Universe of Books an Overview

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Universe of Books an Overview


The first contact we have with this 3D virtual world is just different because this is a world for those who love to read and for those who do not like, but might start to like...

To start with we have two curiosities, primarily on the right side of the screen will appear a brief summaries of some stories from Portuguese literature.

Another curiosity is that instead of being our personal avatar, you can choose to be one of the characters of a book at our disposal, like an animal, a king, a scientist, or we can simply continue to be ourselves...

This is a world that teaches us that a lot of information about literature. That means it is a world that must be visited, since knowledge and fun can be together.


You can go to this world by going in to this page: http://www.odisseia.univ-ab.pt/ABNet2/frameset/booksuniverse.htm

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one of the things i like best

one of the things i like best about this world is the ingenious solution to display streaming video in real time.