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Tune up your PC for performance



Over time, Windows PCs get slower; it’s the nature of the beast! These free tools and info can help restore your computer to its glory days and improve the 3D experience.

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TIC@Portugal Meeting: Submissions Accepted


The TIC@Portugal meeting is accepting submissions on topics related to ICT and education. The event will occur simultaneously in several portuguese cities. Cheg their page here: TIC@Portugal.

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Bs Contact Cache issues and solutions


Those who start creating vrml/x3d online scenes and worlds and use "bs contact" as the viewer (like we do in babelx3d/abnet and other similar servers using contact) may have found themselves facing this kind of issue: "Viewing the world on my hard drive, Contact displays the world correctly first time every time, but after updating if I upload to my homepage and try to display it there, It often comes out with problems.

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