An undersea world

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An undersea world

Hi all,

I am part of a team working on a undersea world created with Unity 3D. This project is our semester final work in the field of Virtual Reality at Open University "Universidade Aberta", Portugal. We are a group of three students under the supervision of our professors V. Cardoso and L. Morgado to whom we say a big thank you for all the support.

Short, the story is about a mistery Island to be explored by our Ethan or by the Nautilus.The two available scenaries have four fish species: Tuna, Shark, Salmon and Sardines, all animated and swiming along. While Ethan does his own incursion and find useful information about each species, the Nautilus lets you navigate throughout the scenary and choose you prefered view with its three cameras.

Have a look and have fun at