Opensim UAb

Opensim UAb

A free virtual worlds hypergrid for education and research - Um servidor de mundos virtuais para educação e pesquisa

Opensim UAb WelcomeMove in the world with arrow keys and control camera distance with mouse wheel. For fly, and other features look here 
Click the image above to see a Slideshow of the virtual world

Quick access link (for OpenSim 3D viewers)


1- To access, please install an OpenSim 3D viewer, like Firestorm, firestorm
the viewer we strongly advise.
2- Click the hop above and OpenSim UAb welcome page opens in 3D viewer
(create an account if you need. Wait a day or two for access authorization)
3- To enter the 3D World, at bottom of 3D Viewer introduce your credentials and login.

-Use our OpenSim UAb Help Forum. Post there if access authorization is taking too long.
- More configuration and connection details on opensim-uab-details-connection.

nstitutional project suport: CIAC, INESC TEC and Universidade Aberta (UAb)

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