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"Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do ..." said John Lennon and Internet achieved that goal, for the despair of some old fashion politics and dictators that are still around.

Languages and translation tools
Yet countries still exist and Internet is affected deeply because most have its own, often unique, language. Language is one of "the" main instruments of communication but in a multilingual Internet world may also be an instrument of isolation.

"Which language?" to choose for a specific site? This is a recurrent problem and, for several reasons, English seems to be in the best position for that choice. Yet this is not consensual and in babelx3d site we aim to deal with that multilingual problem side by side with our main subject (3d worlds) .

From start we have chosen English as a native language for this site (not an easy choice for those of us speaking English as a second language) and gradually we will implement tools for a multilingual system so, hopefully, in the long run everyone will be as much pleased and comfortable as possible with a multilingual system. We will have several language instruments implemented in time to come (some automatic and others manual).

So, thanks to babel's team effort and specially to Paulo Nunes who worked hard to test and implement this solution, an automatic translation feature is available now for dozens of languages. It easily translates everything, form the interface to the content. Although not perfect, automatic translations are useful and sometimes even fun. Enjoy!


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and so it becomes truly... babel :)

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