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Animated 380 Pistol by Paulo Cezar da Silva Junior

2017, April 17 - 21:58

Custom .380 weapon with fire/shoot animations.

Separated meshes: Frame, Slider, Guide, Magazine, Trigger.

2 animations for each mesh.

PBR Material 4.096x4.096 - Albedo - Metallic - Normal 3.856 Tris

6 Colors:

Dark Gray - Desert Tan - Silver - Desert Digital - Naval Digital - Pink

Price $5.00

Centipede by WDallgraphics

2017, April 17 - 21:45
Centipede 3D model.

Root Motion
10 Animations
2 Textures (4096x4096)
1 Prefab

Low poly model
8682 quad polygons on this mesh
8684 vertices on this mesh


Animations List
0-48 centipede_walk
51-135 centipede_turnright
138-222 centipede_turnleft
225-417 centipede_up
417-562 centipede_down
564-581 centipede_run
583-775 centipede_idle
778-851 centipede_attack
854-913 centipede_die
916-950 centipede_hit

Animation demo

Price $20.00

Medieval Environment Series Bundle Package by Aquarius Max

2017, April 17 - 21:39
This is a combination bundle package featuring a select few of my packs!

This not only features the 3 M.E. Kits in the series, but also a couple others for added details and scenery! Textures at both 1024res and 2048res. With over 1,859 modular prefabs included!

These 5 packages included give this bundle a value of $127, for only $75. (Buying this bundle saves you 40% rather than buying each separately!)

M.E. Town Creator
M.E. Castle Creator
M.E. Marketplace
Props: Library Edition
Fishing Wharf and Scaffolding

This package includes 15 different Demo scenes!
One main Demo Scene has been made to showcase just some of the potential with combining these packages in a scene!
Price $75.00

Excel2Lua by Small & Cheap, But Useful

2017, April 17 - 21:38

This plugin provides a more convenient way to maintain the configuration files.

Game designers are accustomed to working with Excel, and programmers working with code. There is a gap between them. This plugin is used to fill this gap. Game designers only need to focus on Excel, and ignore the code of things. The Excel file can be converted to the available lua code, that is all this plugin can do.


- Support full Microsoft Excel feature, functions / scripts / reference
- Support xls and xlsx, no Windows API needed
- Support for multiple platform Windows / MacOSX / Linux / iOS / Android, etc.
- Support complex lua structure, table contains table(object and array)
- Support for key reference
- Support for auto increse key to make an easy array table
- Support for utf-8
- Support directory which contains excel files export to one directory
- Minimun lua file structure export

Price $20.00

Brain Cloud Blox (for plyGame) by Ninjutsu Games

2017, April 17 - 21:33
Brain Cloud Blox is a Load Save provider and a set of blocks and events for plyGame.

This is an integration of the BrainCloud Unity SDK for plyGame.

Support Forum

BrainCloud is a Backend as a Service for games which includes: Cloud data, multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements, push notifications, in-app purchases, analytics and much, much more. More Information

NOTE: that this product requires plyGame and DOTween imported into the project in order to work. You also need to have knowledge on how to use plyGame and the basics of how BrainCloud works.
Price $15.00

Bricks Advanced Substance by VcDesign

2017, April 17 - 21:32
This package contains 1 realistic procedural material with multiple adjustable parameters.

Multiple variations possible for each material

The images have no effects, so you can achieve much more realistic results

Extremely lightweight: weighing only a few kb (with no quality loss)

Parametric: you can tweak them directly within Unity using simple sliders, To create an infinite variation of your textures

Dynamic: animate them at runtime or make them interactive using Scripts. All platforms are supported

This package includes: 1 procedural material
Price $9.99

Animated FP Civilian Arms Pack by Ironbelly Studios

2017, April 17 - 21:32
Arm rigs are 100% Mecanim compatible!
All PBR textures are 4096x4096.

85 Assets:
- (1) FP Arms Skeletal Rig (70 bones)
- (9) FP Arms Anims (Idle, Walk, Sprint, Punch, Jump, Push Door, Throw, Grab Low, Grab High)

- (1) Ultra High AAA Quality FP Bare Male Hands (10,600 Tris / 5,806 Verts)
-- (3) FP Bare Male Hand Skin Tones (Light, Medium, Dark) PBR Textures @ 4096x4096
- (1) FP Latex Glove Hands (8,824 Tris / 4,928 Verts)
- (1) FP Tuxedo Glove Hands (7,798 Tris / 4,516 Verts)
- (1) FP Leather Glove Hands (8,290 Tris / 4,735 Verts)
- (1) FP Fingerless Leather Glove Hands (11,484 Tris / 6,940 Verts)
- (1) FP Motorcycle Glove Hands (6,446 Tris / 3,737 Verts)
-- (30) PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 for all 6 pairs (Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion, Metalness)

- (1) FP Motorcycle Jacket Arms (3,472 Tris / 1,940 Verts)
- (1) FP Flannel Shirt Arms (3,854 Tris / 2,208 Verts)
- (1) FP Sweater Arms (3,964 Tris / 2,114 Verts)
- (1) FP Tracksuit Arms (2,952 Tris / 1,632 Verts)
- (1) FP Pinstripe Suit Arms (5,225 Tris / 2,993 Verts)
- (6) Color Variant PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 for Flannel Shirt, Sweater and Tracksuit
- (25) PBR Textures (Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion, Metalness)

*This pack includes Standard and Alloy PBR Shaders (Alloy Physical Shader Framework)

The Ironbelly Studio Animated FP Civilian Arms pack comes with 11 fully rigged and animated sets of hand and arms that are interchangeable. The pack includes bare male hands (with light, medium, and dark skin tones), five options for gloves- leather, leather fingerless, light latex, motorcycle, and tuxedo. There are also 5 sleeve textures- dark grey pinstripe suit, flannel shirt/ sweater/ track suit with color picker, and leather motorcyle jacket. Mix and match different sleeve and glove textures and easily customize your project.

A “handy” set of assets for any modern first person game. All five first person arms are compatible with the Kubold’s Animset Pro for additional out of the box animation options.

Price $34.99

Physically Accurate Rock Scan by Matthew Alexander

2017, April 17 - 21:25
A physically accurate high quality scanned rock from australian bush and clay. Drag and Drop Consists of a low poly model with 5 LODs, a set of 4K texture maps and 2 256 tileable maps. Stay updated as more like this will be posted in the future.
Price $5.00

Grotto Escape II by Ansimuz

2017, April 17 - 20:59
A 2D Mayan Ruin Environment made with Pixel Art. Includes tiles for terrain, background and animated tiles.

Cartoon Spin Path 1 by Vu studios

2017, April 17 - 20:17
50% OFF RELEASE SALE! Get in quick!

An Asset pack 3D of Spin Top to create a cartoon style mobile game You can customize your Spin with many different parts
• Include 9 models 3D Spin and over 27 different parts:
- Spin 1,Spin 1.2,SPin 1.3 : 2256 polys (2256 tris)
- Spin 2, Spin 2.2, Spin 2.3 : 2390 polys (2390 tris)
- Spin 3, Spin 3.2 Spin 3.3 : 2290 polys (2290 tris)
• 9 style and texture size (1024/1024):Fire , tree , water ...
Design new idea of spin with different 3d object and throw your battle Spin-Top into the stadiums to try to knock your opponents down or our before they did that to you.

Price $10.75

Generic Car (Old) by Ben Kleber

2017, April 17 - 19:48
Generic car model, modelled after the "Panda". Highly detailed exterior, simplified interior. Doors openable. Comes in Orange or Generic White.

-11016 tris.
- 2048x2048px albedo /spec maps.
-Prefab in Unity.
-Original markings.
-Front doors seperately named and movable.

Price $10.00

B 777 Passenger Jet Airplane by Ben Kleber

2017, April 17 - 19:47
Highly detailed and accurate airplane model of the B 777-300ER passenger jet. Generic white/silver livery. True to its real life counterpart. All control surfaces modeled and seperately named. Highly detailed landing gear and Engines. No interior. Textured with albedo/normal/spec. Materials included, ready-to-go.

-53429 tris.
-6x 2048x2048px albedo /normal maps.
-Prefab in Unity.
-All flaps, ailerons, rudders and spoilers as well as landing gear and landing gear doors named, seperate objects and movable.

Price $30.00

Voxel sci-fi tank by Anatoliy Kondratyk

2017, April 17 - 19:45

8 tanks in voxel style

Package Contains:
8 tanks models, from 3 000 to 5 000 triangle.
texture size 256x1
The tank tower is separated from the hull
Caterpillars fixed.
The models are suitable for playing games on phones and tablets.
Tank model designed for your action games, shooter, simulation games.
Price $19.00

Japanese Street Prop Models by Ben Kleber

2017, April 17 - 19:45
High quality street prop models as found in a typical japanese street. Created 1:1 from references and real world research. Includes:

-Station canopy
-Traffic light
-Small foldable metal barrier
-Street Fencing
-Traffic cone
-Phone box
-Generic neon sign 'Pachinko'

Ready to use with textures
Price $20.00

Deserted Village by TripleBrick

2017, April 17 - 19:41
FIRST WEEK 50% OFF! (Normal price 45$)

The Deserted Village is a highly detailed first-person environment for PC.
With the included pre-assembled houses, you create your atmospheric game level in no time.

Download Demo (330MB)

PBR metal/smoothness workflow
11 houses
All houses come with interiors
HiRes textures
A day and a night demo scene
HQ normal maps - either generated procedurally or from hi-res meshes
3 terrain textures
Custom colliders for most models

NOTICE: This package uses the deferred rendering path and linear color space.
Price $22.50

Boris Johnson caricature by Veg3D

2017, April 17 - 19:36
Low poly, game ready 3D caricature of Boris Johnson. 7800 faces, 8000 vertices. Rig in T-pose is humanoid mecanim ready. Rig contains additional skinned bones that can be used for facial animations.

Textures are PBR 4K in png format. Can be reduced to 1K without significant decrease to quality. Color map and normal map are included.

Two sample animations are included in pack. This model can be used in your projects for commercial purpose.

Browse my profile for more caricatures and other 3D models. If you like my style contact me if you need custom work for your projects.
Price $49.00

Jump Game - Complete Templete by Ak7 Games

2017, April 17 - 19:34
Jump Game is a full Unity template ready for release. It is fun arcade game. It is compatible with mobile (iOS iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Mobile) standalone (Windows PC and Mac OSX), web player and webGL.

How to Play?

Tap or click to rotate the player so that the color matches the color of block below else game gets over.

Try it:
Android APK

It comes with many sound effects and textures and a complete UI!
Clean, simple and easy to understand fully commented C# code.

Please rate my file, I’d appreciate it.

feel free to contact me.
Price $4.99

Virtual Keyboard by University of Games Sp. z o.o.

2017, April 17 - 19:32
Don't know who to start with virtual keyboard in your VR project?

This is a complete Keyboard pack ready for 2D/3D and VR experiences. You will be able to select different input texts and modify the content. The cursor will blink and move when writing and the effect is very similar to native Samsung keyboard input.

Easy to customize. Specify different keys for different languages or choose numerical or alphanumeric keys.

- one prefab to set up keyboard
- easy to use
- Occulus, Daydream & Samsung VR ready!!!
Price $10.00

Horse for Heroes by Mister Necturus

2017, April 17 - 19:29

Mecanim generic rig setup.
PBR materials.
LOD version included

There is 3 different armors included: Light Armor, Poor Armor and Hell Knights Armor.

I recommend you use two sided shader in all Hell Horse materials. Unfortunately I can't include it in the pack due to Unity versions capability rules. But is really simple to make one. Here you can find instructions how to make it during 2 minutes.
Instructions Link


Body combined from 3 objects (body, mane and tail) and has 5,784 polygons, 6,119 verts. and 11,566 triangles.
LOD version has 2,254 polygons, 2,534 verts. and 4,502 triangles.

Medium armor combined from 10 parts (mask, bridle, reins, harness, skirt, saddle, bags and stirrups) and has 8,302 polygons, 8,453 verts. and 16,270 triangles.
LOD version has 5,591 polygons, 5,895 verts. and 10,880 triangles.

Hell Knights armor combined from 10 parts (reins, harness, skirt, saddle, blanket, mask, back armor, neck armor, chest armor and stirrups) and has 9,706 polygons, 9.533 verts. and 18,806 triangles.
LOD version has 5,074 polygons, 5,108 verts. and 9,849 triangles.

Poor armor combined from 6 parts (reins, harness, skirt, saddle, blanket and stirrups) and has 9,746 polygons, 9.997 verts. and 19,356 triangles.
LOD version has 5,616 polygons, 5,857 verts. and 11,212 triangles.


Horse rig has 41 bones.
Horseman, reins and stirrups bones can be re-positioned depending on horsemen character position and proportions.


Textures are 5 different color textures for the horse body, 4 colors for hair and 3 colors for Medium armor.
Defuse, Opacity, normals, selfillumination (emission) and specular maps included
All textures in .TIF file format and have 4096x4096 and 2048x2048 px.


36 animation clips. 23 "on place" animation clips, plus 13 duplicates of walk, jump, gallop... animation clips included "root motion" data, used by Mechanim.

Each turn animation turns horse to 24 degrees.

Animation list:

0. Zero frame: T-Pose
1. horse_Idle_A: 2 - 100 fr.,
2. horse_Idle_B: 101 - 201 fr.,
3. horse_bite: 201 - 241 fr.,
4. horse_kick: 242 - 268 fr.,
5. horse_looking_around: 269 - 394 fr.,
6. horse_rear_up: 395 - 480 fr.,
7. horse_sniff: 481 - 541 fr.,
8. horse_eating: 546 - 646 fr.,
9. horse_kick_ground: 651 - 685 fr.,
10. horse_death: 690 - 716 fr.,
11. M_horse_galloping: 721 - 736 fr.,
12. M_horse_jump: 737 - 772 fr.,
13. M_horse_galloping_turn_left: 773 - 788 fr.,
14. M_horse_galloping_turn_right: 793 - 808 fr.,
15. M_horse_running_death: 813 - 853 fr.,
16. M_horse_swim: 858 - 892 fr.,
17. M_horse_trot: 897 - 921 fr.,
18. M_horse_trot_turn_left: 922 - 946 fr.,
19. M_horse_trot_turn_right: 951 - 975 fr.,
20. M_horse_walk: 980 - 1014 fr.,
21. M_horse_walk_turn_Left: 1015 - 1049 fr.,
22. M_horse_walk_turn_right: 1054 - 1088 fr.,
23. M_horse_walk_back: 1093 - 1127 fr.,
24. RM_horse_galloping: 1132 - 1147 fr.,
25. RM_horse_galloping_turn_left: 1152 - 1167 fr.,
26. RM_horse_galloping_turn_right: 1172 - 1187 fr.,
27. RM_horse_jump: 1192 - 1227 fr.,
28. RM_horse_running_death: 1232 - 1272 fr.,
29. RM_horse_swim: 1277 - 1311 fr.,
30. RM_horse_trot: 1316 - 1340 fr.,
31. RM_horse_trot_turn_left: 1345 - 1369 fr.,
32. RM_horse_trot_turn_right: 1374 - 1398 fr.,
33. RM_horse_walk: 1403 - 1437 fr.,
34. RM_horse_walk_back: 1442 - 1476 fr.,
35. RM_horse_walk_turn_Left: 1481 - 1515 fr.,
36. RM_horse_walk_turn_right: 1520 - 1554 fr.,
Price $30.00

Fantasy Monster(Cerbers) by TS WORK

2017, April 17 - 19:29
This monster is designed for all platforms, including mobile.
The package is ready for Unity3D 4.x & 5.x.
5.x is used "Standard shader(specular)"
The package has 3 types of monster,
and you can exchange materials for each other.

Also have animations for Mecanim and Legacy

Contains effects for actions like this

Includes a simple field terrain for Demo.
Demo Scene have settings for testing.
. Scripts for character&camera control
. Light setting
. Field setting

- Mesh(tris) = 1842
- Diffuse map (1024x1024 3EA , 256x128 1EA)
- Normal map (1024x1024 2EA , 256x128 1EA)

- 12 Animations(Mecanim&Legacy)
attack01,(with effect)
attack02,(with effect)
attack03,(with effect)
run,(with effect)
damage away,
drop down,
sit up,

Price $15.00