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Low Poly Modular Road Pack by Burakoli

2024, May 17 - 10:30
All compatible, optimized low poly modular roads.
  • Number of material: 5 (Asphalt, Paving, Dark Paving, Stripes)
  • Texture dimensions: -
  • Total polygon count: 9,244
  • Minimum polygon count : 4
  • Maximum polygon count : 350
  • Number of meshes/prefabs : 131
  • Rigging: No
  • Animation count: -
  • Animation type list: -
  • UV mapping: No
  • LOD information: 1
  • Types of materials and texture maps: Default Material


• 1x1 tiles

• Detachable sidewalks

• Customizable material

• Ready to use as prefab

• All meshes are game optimised

• Demo scene and a scene with all assets

• All roads are modular and compatible with each other.

Road types:

• (27) Straight module

• (25) Curve module

• (11) Turn module

• (15) Intersection module

• (12) T-Intersection module

• (10) End module

• (17) Overpass module

• (14) Parkinglot module

• Enjoy and please rate the asset! If you face any problems or bugs please contact me at

Price $10.00

Collection of cartoon style medieval fantasy RPG game 2D backgrounds by MoonJourney

2024, May 17 - 10:28
Medieval fantasy background in cartoon style. These are the backgrounds you need if you want to make a medieval game.

It is a 2D medieval-style background made up of high-quality, cartoon-style images.

There are a total of 16 medieval settings. It can be used in visual novel or RPG genres.

resolution: 1568 x 768

Price $4.99

Stylized Barrel & Crate Pack by 4d_Art

2024, May 17 - 10:24
A fun, stylized, low poly pack of Crates and Barrels

10 Unique Low Poly Meshes and Prefabs setup

  • 1x Generic Barrel (761 Polys)
  • 1x TNT Barrel (895 polys)
  • 1x Water Barrel (829 polys)
  • 1x Sand Barrel (771 polys)
  • 1x TNT Stick (18 polys)
  • 1x Crate (96 polys)
  • 1x Open Crate (132 polys)
  • 1x Crate Lid (54 polys)
  • 1x Small Crate (398 polys)
  • 1x Small Crate with TNT (515 Polys)
  • Custom Collision meshes provided
  • All Barrels and main Crate have LODs


2 x Materials already setup in a demo scene


All Barrels share

1x Albedo, 1x MetallicSmoothness, Optional Normal and Occlusion Maps

All Crates share

1x Albedo, 1x MetallicSmoothness, Optional Normal and Occlusion Maps

Optional Extra Maps

  • Colour ID Mask
  • Metalness Map
  • Roughness Map

Texture Resolutions: Up to 1048 x 1048 (can be resized)

This fun, playful, hand painted pack of crates and barrels are great props for set dressing or used for game play assets.

10 Unique Low Poly Meshes sharing just 2 materials

Crates and Barrels are set up as 1m x 1m if they wish to be use as cover props, scalable to suit needs.

All Materials, Textures, Custom Colliders and LODs provided.


Price $5.99

ClickEffect by SunShine

2024, May 17 - 10:21
It can generate a given effect on the screen by clicking on it.

This is a very lightweight inclusion, very compatible.

It can be loaded separately and used directly, or it can be tweaked slightly to make it compatible with your game's architecture.

Price $4.99

SciFi Engineer's Room Environment by BEFOUR STUDIOS

2024, May 17 - 10:14
Explore the modular SciFi Engineer's Room with 73 unique meshes.
  • Number of Unique Meshes: 73 Static Meshes
  • Collision: Yes
  • Average Poly Count: around 1K up to 5K
  • LODs: Yes up to 4
  • Number of Textures: 194
  • Number of Ambient Sound: 1
  • Texture Resolutions: 1K to 4K
  • Texture Map Types: Base Color / Diffuse, Normal, Smoothness / Roughness, Metalic, Opacity, Emissive
  • Number of Shaders : 7 Master Shader
  • Number of Materials: 61
  • Materials: Each material contains a Base Texture, and a Normal Texture by default and additionally has Smoothness, Ambient Occlusion, Metalic and Opacity Texture Maps according to the material
  • Props: Robots, Computers, Pizza, Pillow, Table and lot more.
  • Architecture: Ceiling, Door, Floor, Wall, Columns, and etc.
  • Supported Development Platforms:
  • Windows: Yes
  • Mac: Yes
  • Attention !!! : Pack supports HDRP, URP and BUILTIN!!! To open URP, drag the .unitypackage file (Settings>URP) into an empty URP project within the Art>Scenes folder. To open BUILTIN, drag the .unitypackage file (Settings>BUILTIN) into an empty BUILTIN project within the Art>Scenes folder.

Explore the SciFi Engineer's Room with 73 unique meshes. The environment is fully modular and well optimized for Game Ready Projects. You can easily enlarge your Sci-Fi Environment with Modular Assets.

Sci-Fi Engineer's Room Story : Once there was a scientist-engineer who dearly missed his family. On his desk, he kept a hologram of his daughter, and on his bed sat a cyborg bear, a reminder of her. He also had a robot named RobbyCube on his shelf, his daughter's favorite cartoon character. Throughout his space, there were small signs that reminded him of his family, keeping their memory close.

You can ask any questions you have about the package content by clicking on the Discord 💬 link provided.

🚀 Modular Freedom: Dive into the limitless universe of customization as you assemble awe-inspiring space environments. Our modular assets seamlessly connect, allowing you to construct intricate interiors and futuristic corridors effortlessly.

🎨 Versatile Textures: Unleash your imagination with a diverse range of textures that breathe life into your environments. From sleek metallic surfaces to glowing sci-fi panels, each texture is meticulously crafted to provide the perfect ambiance for your space adventures.

🌐 Optimized Performance: Strike the perfect balance between quality and performance. Our assets are optimized for efficiency, allowing you to create stunning visuals without sacrificing runtime performance.

📐 Scalable Design: Whether you're building a massive space station or a compact spacecraft, our assets are designed to scale seamlessly. Tailor your environments to fit the scope of your project with ease.

🚀 Endless Exploration: Immerse your players in an expansive universe ripe for exploration. With a wide array of assets at your disposal, the possibilities for creating diverse and captivating space environments are virtually limitless.

Pack supports HDRP, URP and BUILTIN!!! To open URP, drag the .unitypackage file (Settings>URP) into an empty URP project within the Art>Scenes folder. To open BUILTIN, drag the .unitypackage file (Settings>BUILTIN) into an empty BUILTIN project within the Art>Scenes folder.

Price $54.99

Zombies HQ Bundle by ProMaxx Studio

2024, May 17 - 09:28
Rigged with face Zombies HQ Bundle

Number of characters: 3

Zombie Man HQ v.1:

Triangles: 39924

Vertices: 22664

Zombie Girl HQ v.1:

Triangles: 30888

Vertices: 17638

Zombie Thug HQ:

Triangles: 32772

Vertices: 18336

Textures: 4096x4096 Albedo, Normal, RGBA

Rigged with Face, NOT Animated, with Clothing options Zombie Man, Zombie Girl and Zombie Thug for your horror projects.

2 Skins + Charred skin + Bloody. Variations of clothing: clear, dirt, blood, dirt + blood.

Parts of Bundle:

Zombie Man HQ v.1

Zombie Girl HQ v.1

Zombie Thug HQ

Price $119.99

Diggable Terrains 2D by Script Boy

2024, May 17 - 09:12
2D Diggable Fillable Dynamic Terrains :)

Main Features

  • Shapes: Create terrains of any shape with a circle, box, polyline or spline.
  • Holes: Create holes in the middle of terrains.
  • Layers: Customize the colors and textures of terrains in 4 layers.
  • Diggable: Remove terrain areas.
  • Fillable: Add terrain areas.

What's new in version 2.0.0?

  • Improved Performance: In the previous version, the destruction was only based on the polygon clipping algorithm with a poor implementation. However, in the current version, the polygon clipping is heavily optimized. Additionally, a new solution has been added that utilizes the marching squares algorithm and chunking technique for maximum performance.
  • Added Shapes: In the previous version, each terrain component had a list of points that formed a polygon. However, in the current version, you can create multiple shapes on a single terrain component. A shape can be defined by a circle, box, polyline, or spline.
  • Added Holes: In the previous version, you were only able to dig along the edges of the terrain. However, in the current version, you can also start digging from the middle of the terrain.
  • Added Layers: In the previous version, terrains only had a single layer of textures. However, in the current version, you can add a maximum of 4 layers, which will be blended by the Splat Map. A terrain layer describes textures and colors of terrains.
  • Improved Edge UV Mapping: In the previous version, the UVs were generated by the CPU. However, in the current version, it is handled by shaders.
  • Added Physics Mode: This experimental feature adds Rigidbody components to terrains.
  • Shovel: In the previous version, the shovel was a simple circle. However, in the current version, it can be any shape.
  • More Scripting API: In the previous version, you only had access to the shovel component with a few functions. However, in the current version, you can directly edit terrains without the shovel component.
  • Added Fill Function: In the previous version, you were only able to dig terrain and remove areas. However, in the current version, you can also add areas. This function acts as the reverse version of the dig function.
  • Collider Offset: In the current version, you can add an offset to the polygon collider.
  • Source Code: Unlike the previous version, the source code is now included. However, please note that the documentation does not cover how it works. It only describes the main classes and functions.
  • Not Compatible: It is not compatible with the previous version, so you may need to recreate terrains from scratch.
  • Different Workflow: It has a slightly different workflow, so please refer to the PDF files for instructions.

This package enables you to easily create immersive environments where terrains can be modified in real-time. With a wide range of options, it allows you to create terrains of any shape, style, and scale.

Price $29.99

Stylized Fantasy Cemetery by MatCrea3D

2024, May 17 - 09:10
A Stylized Cemetery pack with some tombstone, graves and props.

Number of textures : 230

Texture dimensions : 2048 X 2048

Texture maps in png

Minimum polygon count : 288 tris

Maximum polygon count : 18478 tris

Number of meshes : 47

Number of materials : 56

Rigging : No

Animation : No

UV mapping : Yes

LOD : No

A Stylized Cemetery pack with some tombstone, graves and props.

TombStones, crosses and graves are separated in differents parts to be assembled.

  • X 19 environment parts like Column, Wall, grass, stones, ... (15 unique + 4 texture variations)
  • X 7 Props
  • X 36 TombStones and graves part. (25 unique + 11 texture variations)

Some Parts have the same static mesh with textures variations (Sculpt and not sculpted tombstones for exemple).

Demo level is not included

Price $20.00

Soviet Kitchenware by ESsplashkid

2024, May 17 - 08:48
( Soviet Kitchenware ) - Game ready assets of Soviet Kitchen items with PBR Textures.

Number of textures: 82

Texture dimensions: 1024 - 2048

Polygon count of Models:

_Bottle_01 - 933

_Bottle_02 - 1097

_Breadbox - 176

_Colander - 712

_Cup_01 - 510

_Cup_02 - 472

_Dishes set - 6872

_Grater - 282

_Knife_01 - 117

_Knife_02 - 118

_Meat grinder - 2155

_Samovar - 7741

_Scales - 792

_Seasoning boxes - 3484

_Serviette_01 - 23

_Serviette_02 - 8

_Teapot - 1630

_Thermos_01 - 578

_Thermos_02 - 706

_Whick - 4495

_Wineglass - 330

_Wooden spoon - 248

Minimum polygon count: 8

Maximum polygon count: 34 479

Number of meshes: 40

Number of prefabs: 34

Rigging: No

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information: (No LOD)

Types of materials and texture maps: Albedo, Metalic, Normal, Roughness, Opacity Mask

_Soviet Kitchenware_

Well suited for filling a retro/Soviet scene of a game level or something else in a realistic style.

You can use the assets from this pack in your commercial projects with confidence.

Price $8.00

Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack by WOW Sound

2024, May 17 - 08:24
This Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack features 465 scary gore sound effects and realistic gore sound effects designed to elevate your gore scenes.

Sample rate: 48 kHz

Bit depth: 24 bit

Loopable: No

Additional: Stereo

Dive into a library of gore and blood sound effects that will make your audience squirm. Our gruesome sound effects pack includes many gory, violent sound effects ideal for use in horror movies and game development.

With these cinematic gore sound effects and blood and gore audio effects, you have everything you need for spine-chilling realism. Whether you're creating a short film or an indie game, our gory sound effects library offers an extensive selection. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this Horror Gore Sound Effects Pack will bring your most terrifying visions to life.

▼ What’s inside the pack?

  • 45 Blood Sounds
  • 52 Bone Sounds
  • 22 Chop Sounds
  • 67 Flesh Sounds
  • 83 Impacts Sounds
  • 15 Misc Sounds
  • 41 Monster Sounds
  • 21 Slice Sounds
  • 70 Stab Sounds
  • 31 Horror Stingers
  • 18 Whoosh Sounds


This gore series is edited and designed from Rock The Speakerbox's Hero and Melee—a collaboration with Rock The Speakerbox and WOW Sound.

[ Support Email: ]

And if you have any music genres you would like to hear but are currently not available in our store, do drop us an email! We will be most excited to try to create your desired sound effects and music for you!

* We release new packs regularly so there will always be the latest and most up-to-date music and sounds for your game projects!

Price $99.00

Cute Cartoon Avatar Icons by fishenal-studio

2024, May 17 - 07:39
~100Pcs Cute Catoon Avatar Icon (Gen by AI), Include Aldult, Kid & Old, Transparent Background

sizes 18MB

File count 92

Animated: No

Around 100Pcs Cute Catoon Avatar Icon (Gen by AI), Include Aldult, Kid & Old Categories, Transparent BackgroundTranparent background PNG,size 500~600px

notes: only PNG images

Price $5.00

[Monster Animations] Shamanic Sorcerer:The Wand Wielder by HQA3

2024, May 17 - 07:38

Monster Animations - Shamanic Sorcerer:The Wand Wielder

This package includes the following animation files


Attack Animations:

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_ATK_01~04

Death Animations:

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_DeadBody

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Die

Damage Animations:

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_DMG_B

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_DMG_B_upper

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_DMG_F

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_DMG_F_upper

Idle Animations:

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Idle_C

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Idle_P_01

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Idle_P_02

Other State Animations:

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Passout

Movement Animations:

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Run_F

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_Walk_F

Skill Animations (Firing):

Shamanic Sorcerer The Wand Wielder_SK_Firing_01~06

The mesh has approximately 800 to 1200 triangles.

Price $15.00

Minions Series - Monsterset 16 by Downrain DC

2024, May 17 - 07:36
This pack has 7 characters
All character’s texture size is 1024 x 1024

TribeWarrior (6830 triangles)
(Weapon can be removed)
10 basic animations
Idle / Walk / Run / Jump / Attack x2 / CastSpell / Dizzy / Damage / Die

SkullSwordsman (6322 triangles)
(Weapon can be removed)
10 basic animations
Idle / Walk / Run / Jump / Attack x2 / CastSpell / Dizzy / Damage / Die

EvilAkaret (3874 triangles)
(Weapon can be removed)
10 basic animations
Idle / Walk / Run / Jump / Attack x2 / CastSpell / Dizzy / Damage / Die

AshWarrior (6048 triangles)
(Weapon & Shield can be removed)
10 basic animations
Idle / Walk / Run / Jump / Attack x2 / CastSpell / Dizzy / Damage / Die

Hobgoblin (5604 triangles)
(Weapon can be removed)
10 basic animations
Idle / Walk / Run / Jump / Attack x2 / CastSpell / Dizzy / Damage / Die

MadFishman (4914 triangles)
(Weapon can be removed)
10 basic animations
Idle / Walk / Run / Jump / Attack x2 / CastSpell / Dizzy / Damage / Die

GhostBuckzo (1406 triangles)
(Weapon can be removed)
7 basic animations
Idle / Move / Attack x2 / Appears / Damage / Die

Price $49.99

poly police station by SQUID

2024, May 17 - 07:18
polygonal police station in Eastern Europe

the total number of polygons in the project is 64340. Textures were used 9 images 1024x1024, 512x512 number of materials 10

the asset includes everything shown in the last four screenshots

The police station includes the following assets


police station


Screen, cabinet (x2), banner, glued sheet (x2), target, blinds, stand, administrative sign, mailbox, window bars, coffee table, TV, radiator, row of chairs, wheel (x2), notice board, sign police, sofa, surveillance camera, street flag, crime board, flag on clothespins, awards, cardboard box, bat, calendar, diploma, wanted, wanted board, fence, ammunition cabinet, chair, table, pistol stand, pistol stand guns, bomb, portrait (x2), lamp, protest board, police barricade, computer, glass (x2), decanter, stamp, scales, table flag, Molotov cocktail, visit list, coffee, telephone, constitution (x2), folder with case, table lamp, street sign, evidence, charge plate, folder, magnifying glass, scale tape, mark, camera, ID card, note sheets, body camera, walkie-talkie, cartridge case, cartridge (x2), pepper spray, holster for spray, pistol holster, machine gun magazine, machine gun, pistol, shotgun, first aid kit, water flask, handcuffs, gas mask, shockproof helmet, baseball cap, shield, baton, balaclava, cap, beret


police officer


patrol car, special forces vehicle, police passenger bus

Price $20.00

Stylized Candles by Lokiana

2024, May 17 - 07:16

Number of meshes:


Prefabs :


Number of textures:

14 diffuse maps







Polygon count:

Min - 1.046

Max - 1.868 

LOD information:


  • Ready-to-use prefabs
  • Suitable for casual and hyper-casual projects.

Price $5.00

Digital Texts Sound Effects Pack 1 by ShashiRaj Productions

2024, May 17 - 06:13
Sci-Fi Digital Texts Pack: Futuristic TEXT UI Sound

Category Folders






Total Sounds : 156

Format: WAV 44.1 KHz 16 Bit

Introducing “Digital Texts Pack 1” – your ultimate audio toolkit for crafting the immersive digital text sounds of futuristic and sci-fi environments. This meticulously curated collection of sound effects is designed to elevate the auditory experience of high-tech computer interactions, making it an essential asset for game developers, filmmakers, and content creators who aim to depict advanced technological settings.

Key Features:

High-Pitched Tones: Each sound effect in the pack features the signature high-pitched, rapidly chopped tones that are synonymous with digital text and interface sounds in sci-fi media.

Complex Variations: The pack includes a diverse range of complexities from random blips and bleeps to long, echoing trails and pulsating rhythms, providing versatility for different scenarios.

Futuristic Games: Integrate these sounds to add a layer of authenticity to the user interface of your next-gen video games.

Sci-Fi Films and Series: Use these effects to bring to life the control panels, data streams, and communication devices of your space operas and cyberpunk adventures.

Interactive Media: Enhance interactive displays, virtual reality experiences, and educational software with these detailed soundscapes.

Technical Specifications:

Quality: Each sound is provided in high-quality WAV format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of software and devices.

Well-Organized: Sounds are categorized and named for easy browsing, allowing you to find the perfect effect quickly.

“Digital Texts Pack 1” is not just a sound effects library; it’s a gateway to the auditory essence of the digital age. Whether you’re developing a game set in a dystopian future or crafting a narrative that involves intricate computer systems, these sounds will help you build a believable and engaging high-tech world. Get ready to captivate your audience with the cutting-edge sounds of tomorrow, today!

Price $4.99

Stylized Fonts - Bloody by Duckweed

2024, May 17 - 06:12
This font effect is used to create death notifications


Stylized Fonts - Bloody is a Unity plugin that offers four unique fonts with a bloody and sinister aesthetic. These fonts are perfect for adding a touch of horror or suspense to your game or application.

Key Features:

  • Bloody Aesthetic: With four distinct fonts, each dripping with a bloody and sinister style, this plugin adds a touch of horror and suspense to your text elements.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're creating a horror game, thriller movie poster, or Halloween-themed graphic design, these fonts are versatile and suitable for various applications.
  • High-Quality Design: Each font is meticulously crafted to ensure high-quality visuals and readability, even in dark or atmospheric environments.
  • Easy Integration: Simply import the fonts into your Unity project and start using them right away. They are compatible with all Unity text components and UI systems.

Stylized Fonts - Bloody provides a quick and easy way to add a chilling atmosphere to your Unity projects with its collection of four blood-themed fonts.

Price $9.99

Sci-Fi Hologram Screen Shader by MaxKill Studios

2024, May 17 - 06:09
The 'Sci-fi Hologram Screen Shader' is designed to be used without mesh creation, offering ease of use and versatility in expression.
  • Operates within the BuiltIn Render Pipeline
  • Includes custom shaders: opaque and translucent (Additive)
  • Uses Unity Engine's default Quad mesh without the need for additional mesh creation
  • Not a camera effect or post-processing shader

This shader and material asset is used for objects requiring screen displays in Sci-fi genres such as Cyberpunk and Space Opera.

It is ideal for creators who want to add futuristic visuals to their projects.

⭐ Key Features

  • Exclusively for the Built-in Render Pipeline
  • Customizable to suit user preferences
  • Flexibly applicable across various genres
  • Capable of three-dimensional expression on flat meshes
  • Controls for various expressions via RGBA channels
  • Includes 22 example materials
  • Quick shader switching between translucent and opaque states
  • Documentation for each property provided
  • Shader texture creation guide PSD file provided

📜 Sci-fi Hologram Screen Shader Guide

Price $25.00

Coin-Money-Gem by Amanita

2024, May 17 - 06:06
Lowpoly Coin, Money and Gem objects. Colorfull materials. Ready to use prefabs.

Standart, URP and HDRP compatible.

The pack contains 28 different prefabs. 15 material for all prefabs. 1 texture (512x256) for Money objects.


Avarage triangle count: 269  

Highest triangle count: 564 (Wind) + 252 (CoinBase) = 816  

Lowest triangle count : 116 (Diamond & Crown) + 252 (Coin Base) = 368  


Avarage triangle count: 506  

Highest triangle count: 1184 (MoneyPile2)  

Lowest triangle count : 148 (CreditCard)  


Avarage triangle count: 26  

Highest triangle count: 44 (Gem1)  

Lowest triangle count : 12 (Gem0)

Lowpoly / Cartoon styled 28 different coin, money and gem. Vibrant colors. Easy to use.

If you have any questions or any problems with the pack, don't hesitate to contact.

Price $15.00

Electric Pole Builder Pack by Cakir Studio

2024, May 17 - 06:02
Quickly and Easily Create Electric Poles.
  • Texture Sizes : 2048 to 2048

All Material and Texture Map Types : PBR

Number of Prefabs : 5

Uv Mapping : Yes

Average Number of Polygons (Triangles) : 15k

Polygon Count


Electric Pole 1 : 4332 tris

Electric Pole 2 : 8660 tris

Electric Pole 3 : 13404 tris

Electric Tower 1 : 39068 tris

Electric Tower 2 : 11032 tris

Texture Dimensions 

Electric Pole 1 : 2048

Electric Pole 2 : 2048

Electric Pole 3 : 2048

Electric Tower 1 : 2048

Electric Tower 2 : 2048

The package I've developed allows users to add electric poles in Unity Editor with a simple Ctrl and left-click press, seamlessly continuing the process. Moreover, it automatically lays cables between the poles.

The asset contains 5 electric pole models and 3 materials(concrete,metal,wood).

The shader type of the models is Standard. The material works fully

compatible with the upgrade.So for compatibility with other Render

Pipelines, simply utilize Unity's built-in material upgrading tool

The polygon form of the models is triangles.

Price $10.00