Tip: use Picasa web to store your forum images

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Tip: use Picasa web to store your forum images

Hi All,

Babelx3d forum like many other forums does not allow you to upload files (images included) but you can illustrate your posts with images if you use images stored in your own web site or in another web place.

I have used different ways over the years and now I find PicasaWeb the most practical. (update: Picasa is now Google Photos)

https://picasaweb.google.com/home https://photos.google.com/

There you can easily storage images (even by drag and drop), organize them, and get the web links to embed in the posts (or anywhere). You also have options to post images in different sizes or organized in a slideshow.


There is a Picasa app to install in your PC but I do not like it and don't recommend installing.
It's much easier and practical to work with the web site directly.



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