292 tris
6. texture resolution: 1024*1024
7. texture type: default
Price $4.99

Caveman Boy by Jeremy Zheng

2020, October 19 - 10:45
This is a very beautiful Caveman model.
You can use it in your game scene. Features:

1. 1 roles, 1 prefab.
2. Every role contain 11 completion animations, There are walking, running, jumping, idle, death, attack, dancing, victory, disappointment, screaming, greeting, etc
3. You can use them on most platform . like windows, Android, IOS and so on.
4. There is an example scene in the package.You can know them very easily.
5. 6448 verts , 11292 tris
6. texture resolution: 1024*1024
7. texture type: default
Price $4.99

NY Subway Station by EmranBayati

2020, October 19 - 09:12

Over View:

This is a game ready new york style train station with moody type lighting.
comes with over 50 mesh and wall modular design and a moody lighted environment, suitable for Lighting and level artists to practice.

* Over 50 static mesh.
* Comes with a dynamic lighted environment.
* Wall modular design.
* Optimized and game ready package.
* Competitive price.

Technical Details:

Texture Sizes: 512*512 to 2048*2048

Vertex Count: 24 vrts (for small objects) to 60k vrts (for hero objects)

Number of Meshes: 55

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 35 material

Number of Textures: 56

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4


This pack is using HDRP workflow for rendering, make sure to get all the latest packages.

To check more content of this product, please take a look at my ART STATION page

Price $14.99

Female Wizard - pbr by BASTER 3D

2020, October 19 - 09:08
Female Wizard - pbr
low poly doll

Mesh Witch'Girl
8.227 Verts
15.115 Tris
witch's broom
164 Verts
324 Tris

witch's hat
377 Verts
716 Tris

Material PBR
All Texture 4096x4096

Rigged FBX
14 facial expression shape key

Price $9.90

Tikari Pixel Cards by Tikari Digital

2020, October 19 - 09:00
Mobile friendly, simple yet classical playing cards.

Contains 53 cards including Joker. There are five backside art options and framed and frameless versions of each card.

Includes two-sided prefabs of each possible variation with frontside and backside of the card.

The prefabs meshes have 4 tris per card.

All cards are included in a single atlas map. Resolution of the source texture is 1024x1024 pixels and resolution of a single card is 63x98 pixels.

The aspect ratio of the cards is exactly the same as the most commonly used aspect ratio in the real world.
Price $5.00

BulletPro - 2D Projectile Workspace by Simon Albou

2020, October 18 - 15:14

BulletPro is the new default solution when your 2D game contains "something that shoots".
It provides you with a full dedicated workspace for tweaking the movement, appearance and behaviour of your bullets, and all of this is accessible in real time.

Endless design space:
Your pattern possibilities will be limitless thanks to parametric profiles, which offer the same workflow as the most popular postprocessing and VFX tools. All parameters are easy to find, randomize, link to one another or to game difficulty. You can even create your own parameters!

An optimized solution that takes cares of all technical aspects:
- GPU-based collisions
- Custom tag system
- Flexible pooling system
- VFX and SFX handler
- Composite colliders for custom shapes
All of this allows up to 1000-2000 bullets on screen and is fully mobile-friendly.

Full documentation for free:
The package comes with its full source code, full user manual, two quickstart guides and an Online Script Reference in case you want to extend BulletPro with your own code.
If you're curious, all these documents are available for free so that you get an idea of how BulletPro works:
Quickstart 1
Quickstart 2
Full user manual
Online Script Reference

Multiple use cases:
This tool works the same for any gameplay: platforming, puzzle, tower defense, and obviously bullet hell games. You'll find four example minigames provided in the package.

Suited for both the simplest and the most complex situations:
BulletPro integrates in your project in two clicks, simply by adding the "Scene Setup" to your scene then using Bullet Emitter and Bullet Receiver Components.

Price $34.99

8-Bit Song Pack: 'Liquid Metal' and 'Glass' by Babbage

2020, October 17 - 00:14
Contains two full-featured songs: 'Glass' and 'Liquid Metal'. Perfect for indie-games and other projects.

Additional information:
-Both songs are 120 BPM
-Songs are available in their full form in mp3 and WAV format
-Previews available before purchase

My Email
Price $4.99

Demons - Bonus Files 4 - Unreal files by Infinity PBR

2020, October 16 - 20:08
This is a bonus file package for the Demons Character Pack.

Purchase this and get the main pack for free, or purchase the main pack, and get this for free.

Bonus Files:
⭐ Unreal files

Also available in the Monster Bundle #5.

Check out more info & all of our models at
If you do purchase this package, thank you very much! Please leave a rating and review so others can find out what's what about it! If you have any problems, requests or anything else, visit me at the forums.
Price $49.00

Build Steps by Falcone Company

2020, October 16 - 16:17
*** Build Steps Guide is a Unity-recommended tool to support Unity Build System.***

Build Steps solve problems that developers have in their daily tasks when creating and setting up builds in Unity, offering them a better solution to automate multiple builds, processes, actions, headless builds, and command-line builds. Our vision is to develop a standard package that it is integrated in Unity 2007 Version or superior one, taking care of all Build Systems in Unity that can be tricky sometimes.

◈ HIGHLIGHTS One of the main focuses of Build Steps is to be friendly and easy to use. However, we worked to create an API to let other developers create their own actions to fulfill their specific needs:
▪ Build Stack: Build Steps let you stack multiple platforms and build them in sequence without the necessity of user interaction.
▪ Easy to use Editor: Build Steps comes with an easy to use Editor to customize your builds, one-click build screen and more.
▪ Automation: Build Steps has many pre-made actions that let users automatize part of the build process and give peace of mind when doing a new build.
▪ Actions API: Our build API lets the developer create their own custom actions to create specific User cases or totality overwrite steps.


◈ APIs: C# language.

◈ NOTES: Build Steps it is available for Unity 2017 or superior.

◈ RATE US: Your rating, review and feedback are much appreciated!

◈ CONNECT WITH US: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
Price $20.00