Paradise Island

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A World to explore in the tradition of classical virtual worlds. Here we can freely move, run, fly, even dive and ... relax! Enjoy vacation ! laugh

Rebuild from an old unity's engine demo scene to test intensively and fine tune BabelX3D avatar Flying kit. In this world the visitor uses Arissa character (by Mixamo). Interface help pops up giving all Keys and Controls.
Dive is, at this time, a kind of "Fly" on water with reduced speed and is activated automatically if water depth is significant.

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Paradise Island - Open Sea
Paradise Island - Inside Lake
Paradise Island - River Shore
Paradise Island - Mountain Track & Seagulls
Paradise Island - Forest

Island of Coins

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"In the future, our planet was invaded by galactic pirates who threaten to destroy everything unless they receive a ransom paid in gold coins minted in the ancient times of discoveries. A search for these coins was launched on a global scale, but they have been lost over the centuries. Historical records say that many years ago, there was an island with a rich set of 10 of these coins.

A young adventurer was sent to the island, from the future, through a time dimension portal. His mission is to collect the coins located on the island. But the task ... is not easy"

Island of Coins is a 3D game project, created in Distributed Virtual Reality course, Master in "Technologies and Web Systems", Open University of Portugal.

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Island of Coins
Island of Coins Hero
Island of Coins
Island of Coins

Easy First Scene

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A demo world from BabelX3D tutorial. In WebGL, runs plugin free. Made with Unity 3D.

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Easy First Scene
Easy First Scene
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