Unity Portfolio and Final Project

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Unity Portfolio and Final Project

Hello, Babel X3D friends!

During the last months, I've been studying Unity 3D for professor Vitor's (vcard) UAB course, "Virtual Reality and Multi-user environments". We were requested to create a 3D portfolio and a final, full-fledged project, and I wanted to share the results of my learning experience with you.


Here, you can check out the portfolio, where I've dabbled with world-building, 3D models and animation. There are two experiments:

http://midipixel.com/uab/atividade4/ (The content is in portuguese, just click the images to test the prototypes)

Project 1 Project 2

And here, you can check out the full game, called "Benjamin's Dream". In it, you're in a dream that lasts only 4 minutes. During this time, you must collect all the magic gems so that Benjamin restores his will to live when he awakens! Each gem you collect turns the dreamworld into a less somber place! :)


Title Screen Benjamin collects coins!

All content is in portuguese, but it shouldn't keep you from exploring and having fun.

Thanks for your attention, and any feedback is welcome! :D