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Stylized Metal PBR Materials Vol 01 by PolyForge Inc

2020, May 21 - 09:28
This pack contains 6 high quality stylized metal PBR substances.

There is also a PBR tesselation shader included so that what you see is exactly what you get.

Technical Details
Prerendered Texture Resolution : 2048 x 2048
Number of Materials:6
Texture format: PNG

-Ambient Occlusion
Price $14.99

Real-Time Oscilloscope by Ex Lumina Corp.

2020, May 21 - 09:25
Show a signal you can change in real-time!

Ex Lumina's Oscilloscope 2.0 animates a realistic glowing phosphor trace, just like a vintage cathode-ray tube instrument from the 20th century. You can display any trace you want and change it instantly while your game is running.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ex Lumina Oscilloscope 2.0 is a Windows 10 only asset. No other platforms are supported at this time.


Closely simulates a real electronics test device.

Slow sweeps show gently fading phosphor glow.
Anti-aliased trace is smooth and realistic.
Set either sweep frequency or seconds per grid division.
Vary the volts per grid division at any time.
Set the trace focus to sharp or softly blurred.
Alter the signal waveform at any time, in any way.
Choose any color for the screen phosphor.
Gradual fade-out at "power off."
Updates on a worker thread, never blocks your UI.
Detailed documentation with three sample scenes.
* Use the full instrument prefab, or just the screen.
* Completely controllable from C#.

With the Ex Lumina Oscilloscope 2.0, you have a full-featured model of a working electronic test instrument. You can provide an arbitrary signal with a ScriptableObject subclassed from our sample, or you can just draw your own curve with Unity's built-in curve editor.

Adjust the resolution of the display texture and the number of segments drawn to meet your needs and optimize for your platform. The video here shows a 512x512 texture with 512 samples in all traces drawn. All of the updates you see happened in under 100 milliseconds, on a worker thread that never blocks the game's main thread.

Some oscilloscope assets imitate a trace by scrolling a fixed texture, limiting changes to what can be done with scaling, never actually changing the waveform on the screen. Ex Lumina's oscilloscope gives you total control over shape, color, frequency, amplitude, beam size, beam focus, and rate of fade. It accurately simulates phosphor fade and flicker for different sweep frequencies. You'll think you're looking at the real thing!

Note: All C# code to implement the oscilloscope asset is included, except the trace itself. A proprietary plug-in is also included that handles drawing the anti-aliased trace. You are free to use both in any product you create with this asset.

Tris: The full oscilloscope prefab has only 520 triangles. The screen alone has only 10.

Textures: The face of the full oscilloscope is a 1024x1024 PNG file. A 512x512 PNG acts as a palette for some of the controls. The screen display uses a 512x512 map by default, but you can choose any size you like.

See more at our Web site.

Refund policy:

As per the Unity EULA, we don't issue refunds, as there is unfortunately no way to verify that a customer deletes an asset when refunded.
"All sales are final and there shall be no refunds" - Asset Store Terms.
Price $12.99

Advanced Lights - House Ceiling lamps by Esteban Meneses

2020, May 21 - 08:42
This package in only compatible with HDRP

This package contains Advanced Lights is a series of Assets of light fixtures designed to bring the visual quality of precomputed shadows to the real-time ones.

How its archive?

We carefully design our lights physically accurate and run a ray trace base shadow capture, Into Unity´s Cookie Light feature, that way all the softness and precision of ray trace is capture into a single cube image


• Custom color for all the lamps
• Easy control of the light via script
• Every lamp works with only one light, Reducing the cost of performance
• Translucent materials

Price $15.99

Action Pack 1 for Game Creator by Pivec Labs

2020, May 21 - 08:39
" Time and Space "

This Action Pack for Game Creator provides additional features for Game Creator that are not available in the core product. With the theme of Time and Space, this pack contains:

⚡ 2 x Drag to Move/Rotate Objects in 3D space
⚡ 3 x Float/Move/Shake 3D Objects in worldspace
⚡ 7 x 3D TextMesh Pro Actions such as rotate towards Camera
⚡ 3 x Randomise Actions with probability and no repeat features
⚡ 1 x Custom Timer Action to execute results
⚡ 1 x Navmesh Action with example usage

All features are activated and controlled using Game Creator Actions, no coding is required.

These Actions can be used for creating Random events in your game, creating timed events, moving and dragging 3D objects using the mouse, and manipulating 3D TextMesh Pro objects in realtime.

With this Asset, you get:

⚡ 17 New Detailed and Unique GC Actions
⚡ 3 Detailed Example Scenes

Documentation and Tutorials can be found at

These additional Actions are an essential extension for Game Creator. They will not work without Game Creator being installed first.

Make your game different and exciting using these unique Actions.

Other great Game Creator Modules from Pivec labs are:

UI Components Module.
Tools Module.
Accessibility Module.

(Models shown in video are not included)

Price $15.00

UIElements Expansions: Form by

2020, May 21 - 08:07
Unity UIElements Expansions is an asset series that extends Unity's UIElements.
This asset primarily adds the following features to the UnityEditor:

1.Form Functions
Provides functionality similar to HTML form tags.
Form tags surround interactive UXML such as TextField and EnumField
You can click SumbmitButton to retrieve the values of the enclosed fields.
It is also possible to initialize these fields using values already provided.
Initialization and retrieval are done with a callback function.
You are free to write a script to handle this.
Unity normally stores serialized data in scenes and scriptable objects.
This is useful when you want to store values in a local or remote database.

2.Additional fields and Form design
For more control,
Provides a new UXML tag, such as a slider that allows you to see numbers and a PopupField
that allows you to populate data items from within UXML.
Within the Form tag, it also provides a design closer to the more modern forms of the Web.

3.Upload Form
Provides an upload form that allows you to upload files both internally and externally.
For the upload itself, you need to create an upload process to your own server.
Select other files, filter files to upload, and sample uploaded files function.

4. UIElements Expansions Common Features
In addition to the above, common useful tags and functions are provided.
Please see the following page for details.

Unity Asset Store legal and license information:

Installation and Usage


Price $8.99

PBR IBC Container by VIS Games

2020, May 21 - 08:00
This package contains 6 different variations of IBC containers.

Polycount between: 4600 and 9800

Texturesizes: 4k.

Materials contain Albedo, Smoothness, Metallic, AO and Normal.

The objects/textures work with Unity Standard-Shader and HDRP Lit-Shader.

The objects will work with Unity 5, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Price $4.99

Ambient - Ice by SD Sound Tracks

2020, May 21 - 08:00
Here's a teaser for my upcoming second Unity Album (Album of Elements) that will be released in the Unity Asset Store soon.

Includes Track 1: Ice - Variation 1 - 5mins 3s
Price $0.00

Orc 02 by Maksim Bugrimov

2020, May 21 - 07:58
I present to you a new character. Characters has 92 Animations

PBR textures.

-Normal 2
(all 4096-4096 size)

Polys: 23,717

Tris: 45,556

Verts: 23,228


PBR textures.

(all 42048-2048 size)

Polys: 798

Tris: 1,464

Verts: 818

Price $14.99

Insight Soccer by Insights

2020, May 21 - 07:55
Do you want to create the best Soccer game on Mobile, Steam or Consoles? So this asset for you! With AAA looks UI graphics and state machines you can build awesome game. Also you can learn absolutely all necessary to make a real soccer game with this asset.Insight Soccer is the ultimate soccer game app.
- AAA looks game UI;
- Stunning and realistic game play;
- Select (Side, Team, Kit,);
- Team management (Squad, Formation, Tactics);
- All graphic UI Assets source Included;
- Play Football Game, real teams and real players!
Price $25.00

Universal Target UI by Cheesecake Company

2020, May 21 - 07:42
A highly customizable, universal UI which follows a GameObject in screenspace and can stay inside the visible screen.

There are many options to configure the elements. For example object pooling and a depth-index sorting are supported.
Price $9.99

Simple Game Music Pack by RobotSound

2020, May 20 - 18:48
Simple Game Music Pack

This package contains five simple and minimal music for video games. These tune would set the right mood in your 8-bit pixel video game or casual mobile game. Also ideal for any gameplay in puzzle, platform and logic games.

TRACKS INCLUDED (with loop versions):

1. Minimal GamePreview
2. Simple Maze GamePreview
3. Game BoyPreview
4. Mini GamePreview
5. Cute Game BassPreview

All tracks are seamless wave files at 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

About RobotSound

We are a team that specializes in making professional quality music and sound FX for games. For private commissions or enquiries please contact

Check us out at
Price $24.99

Minions Series - Monsterset 3 by Downrain DC

2020, May 20 - 18:41
- 6 character and 36 different color prefab ready to use
- Reaper (1591 vertex)
- Mummy (1232 vertex)
- Mimic (949 vertex)
- Ghoul (1413 vertex)
- Goatman (1570 vertex)
- Werewolf (2337 vertex)

- Each character own 6 colors textures ( 2048*2048 png )

- Each character own 11 basic animations
- Idle
- Walk
- Run
- Attack x3
- Damage x2
- Stunned
- Die
- GetUp

Price $20.00

Isle of Lore 2: Strategy Figures by Steven Colling

2020, May 20 - 17:57

Isle of Lore 2: Strategy Figures is a set of villagers, workers, fighters, animals, monsters and more to fill all your strategy game needs: mark the position of units on your medieval or fantasy map or use them as interface icons. They are highly compatible with my Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular set, a pack of hex tiles to create vast maps.


● 80 Figures
● 16 Compositions (made out of figures, like a group of orcs)

Additional Information

● 180×180 px in size
● as single png files and as sprite sheets
● with a white border around them and without
● source files which separate linework from coloring and different body parts from each other, to make adaptations and re-colorings easier
● note, that the hex tiles in the example image and within the demo scene are not part of this pack, but from Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles Regular

Price $9.99

10 Tracks - Album of Emotions by SD Sound Tracks

2020, May 20 - 17:48
10 unique tracks with over 4GBs of high quality audio files. Each track includes stems (audio tracks with each individual instrument) and all can be looped! Enjoy!

Track 1 - Sadness - 3min 52s

Reflecting on recent sadness, when bad things happen and time slows down.

Stems include:

Track 1 - Evo 1

Track 1 - Evo 2

Track 1 - Piano

Track 1 - Piano version 2

Track 2 - Subtle Horror - 4min 7s

Somethings going to happen, but you’re not quite sure what it is, who’s hiding in the darkness?

Stems include:

Track 2 - Anvil

Track 2 - Atlas Synth

Track 2 - Easter Island Drums

Track 2 - Hydra Synth

Track 3 - Ethereal Happiness - 3min 49s

The quiet after the storm, the rainbow after the rain, a sign of better things to come.

Stems include:

Track 3 - Horn


Track 4 - Busy Content - 3min 53s

The hustle and bustle of every day life.

Stems Include:

Track 4 - Harp

Track 4 - Piano

Track 4 - Strings


Track 4 - Loop 1 - 16s

Track 4 - Loop 2 - 16s

Track 5 - Dark Rooms - 4mins 36s

A sequence of negative events, a heavy feeling hangs over these rooms.


Track 5 - Drums

Track 5 - Elec Piano

Track 5 - Evo Grid

Track 5 - Frozen Strings

Track 5 - Super Sul Tasto Strings

Track 5 - Synths

Track 5 - Voices

Different layers:

Track 5 - Bottom Layer

Track 5 - Main Room

Track 5 - Room 1

Track 6 - Dark Fairy Tale - 3min 58s

The silent screams of space.


Track 6 - All 8 Speakers

Track 6 - Drums

Track 6 - Evo Guitar

Track 6 - Locusts

Track 6 - London Atmos

Track 6 - Night Tube

Track 6 - North Cir.

Track 6 - Talking

Track 7 - Twisted - 2min 10s

The adventure of a toddler.


Track 7 - Percussion

Track 7 - Piano

Track 7 - Strings

Track 7 - Woodwind

Track 8 - Time to Sleep - 2min 30s

Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something.

Version with clock and without clock


Track 8 - Bells

Track 8 - Cello

Track 8 - Clock

Track 8 - Moon Guitar

Track 8 - Music Box

Track 8 - Talking

Track 8 - Xylophone

Track 9 - Once Upon a Time - 2min 30s

That feeling you get when you sit down after a good day.

Version with voice over and version without


Track 9 - Piano 3

Track 9 - Beats

Track 9 - Elec Piano

Track 9 - Reverse Piano

Track 9 - Reverse Piano 2

Track 9 - Voice Over


Track 9 - Loops 1 - 32s

Track 9 - Loops 2 - 32s

Track 9 - Loops 3 - 32s

Track 10 - Comedy - 2min 40s

Something funny and playful.

Track 10 - Section 1 - 59s

Track 10 - Section 2 - 1min 9s

Track 10 - Section 3 - 50s


Track 10 - Bass

Track 10 - Bassoon

Track 10 - Drums/Perc.

Track 10 - Oboe
Price $7.50

Dirt Terrain Pack 3 by 32cm

2020, May 20 - 15:41
8 different dirty ground seamless PBR textures.

4096x4096px size with Albedo (also with gloss in alpha), Normal, Displacement, Roughness, Metalness and AO. PNG and TGA seamless textures.

Textures consist in a mix of soil, mud, rocks, dirt, puddles and sand.

All ready for tessellation shaders.

Suitable for forest, fields, tundra, farmlands, gardens, steppes, summer, highland etc...

Price $4.99

Multiple Keypad System by SpeedTutor

2020, May 20 - 14:54
YouTube || Website

The Multiple Keypad System is a complete template for implementing unlimited styles of UI keypads. The has 3 included variants: Modern, Scifi and full keyboard - These allow you to input a varied string code to the length of your choice, which if matched by the player will allow some type of interaction. I have included a PBR Door and controller for testing!

Raycast System
3 Custom UI Keypads:
Modern Keypad UI
Sci-fi Keypad UI
Full Keyboard UI
1-Infinity Keypad Input
Door Interaction
Sprites / Textures Included
Basic sound effects
Fully prefabed
Full Documentation
Full C# Source Code

If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me via email
Price $9.99

Medieval Fantasy - Nightmare Crawler by Lukebox

2020, May 20 - 13:10
This pack contains an animated Nightmare Crawler creature for your fantasy project.

- 3 premade color variations (Red, black, green)
- Easily add your own color variations by changing the material color
- Poly count 1800 tris, .FBX model
- 2048x2048 Palette texture, .PNG

- Idle
- Move
- Attack
- Attack 2
- Death

Problems, feedback, suggestions?
Email me

Price $4.99

Modern Church by Motherhunter

2020, May 20 - 13:10
3D model of Church

3D Model include 31 textures:
Diffuse and Normal maps
From 512x512pxl. to 256x128 pxl.

Vertices: 3,873
Polygons: 1,636

Price $9.99

Hero Knight 2 by Luiz Melo

2020, May 20 - 13:10
This its a free animated Hero Knight 2 character pack for your game projects.

Idle - 11 frames
Run - 8 frames
Jump - 4 frames
Fall - 4 frames
Dash - 4 frames
Attack - 6 frames
Take Hit - 4 frames
Death - 9 frames

This package can be used freely and commercially - CC0(creative commons zero).

Credits are not required but I would appreciate it.
Price $0.00

Evil Wizard by Luiz Melo

2020, May 20 - 13:10
This its a free animated Evil Wizard character pack for your game projects.

Idle - 8 frames
Move - 8 frames
Attack - 8 frames
Take Hit - 4 frames
Death - 8 frames

This package can be used freely and commercially - CC0(creative commons zero).

Credits are not required but I would appreciate it.
Price $0.00