Avatar Studio and Virtual Humans


Avatar Studio: teaching young children to create 3D avatars.

The arts department teachers from Agrupamento de Escolas Venda do Pinheiro organizes every year a day of workshops for every student. This year, parallel to a painting workshop and an immersive sensorial exploration, pupils visited and experimented with avatar creation in Avatar Studio.

Children with ages between 10 to 14 years old had the opportunity of working with the program, learning about avatar animation an the new avatar gestures, and even got a glimpse of the VRML code underlying the visual interfaces.

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flying avatars are coming - a first for VRML/X3D servers?


Avatars are important (they represent us in the scene) and can have very important roles in the joy we get from the 3D experience. One of the key aspects of SL promotion was the avatar system (on other systems too). With vrml/x3d similar things can be done (theoretically we have even better access and more control on this open technology).

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VRML/X3D and 3D Courses


Universidade Católica Portuguesa is launching a series of training courses for teachers and educators. One will be an introduction to VRML/X3D and some 3D applications, for any teacher who wishes to learn about educational potentials and have some hands-on introduction to these technologies.

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babelx3d - a site for every language



"Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do ..." said John Lennon and Internet achieved that goal, for the despair of some old fashion politics and dictators that are still around.

Languages and translation tools
Yet countries still exist and Internet is affected deeply because most have its own, often unique, language. Language is one of "the" main instruments of communication but in a multilingual Internet world may also be an instrument of isolation.

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Science at School - Exponor


We were at Fundação Ilídio Pinho's exhibition Ciência na Escola (Science at School) at Exponor, Oporto, showing some of the science education projects selected for last year's science at school contest.

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