Universe of books, a new world about Storytelling

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Universe of books, a new world about Storytelling

Around Storytelling and other fresh ideas for vrml/x3d, a new world came out:

Universe of books ("l'Univers des Livres", "Universo dos Livros")

As described by their authors, the Universe of Books is a unique place, inhabited by very special and eternal people: writers, mathematicians, philosophers and even kings!

This world brings fresh ideas and uses recent improvements in babelx3d/ABNet system. Everyone is invited to the official opening today at 20h UTC/GMT global time (Lisbon/london:21h; Paris; 22h; New York; 4h pm; tokyo: 3h am) and the authors will be available.

The 3D scene can be visited here:
See you all in the opening cheers


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