Tutorial: 1-Unity 3D Easy first Scene (vers. 2, WebGL)

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Easy first scene
Our quick tutorial to create this scene from scratch!

(updated on 6-December-2019)

Hi everyone,

Unity 3D is a "WebGL ready" application since version 5, released in early march 2015. A mainstream tool long before, with its mature WebGL deployer has become a fundamental tool for the ongoing Web3D/WebGL revolution.

Web3D standards started in the 90's with VRML and evolved to X3D in 2000's generating a considerable attention and some enthusiasm but limited success/dissemination. The lack of browser endorsement then, users had to install plugins, was part of the problem.
WebGL, a Javascript API, is a today standard for interactive 2D and 3D graphics, runs native and is "also" endorsed by mainstream browsers. Replaces not only former Web3D standards (VRML/X3D) but other highly successful former graphics systems (flash, Java).

"WebGL reaches all platforms, desktop and mobile, via the browsers but can also be packaged into native apps and run independent of a browser on both desktop and mobile. It is now supported on more devices than Flash (according to Wired magazine estimates)."  in  From VRML to WebGL, 2019.

1- Unity 3D Easy first Scene

With the help of our quick 8 pages tutorial you will be amazed to see how easy it is to build from scratch a complete scene including terrain, sky, vegetation and an avatar/player to navigate trough! laugh
Unity 3D has, out of the box, all you need to do it and, thanks to Unity's WebGL deployer, the 3D scene can be exhibited over the web without plugins!

This is the first of a Tutorial series on Unity 3D for beginners. I am counting with "a little help from my friends" and students to contribute and make learning 3D useful, motivating an fun!

2- Download

Browse this and other available tutorials of this series at onedrive: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiVFncpESHaShZNd_LnlJAIsmSHH7A

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