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Island of coins

Island of Coins is a project of a 3D game,  created as part of the course of Distributed Virtual Reality Master in "Technologies and Web Systems" promoted by the Open University of Portugal. it was created by students, Dauwalder Edmundo and João Apolónia.

The project is a virtual scenario in 3D (game), with the aim of providing effective interaction between the user and the world in which the player has to get around the island in search of ten coins scattered randomly, reaching the tenth currency, is automatically made available to the last coin, can be found in a definite place, and from the time when the last coin is thrown, the player will have only 60 seconds to take the coin, if the player does not find the last coin in the pre set time, then the player loses and will have to restart the game.

Remember that there are some mines scattered around the island and the avatar in step three of them automatically lose the game. For more details of the 3D world, access this link and enjoy it:

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Island of Coins - the game
The story behind the game

In the future, our planet will be invaded by galactic pirates who threaten to destroy everything unless they receive a ransom paid in gold coins minted in the ancient times of discoveries. A search for these coins was launched on a global scale, but they have been lost over the centuries. Historical records say that many years ago, there was an island with a rich set of 10 of these coins.

Our avatar is the young adventurer who was sent to the island, from the future, through a time dimension portal. His mission is to collect the coins located on the island. But the task is not easy. Coins are scattered throughout the territory and to make it harder, there are security systems against intruders, a set of mines lying on the ground somewhere on the island and beams of lasers activated when the first coin is collected. Any of these systems is deadly. Luckily, the avatar glasses have a device that warns the proximity of lasers, but can not find the mines. In addition, the avatar suit can handle two attacks, but the third is certainly fatal and the game ends. The suit has a rather advanced technology that allows breathing, without requiring a helmet, in oxygen-free environments such as in space or under water. It is a great help, because the avatar can not swim. After catching the tenth coin, a new coin arises. It is the most valuable because of it's size. The problem is that if not caught within 60 seconds, all coins apart up and the mission ends without reaching the goal. Our avatar has a difficult task, but with care and persistence he will be able to collect all coins, return to the future and prevent the Earth from being destroyed.

The game is available at

Some game images:
Lasers image