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Quantum Inventory by Quantum Tek

2020, May 18 - 14:32

Quantum Inventory is an inventory system designed around flexibility and easy creation of items, crafting recipes, and shops/vendors.


* Inventory - Easily create items and store them in an inventory. Control weight and stacks of items to create either popular style of inventory.

* Crafting - A simple crafting system to create items from recipes over time, with some customization.

* Shops/Vendors - Currency to buy/sell items from/to characters.

Package Requirements:

* Text Mesh Pro for the Demo

Documentation and Support:

* Full documentation and examples can be found at our website.

* Support for this asset can be found at our Github.

Price $0.00

Samurai Boss by SDKwarrior

2020, May 18 - 14:30
Low poly is a model of A samurai boss. Who will be one of the main enemies in your game.
It has animations that can be hung on the controllers.
Contains 27 animation
hit (x2)
jump (x2)
faces 22108
verts 25834
tris 43591

Model has 3 texture options.
Rigging -Controllers from Maya 2019 Built-in controller skinning all the bones.
PBR textures(Metallic and other texture) - texture format 4096x4096.
Textures are scaled through third-party editors with no loss of quality up to 1024 or 2048 pixels

Price $40.00

Post Soviet Bathroom (HDRP) by WhiteNoiseTeam

2020, May 18 - 14:23
Post Soviet Bathroom (for HDRP)

This project includes small toilet and bathroom (according eastern-European room standards) with many objects suitable in Russian manner of life.

All objects shown in the scene designed in one style and can perfectly suit for AAA class game in the genre of horror, adventure or shooter.

Each object was measured in centimetres for the most realistic look. The whole scene has a slight weariness and dilapidation.

Technical Details:

Texture Size: Varied (1024 to 2048)

Collision: -

Vertex Count: Varied

LODs: -

Number of Meshes: 90

Number of Materials: 48

Number of Textures: 122

Intended Platforms: Windows

Platforms Tested: PC
Price $49.99

Fantasy: Dragon by Zuhian Teiyu Creative Studio

2020, May 18 - 14:10
A fearsome dragon perfect for fantasy worlds.

🔸 Model: 8500 tris.
🔸 Textures: diffuse, normal, specular and AO.
🔸 Three set of materials per model.
🔸 Rigged, no animations.

Price $5.99

Rich FX - HDRP Post Processing by Inan Evin

2020, May 18 - 14:07
Rich FX provides you with 40 different full screen post processing effects to use in your HDRP projects. Just add the effects to your project, then use them in Volumes just like any other post processing effect! Rich FX offers variety of effects including artistic effects, blurs, edge detection, screen distortions, color effects and many more. The HLSL code is optimized and efficient, so you will not have any performance problems using the effects in your scenes. Rich FX includes a demo scene to browse all the effects, as well as example volumes to use in your scenes right away!

Demo Video | Docs

Artistic Effects:

- Oil (Kuwahara)

- Pencil Sketch

- Posterize

- Rainbow Flow

- Sketch Motion

Blur Effects:

- Directional Blur

- Simple Gaussian Blur (Box Blur)

- Gaussian Blur

- Radial Blur

Color Effects:

- CGA Filter (8 different palettes)

- EGA Filter

- Eight Color

- Grayscale

- Hue, Saturation, Invert

- Overlay

- Recolor (great for unique look!)

Edge Effects:

- Simple Outline

- Color Edges

- Edge Detection

Screen Distortion Effects:

- Chroma Lines (RGB Splitted Scanlines)

- Displace View (for your drunk effect purposes)

- Distort

- Glitch (block, drift, jitter, jump, shake)

- RGB Distortion

- RGB Split

- Scanlines

- Screen Glitch

- Screen Fuzz

- Simple Frosted Glass

- Slice

- Texture Distortion

- Underwater

- Wobble

Other Effects:

- Bloom Streak (for Michael Bay lovers)

- Letterbox

- Low Light Camera (Horror)

- Nightvision

- Pixelate

- Sharpen

- Zoom

Combined Volumes:

- Security Camera

- Underwater Effect

- Weapon Camera

Rich FX is supported for HD Render Pipeline. Please check the documentation for more information on effects, their parameters, installation and setup guidelines.

* Models in the demo video are not included with the package.


Support Discord
Price $35.00

Medieval Fantasy - Demons by Lukebox

2020, May 18 - 13:27
This pack contains an animated low poly demon for your fantasy project.

- 2 color variations (Red, black)
- Poly count 2000-2500 tris, .FBX model
- 2048x2048 Palette texture, .PNG
- Wings, Armor, Belt are separate models and can be toggled on/off for more variety

- Idle
- Move
- Attack
- Death

Problems, feedback, suggestions?
Email me

Price $4.99

Modern Laboratory by Andragor Inc.

2020, May 18 - 13:19
3D PBR HD Laboratory Interior Assets
Fully modular, everything comes with prefabs - ready to be dropped in scene.
Assets are VR compatible

This pack contains :
Modular walls
Modular ceiling pannels
Modular furniture
Modular vents & pipes

Benchs & desks
Cupboards & shelves
Drawers & fridges
Lamps & spots
Computers & servers racks
Vivariums & sinks
Heavy machinery

Microscopes & incubators
Lasers & optics
Plastic crates & bottles
Garbage bins & bags
Bonus alien specimens
PBR materials

Also includes :
Full lightmapped scene
Scene with all Prefabs and variants listed (+300)
Preset for Post-Processing Stack
Xerxes1138's Stochastic Screen Space Reflection plugin

Models polygon count range from 100 to 10.000 triangles
Texture average resolution is 2048x2048

A readme file is available for further details.

Price $50.00

Real Medieval Characters - Ladies by Morwen Zayas

2020, May 18 - 12:36

Medieval aristocratic women are educated and bred to inspire poets and artists, wear silks like a queen, and make a good political marriage. The dames also run medieval domains and defend medieval castles in the absence of men.


Real Medieval Characters look like real people from 13-15 centuries. Each character belongs to a certain period and region of Europe. No eclectic theatrical costumes, or dummy leather armour. Real Medieval Characters are clad in good old wool and steel. The design is based on medieval manuscript miniatures and historical artefacts. All clothes are authentic.


The pack includes:

⁃ 4 unique characters (images format: png, 1300х1080 px, 72 dpi). Please note that the characters are not animated.

⁃ 8 character avatars 300х300px, square and round.

Price $10.00

Real Medieval Characters - Commoners by Morwen Zayas

2020, May 18 - 12:36

Common medieval folk from common medieval places, busy with common things. Can be met in any common medieval town.


Real Medieval Characters look like real people from 13-15 centuries. Each character belongs to a certain period and region of Europe. No eclectic theatrical costumes, or dummy leather armour. Real Medieval Characters are clad in good old wool and steel. The design is based on medieval manuscript miniatures and historical artefacts. All clothes are authentic.


The pack includes:

- 4 unique characters. Images format: png, 1300х1080 px, 72 dpi. Please note that the characters are not animated.

- 8 avatars 300х300px, square and round.
Price $10.00

Underground Poker Club by Nisu

2020, May 18 - 10:49
17 Object prefabs:

-Beer tap, 1024x1024, 2214 polys
-Ceiling lamp, 1024x1024, 838 polys
-Chair, 1024x1024, 1914 polys
-Counter, 2048x2048, 390 polys
-Dartsboard, 1024x1024, 288 polys
-Doorframe, 2048x2048, 50 polys
-Jukebox, 2048x2048, 2178 polys
-Photo frame, 1024x1024, 18 polys
-Pint (Empty and full), Default material, 224 polys
-Poker table, 2048x2048, 1118 polys
-Sofa, 2048x2048, 204 polys
-Stairs, 2048x2048, 472 polys
-Stool, 1024x1024, 630 polys
-Table, 2048x2048, 312 polys
-Wall, 2048x2048, 32 polys
-Windowed wall, 2048x2048, 96 polys

-Godrays particle effect
-Dust effect

Price $6.99

Oculus Quest Multiplayer Photon Pun2 Template by ChiliGames

2020, May 18 - 09:28

This package contains a template for setting up a network using Photon Pun2 for Oculus Quest.

It features:
- Auto-Lobby: You automatically join first available room for up to 5 players (the number can be set in NetworkManager script).
- Voice chat integration using Photon Voice.
- Custom OVRCamera prefab to be used in network.
- Different spawn points and colors for each player.
- Custom OVRGrabber and OVRGrabbable scripts to handle correctly grabbing across network.
- Additional Cube-Creation tool as an example of how to handle creating objects owned by a player across the network.
Price $19.00

VFX Arsenal - Poison by Çağlayan Karagözler

2020, May 18 - 09:27
This is a vfx pack made for HDRP and VFX Graph with premium quality.

It consists of 30 Posion prefabs excluding the color variations

All are made with VFX Graph and ready for 2019.3.0f3. Example scene containing all the prefabs included.

All are easily customizable through their respective inspectors.

Both packs contain:
-Gun types
-Ground types
-Spherical types
and a few more!

This is the second part of a set to come which will include other elements, spells and more! Check the included one page documentation for common HDRP/VFX Graph related issues. Check the flame set:
Price $29.99

Sand Timer Pro by Quickz

2020, May 18 - 09:20

A customizable hourglass style timer that can be used to display the remaining time in your game.

Main features:
- Ability to change the colors of each timer component
- Ability to change the graphics used for the timer
- Ability to count down time starting from a specified initial value
- Ability to change the format using which the time is displayed
- An option to remove the text portion of the timer and render the time however you choose
- Various events for detecting important actions like whether the timer started running, has been paused etc.
- Ability to set the timer to go on a loop
Package includes:
- A prefab for the timer
- Three demo scenes
- Several sample timers in a form of a scriptable objects
- 2D sprites
- C# scripts
- Neatly organized folders
- A short ReadMe.txt
Price $8.00

Lifeboat Hand-Painted by NextStepRPG

2020, May 18 - 08:54
This WW2 lifeboat in hand-painted style is excellent for any kind of historical, survival, ww2, strategy or VR game.


Polys: 7386
Verts: 7049

The model includes a 4096 x 4096 hand-painted texture.

Feel free to contact me for info or suggestions.
Price $5.99

HQ Gas Stove by VintProg

2020, May 18 - 08:54
Gas Stove for your game. Gas Stove includes high quality textures and suitable
for first-person games. Texture size 4096x4096.

normal map

Gas Stove LOD0 : 5464
Gas Stove LOD1 : 3276
Gas Stove LOD2 : 1548

Price $5.00

Hot Air Balloon - Hand-Painted by NextStepRPG

2020, May 18 - 08:41
This hot air balloon model in hand-painted style is excellent for any kind of RPG, exploration, adventure, strategy or VR game. It includes details such as a cannon mount, a cannon, two fans, and a flag.


Polys: 33,382
Verts: 32,275

The model includes a 4096 x 4096 hand-painted texture.

Feel free to contact me for info or suggestions:
Price $7.99

Scifi Hand Grenade Collection by MSGDI

2020, May 18 - 08:35
This pack contains five scifi hand grenades. They can be used in a first or third person shooter.

- Scifi frag grenade
- Scifi plasma grenade
- Scifi ion grenade
- Scifi gas/smoke grenade
- Scifi fusion grenade
- Pins are separate meshes
- 5 different texture sets
- PSD with intact layers is included
- PBR textures (metallic)
- Ready to use prefabs of all models are included
- Texture sizes are 4096
- Tris count between 1100 and 2300

Price $20.00

FPS Builder by GameBuilders

2020, May 18 - 08:06
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

Windows Demo

FPS Builder is a First-Person Shooter game template focused on delivering high quality artwork combined with a robust and modern scripting system ready for any project.

The focus of this project is providing you a solid foundation for building your own FPS game with a complete set of systems covering every part, from an advanced weapon system to generic health system capable of simulating all body parts and the injuries effects.


The First-Person Character Controller Script is a smooth and responsible physics driven character motor with a camera controller. It features most systems present in the current AAA titles in the market, like climbing, sliding and parkour skills.

Fully Procedural Camera & Weapons Animations. Make your users feel what is happening to the character in game, visually.

The weapon system is a complete comprehensive system used to simulate a vast array of weaponry in an intricate manner, yet retaining a high level of ease of use, using the power of both procedural and imported animations to create seamless weapon simulations. The weapon system can handle all types of modern firearms from sniper rifles to a fully automated pistol, you can create any kind of bullet projectile-based guns.

The advanced surface system is used to give your GameObjects all properties needed for our player and weapon systems require for a complete simulation. It can define the material type (Concrete, Wood, Metal, Grass, Flesh, etc.) and even density of the object, utilized for calculating bullet penetration.

The project comes with two complete maps, Bridge and Pine, being one open map in battlefield style and another close quarters respectively. All models textured in 4K for maximum quality and optimized for the best performance.

We’re also including 5 AAA quality weapons in the kit. All guns are fully animated and textured in 4K.

Weapons Included
• ACR (Assault Rifle)
• Vector (SMG)
• Spas-12 (Pump-Action Shotgun)
• Python (Revolver)
• CS5 (Sniper Rifle)

Support E-mail

Price $109.99

Mayan Ruins by Runemark Studio

2020, May 18 - 07:58

-30% during the first week. Normal Price: $37.00 (~€34.5)

Mayan Ruins is a realistic 3D environment kit. You can use it to build ancient Mayan or Aztec ruins for action and adventure games. Let your players explore and experience these mystical sites as in games like Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider. Suitable for desktop devices (PC, console).

Website: Learn more about Mayan Ruins.
Support: Submit any question.

◆ Highly detailed, hand-sculpted meshes baked to low-poly
◆ All meshes have 3 stages of LODs (100%, 50%, and 5%)
◆ Supports modular workflow with 60+ essential architectures and ornament elements
◆ Designed for use for both exteriors and interiors
◆ Supports Built-In and Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP)

◆ Essential architecture (38): walls, floors, stairs, pillars, doorways
◆ Ornamental elements (17): ornament walls, trims, carved rock doors
◆ Rubbles (7): piles and small debris pieces
◆ 3 demo scenes: line up, Indoor, Outdoor

Third-party assets that work well with Mayan Ruins
The vegetation and post-processing effects are not part of this package.
Tropical Forest Pack: for vegetation, terrain textures, and rocks
Aura 2 for creating the atmosphere and volumetric lights

Manually tested in the following Unity Versions
2018.4.0f1 (LTS), 2019.2.0f1.

Universal Rendering Pipeline
After importing it into your project use the shader upgrade tool (Edit > Render Pipeline > Universal Render Pipeline > Upgrade Project Materials to URP Materials).

Perfect for any game genre, including:
- Adventure
- Action
- RPGs
- Rogue-like
- Souls-like
- Survival games
- Modern or Fantasy games

- Forum
- Website
- Support
- Community

Join in on the discussion on Discord for support and answers to the most common questions.

Price $25.90

Modular Bridges Pack by Monqo Studios

2020, May 18 - 07:46
The Ultimate Modular Bridges Pack
Perfect for creating paths / decorating scenes

◼ Content ◼

- 11 high quality prefabs
- 11 detailed models
- Albedo maps, normal maps and specular maps
- Demo scene

◼ Key features ◼

- Detailed models
- 2k textures
- Colliders included
- Easy-to-use

◼ Polygon information ◼

Bridge 1 model (734 vertices)
Bridge 2 model (546 vertices)
Bridge 3 model (756 vertices)
Bridge 4 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 5 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 6 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 7 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 8 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 9 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 10 model (14 vertices)
Bridge 11 model (14 vertices)

◼ Publisher information ◼

Free updates coming soon and the best is yet to come! Thank you all for purchasing this pack! If you have questions or comments, feel free to send us an email to
Price $4.99