World's first 3D-printed office opens in Dubai


Dubai 3D orinted office

According to Reuters, the world's first 3D-printed office building opened in Dubai. The 2,700-square-foot, single-story building was built in just 17 days using a gigantic, 20-foot tall 3D printer and a special mix of concrete, fiber reinforced plastic and glass fiber reinforced gypsum.

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360 degree cameras are coming (massively)


Google Maps in Street View mode was, for many, the first time that 360 degree panoramas were seen as a new way to explore remotely the world in a more natural perspective.

Suddenly, in the last two years, everyone was talking about 360 video or still images. However, the first approaches needed multiple cameras and powerful computers to “mix” the content and create immerse video from these capture devices.

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Video 360 is a blast!


An incredible midstep between classic video and virtual reality.

Remember the 360 panorama technique that let us see a place in a 360 degree interactive perspective? This media effect appeared decades ago in VRML (later in several other technologies like Java and Flash) and became popular by the fascinating effect of its use in landscapes, buildings, museums, ... and of course Google Street View, .

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How computer vision, graphics and IA is about to change the world. A practical demonstration!


Yes, we have been hearing such promises for a long time. There are obvious advances in technology but they appear a bit scattered in a wide range of areas lacking integration among them. Because of this we use several devices (partly redundant), spend more money and suffer with their "different" interfaces. 

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Tutorial: 1-Unity 3D Easy first Scene (vers. 2, WebGL)


Hi everyone,

Unity 5, the long waited "WebGL ready" version was released in early march 2015 and looks like it will be a fundamental tool for the imminent Web3D/WebGL revolution. We have worked with Unity 5 and updated our previous beginners tutorial to the current Unity 3D:

1- Unity 3D Easy first Scene  (updated to ver. 3 in 5-Feb-2016)

The aim is to assemble a virtual scene, in the style of the classic VRML worlds, with all the base elements including avatar navigation.

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