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Low Poly Light Aircraft 01 by Linder Media

2020, May 20 - 13:10
Low Poly Aircraft:

● 2 color variant prefabs included, create your own in seconds!

● stylized interior included

● using only unity standard shaders: super easy to change colors & great performance!

● with separate (grouped) parts so you can animate whatever you need (rudder, flaps, ailerons, etc.)

● clean mesh with:
- 2141 polygons
- 2291 vertices

● for use as scene prop or vehicle in your game/app

● no plugins or third party software needed

Have fun with it and let us know if you need to have anything customized!
Price $4.99

Sty with Telegraph Pole by Mr Andrew Chapman

2020, May 20 - 13:08
Brought to you by Immersive-Games

** Free Content**

You can add this content to your scene to add a point of interest

It comes with the basic mesh that includes the Sty, the Fencing, Telegraph Pole and a small section of contoured ground mesh.

In addition with this content are 4 individual Ivy style Meshes. By default these have Autumn/dead ivy leaves, but there are other alternative materials that can change the leaves into summer ivy leaves. You can of course add your own leaves.

For almost each mapped texture comes with a set of maps for Normal, Diffuse, Bump and Spec, albeit not all are required.

The supplied contoured ground mesh includes sufficient tris to give good height and normal mapping. An additional Material has been provided should you wish to use that elsewhere in your scene.
Price $0.00

Arch Bridge by Motherhunter

2020, May 20 - 13:00
3D Model of Arch Bridge

Include 15 textures:
Diffuse (with Alpha) and Normal maps
Sizes from 1024x1024pxl. to 512x512pxl.

Vertices: 21,361
Polygons: 18,004

Price $14.99

Digital Lens for VR by Almalence

2020, May 20 - 12:58
Digital Lens for VR is a computational lens aberration correction technology enabling high resolution, visual clarity and fidelity in VR head mounted displays. The Digital Lens allows to overcome two fundamental factors limiting VR picture quality, size constraints and presence of a moving optical element — the eye pupil.

* Complete removal of lateral chromatic aberrations, across the entire FoV, at all gaze directions.
* Correction of longitudinal chromatic aberrations, lens blur and higher order aberrations.
* More than twofold increase of visible resolution.
* Enhancement of edge contrast (otherwise degraded due to lens smear).
* Enables high quality at wide FoV (>100°).
* Less than 0.5 milliseconds latency.

System Requirements:
* HTC Vive Pro Eye only
* Windows 10 (x64) with DirectX 11
* C++ Redistributable (x64)
* Unity 2018.4.11f1 (LTS) or later
* SteamVR 1.7.15 or later
* SR_Runtime or later (eye tracking runtime)

Notice of the 3rd party software usage: This asset uses Vive SRanipal SDK for enabling an eye tracking feature.

Contact Us:
DLVR site
Price $0.00

Awesome Lowpoly Handpainted Cartoon Props by Inguz Media Studio

2020, May 20 - 12:08
Awesome, Cool looking, Stylized Lowpoly Prop Models! Ready to mix up and give more variety and details to your Scenarios :)

The Casttle comes with an animated flag. I add the .PSD file if you want to edit it and chance the flag design.
Also there is 3 different mesh’s of wall rocks that you can use. If you want to add more to the castle wall.

- 2 Pine tree styles. Both of trees are animated. Also there is 1 leaf mesh that you can put below the tree.
- 4 Spring tree styles.

- 5 different types of plants.
- A blue beauty one.
- A Pink strange one.
- A Spring green traditional one.
- A Spring tall plant.
- A Floating pond leaf.
- A tree leaf.
- 2 different mesh of grass groups.
- 1 Mesh of 3 little leaves.
- Mushroom’s. In the pack you will find 3 different type of mushrooms.

- There is 5 different Mesh’s of “Trail’s Rocks” that you can use.
- 4 Different Mesh’s of Rocks.
- 2 Rock’s at the entry of the scene with a blue and the other with a black rune.
- 1 Water Pond

- A falling leaves effect for the Spring Tree’s.
- Butterflies flying in the garden.
- Magic particles flying up from the Water Pond.
Price $8.99

The Heretic: VFX Character by Unity Technologies

2020, May 20 - 11:22

At the end of The Heretic short film, we introduce Morgan, a VFX-based character created entirely with the help of Unity’s VFX Graph. In this project you can see how this complex character is put together, and try for yourself how manipulating the set-up directly in Unity feels like. Playing around with the VFX Graph, you’re free to give the design your own twist.

Here’s what you can do with the package:
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp• VFX morphing: morph the effects covering Morgan.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp• Shape morphing: morph the underlying skinned mesh between female and male shapes.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp• Appearance tweaks: other elements of Morgan’s visual appearance, including how close the particles stick to the mesh.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp• Fire: adds an extra layer of intensity.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp• Crumble: several ways to make Morgan disintegrate into pieces.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp• Debug: each feature has debug options.

Each of the features mentioned above has several customization options exposed in Morgan’s Inspector. In total, that means that there are over 300 parameters that you can tweak in real time to achieve a wide variety of results.

Price $0.00

Medieval Fantasy - Beast by Lukebox

2020, May 20 - 10:21
This pack contains animated beasts for your fantasy project.

- 3 premade color variations (Red, black, green)
- Easily add your own color variations by changing the material color
- Poly count 5900 tris, .FBX model
- 2048x2048 Palette texture, .PNG

- Idle
- Move
- Attack
- Attack 2
- Death

Problems, feedback, suggestions?
Email me

Price $4.99

POLYGON - Construction Pack by Synty Studios

2020, May 20 - 10:21
- Originally $49.99
Discounted for the first two weeks!

Follow us for news, previews & tutorials

Synty Studios™ presents -

POLYGON - Construction Pack
A Low Poly asset pack of Buildings, Characters, Props, Tools and Environment assets to create a Construction themed polygonal style game.

OVER 550 Detailed prefabs are included with this pack.

Key Features
- Modular Highrise and House systems!
- Detailed power tools with removable batteries!
- Construction vehicle fleet!
- Add POLYGON City or POLYGON Town to the project to populate the demo scenes

◼ Assets
Characters (x9)
Builder Female, Builder Male, Builder Harness, Builder HighVis, Builder Overalls, Builder Raincoat, Builder Singlet, Inspector Female, Inspector Male

Character Attachments (x35)
Beards (x5), Belt Attachments (x6), Cigarettes (x2), Earmuffs, Face Shields (x2), Filter Mask, Goatee, Goggles (x2), Hat, Helmets (x7), ID Badge, Mustache, Glasses (x4), Welder Mask

Vehicles (x14)
Bulldozer, Cherry Picker, Crane (plus Wrecking Balls), Excavators (x2), Loaders (x3), Pickup (plus Toolbox, Canopy, and Lightbar), Roller, Telehandler, Trailers (x2), Truck (plus Concrete Mixer and Dumptrays (x3))

Environment (x36)
Dirt Roads, Ground Pieces, Driveway Curbs, Dirt Piles, Bones, Rocks, etc

Additional Presets (x26)
Optimized preset house exteriors

Environment (x36)
Dirt Roads, Ground Pieces, Driveway Curbs, Dirt Piles, Bones, Rocks, etc

Props (x300)
Barrels, Barriers, Pallets, Boxes, Building Supplies, Large tools, Cones, Crates, Site Elevators, Beams, Poles, Pipes, Junk Piles, Ladders, Chairs, Plans, Cables, Bins, Signs & Posters, Scaffolding, Storage Shelves & Racks, etc

Items (x15)
Drinks, Batteries, Pencils, Clipboard, Radio, Spray Cans, Tape, Walkie Talkie, etc

Tools (x39)
Angle Grinder, Batteries (x3), Box Cutter, Buffer, Chisel, Circular Saw, Concrete Breakers (x2), Concrete Saw, Crowbar, Drill, Hammers (x3), Handsaws (x2), Impact Driver, Orbital Sander, Paint Brushes (x2), Paint Rollers (x2), Pliers, Prybar, Saber Saw, Screw Driver, Spirit Level, Square, Tape Measure, Nail Gun, Trowels (x2), Wire Cutter, Wrenches (x3)

◼ Compatibility
- Works in Unity 2017.4 and above
- Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP) - URP Guide Here
- Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)

Other Assets
Combine this asset pack with our other assets -
Price $39.99

Sci-fi Vol.93 - Hand Painted Textures by LowlyPoly

2020, May 20 - 10:21
Texture set of 5 hand painted, perfectly tillable textures!

- 5 Unique Textures
- Normal/Roughness/Metal/AO/Height maps included
- 2048px by 2048px (work great on 512*512px)
- PNG format
- Hand Painted
- Tillable
- Mobile and PBR ready

Check out - 250+ Stylized Hand Painted Texture Mega Bundle (Largest Collection of Textures)!

Full list of our Hand Painted Textures

If You like this product, rate and comment please, it will help us to improve and continue doing updates for this texture pack.

We have the largest collection of textures for games, if you can't find something, just send us a request and we will add texture to our library as soon as possible.

Follow us for updates and news:
Web | Facebook | Email | Discord | Instagram
Price $7.99

Monsters_Creatures_Fantasy by Luiz Melo

2020, May 20 - 10:20
The Monsters Creatures Fantasy pack contains 4 characters designed for adventure and action platform games.

Characters, Animation and Frames:
Skeleton - Idle(4), Walk(4), Attack(8), Shield(4), Take Hit(4), Death(4)
Mushroom - Idle(4), Run(8), Attack(8), Take Hit(4), Death(4)
Gobli - :Idle(4), Run(8), Attack(8), Take Hit(4), Death(4)
Flying Eye: - Flight(8), Attack(8), Take Hit(4), Death(4)

This package can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects - CC0(creative commons zero).

Credits are not required but I would appreciate it.
Price $0.00

Enemies Fantasy by Luiz Melo

2020, May 20 - 10:19
The Enemies Fantasy pack contains 4 characters designed for adventure and action platform games.

Characters, Animation and Frames:
Character 1 - Idle(8), Walk(8), Attack1(12), Attack2(12), Take hit(4), Death(8)
Character 2 - Idle(8), Walk(8), Attack1(12), Attack2(8), Take hit(4), Death(8)
Character 3 - Idle(8), Walk(8), Attack1(8), Attack2(8), Take hit(4), Death(8)
Character 4 - Idle(8), Walk(8), Attack1(8), Attack2(8), Take hit(4), Death(8)

This package can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects - CC0(creative commons zero).

Credits are not required but I would appreciate it.
Price $11.99

Fantasy: Zombie by Zuhian Teiyu Creative Studio

2020, May 20 - 10:19
Two undead, one complete and one half. Both rotten.

🔸 Two models: 3300 and 2700 tris.
🔸 Textures: diffuse, normal, specular and emissive.
🔸 Three set of materials.
🔸 Rigged, no animations.

Price $5.99

Nordic Battleaxe by wb-gameart

2020, May 20 - 10:07

Nordic Battleaxe created in low-poly as one object with two LODs.

Topology LOD0: 13174 Tris
Topology LOD1: 3888 Tris
Topology LOD2: 200 Tris

PBR Textures (Standard):
1x Diffuse Map (4096x4096)
1x Normal Map (4096x4096)
1x Metallic/Roughness Map (4096x4096)
1x Ambient Occlusion Map (4096x4096)

PBR Textures (HDRP):
1x Basecolor Map (4096x4096)
1x Normal Map (4096x4096)
1x Mask Map (4096x4096)

Mesh: .fbx Format
Textures: .tiff Format (AO in .png)


Price $7.00

Standing Fan (Industrial Style) by wb-gameart

2020, May 20 - 10:01

Standing Fan (Industrial Style) created in low-poly as one object with two LODs.

Topology LOD0: 27261 Tris
Topology LOD1: 10000 Tris
Topology LOD2: 2002 Tris

PBR Textures (Standard):
2x Diffuse Map (4096x4096)
2x Normal Map (4096x4096)
2x Metallic/Roughness Map (4096x4096)
2x Ambient Occlusion Map (4096x4096)

PBR Textures (HDRP):
2x Basecolor Map (4096x4096)
2x Normal Map (4096x4096)
2x Mask Map (4096x4096)

Mesh: .fbx Format
Textures: .tiff Format (AO in .png)


Price $8.00

Forest Elves - Volume 2 by Bohn Studios

2020, May 20 - 09:09
Introducing the second volume in the Forest Elves series!

Forest Elves Volume 1

This package is part of The Super Music Bundle -- the largest collection of unique songs on the asset store.

Woodland and forest areas can benefit from the atmosphere of this background music asset.

Great for stylized RPG's and action adventure games with puzzle solving. These tracks are mixed specifically for video games and are NOT over-compressed allowing other gameplay sound effects can be clearly audible when using these loopable ambient wav files. For example, if you have audio dialogue you should be able to hear your voice-overs clearly.

- Treasures of Woodland Cove
- Hit Rock Seafloor Cherry
- RainClouds_Jp
- Respiration of Light
- (Bonus Track) 74bpm_pop_rock_ks4

5 songs of Ambient Fantasy Audio. High Quality 24-bit wav 44.1 audio files.
Price $6.00

Pause Manager by Gabriel Pereira

2020, May 20 - 09:08
A simple package for managing pause/resume in your game using Unity Events.

- Small
- Free
- Easy to use
- Fully integrated with Unity's Input System
- Free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects

An appropriate credit is not mandatory, but it's appreciated.
Price $0.00

Breakable Asteroids by Chadderbox

2020, May 20 - 09:07
This package contains 15 unique asteroids, which can also break apart into fractures when a function is called.
These would be good for a space shooter game, and many other games set in space.
Price $0.00

JL - 3D Low Poly Panzer III Model Pack by Jaka Lozar

2020, May 20 - 09:07
This pack consists of modular PZKPFW 3 tank /w:
-two different cannons (just simply disable one you’re not going to use)
-side skirt (you’re able to disable it if you don’t need it)
-Back side of the tank hull
-model made out of more parts ready to be textured for your likings.
-Antenna (which you can disable)
-non movable wheels, since this model is meant for an RTS, top down view and/or “far” view. This pack works great in all low poly envieroments with it’s customizability, modularity and compatibility.

Tank is created with different objects which allows you to customize the materials to your desires. The pack includes a scene where you can see a few materials and team colours. These are just examples, so customize them to your likings! The pivots of tanks are placed correctly and ready for you to move them appropriately.
Price $9.99

Variation Scarab by Alan Studio

2020, May 20 - 09:06
Hi, welcome!

Low ploy model Variation Scarab, contain 7 animations. It's a great choice for your mmo、rpg、action game!

Model & Textures
953 Verts
756 Tris
Variation Scarab 01.png 512*512
Variation Scarab 02.png 512*512
Variation Scarab 03.png 512*512
Variation Scarab 04.png 512*512
Variation Scarab 05.png 512*512


If you like, please remember rate the asset.
If you have any questions, write for me.

Price $12.99

Under Construction Scene 01 by Motherhunter

2020, May 20 - 08:58
Large 3D Scene of Under Construction Building 01

- Includes more than 100 unique professional high quality lowpoly 3D models.
- All parts, segments, and objects are separated.

Scene Includes (Main Features):
- 10 Unique Heavy Vehicles
- 3 Unique Portacabins
- 1 Under Construction Building

Full scene is ready to use in your visualization, game and creative projects.

includes 245 textures
Diffuse maps
Normal maps
and Specular maps

110,977 polygons
272,610 vertices

Price $99.99