How computer vision, graphics and IA is about to change the world. A practical demonstration!


Yes, we have been hearing such promises for a long time. There are obvious advances in technology but they appear a bit scattered in a wide range of areas lacking integration among them. Because of this we use several devices (partly redundant), spend more money and suffer with their "different" interfaces. 

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Hello World


Vamos começar a materializar o digital?

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Tutorial Series: Unity 3D easy steps


Hi everyone,

Unity 5, the long waited "WebGL ready" version is coming soon and will be a fundamental tool for the imminent Web3D/WebGL revolution.
We are working with Unity and will release easy tutorials to build virtual scenes and worlds, starting today with:

1-Unity 3D Easy first Scene

The virtual scene, in the style of the classic VRML worlds, includes the avatar in navigation.

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From VRML to WebGL: Part V


From VRML to WebGL

Continued from Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV

This post is about the best 3D graphical editors to convert and create WebGL content for the on going virtual Web.

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