VRML/X3D, the most widely supported 3D format

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"In 1995, VRML became the first web based 3D format. VRML was unique because it supported 3D geometry, animation, and scripting. In 1997, VRML was ISO certified and continued to attract a large following of artists and engineers. VRML is the most widely supported 3D format for tools and viewers" (Source: Web3D.org).

 A 3D technology oriented for creators and education.

The early availability of specialized tools to create objects, scenes and avatars (most free and easy to work with) plus the fact that it is easy to make creations available trough the Web, even in the appealing form of multiuser worlds with avatars (using servers like blaxxun or ABNet), made this form of 3D an appealing tool and expression art form for creators, students and scientists. It is in fact a bit more of a creators "thing" than a mere 3D consumer product. 

VRML/X3D is a ISO Web standard and almost any 3D tool (from simple 3D editors like Vivaty Studio to Maya or Blender) can export objects, scenes and avatars to vrml/x3d formats. This easiness and wide support explains why, trough a search engine, we can discover examples of almost everything, from 3D games, 3D shopping, military uses, and technical to university and school projects.