Bs Contact Cache issues and solutions


Those who start creating vrml/x3d online scenes and worlds and use "bs contact" as the viewer (like we do in babelx3d/abnet and other similar servers using contact) may have found themselves facing this kind of issue: "Viewing the world on my hard drive, Contact displays the world correctly first time every time, but after updating if I upload to my homepage and try to display it there, It often comes out with problems.

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Importing 3D content to Vivaty - Issues and solutions


Vivaty Studio (VS), being a Web3D specialized software is an essential tool to assemble, organize and animate VRML/X3D scenes and worlds. It is powerful enough to create objects, avatars and even edit some source code (scripts). Yet, sometimes, 3D artists may prefer to conceive complex objects with other programs they know better (Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Sketchup, ...) and import them to VS. Besides that, 3D objects that we may want to use in our worlds are, often, freely available in public online repositories.

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JCDE 2012



Workshop about VRML/X3D, virtual worlds, avatars and education:

JCDE 2012 is a conference and series of workshops about digital content in education. In this year's edition one of the workshops will be ABC 3D: Introduction to Generic 3D/VRML/X3D/Virtual Worlds and its Applications in Education. Essentially, we will showcase some pedagogical uses of VRML/X3D virtual worlds, introducing this technology to the conference's audience and demonstrating how to create avatars. Flying avatars, of course... enrollment is here: JCDE 2012.

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