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flying avatars are coming - a first for VRML/X3D servers?


Avatars are important (they represent us in the scene) and can have very important roles in the joy we get from the 3D experience. One of the key aspects of SL promotion was the avatar system (on other systems too). With vrml/x3d similar things can be done (theoretically we have even better access and more control on this open technology).

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babelx3d - a site for every language



"Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do ..." said John Lennon and Internet achieved that goal, for the despair of some old fashion politics and dictators that are still around.

Languages and translation tools
Yet countries still exist and Internet is affected deeply because most have its own, often unique, language. Language is one of "the" main instruments of communication but in a multilingual Internet world may also be an instrument of isolation.

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VRML/X3D, the most widely supported 3D format


"In 1995, VRML became the first web based 3D format. VRML was unique because it supported 3D geometry, animation, and scripting. In 1997, VRML was ISO certified and continued to attract a large following of artists and engineers. VRML is the most widely supported 3D format for tools and viewers" (Source:

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