Sharing Sketchup Files with Kubity

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Pedro Andre Silva
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Sharing Sketchup Files with Kubity

Hi all.

Everyone who works with SketchUp, sooner or later, will face the need to share a presentation of his models with other people, but frequently without sharing the original file. There are some solutions available to perform this task, but recently, I found a new project - Kubity - and it looks very handy. Kubity transforms easily, any Sketchup file in a "visitable" model, directly in your browser, without any need of plugins. All one have to do, is drag the file to the Kubity site and after the upload ends, configure the scene, using the available options for sky, terrain, water and "smart objects" such as trees, particles (fire, fountains) or links to external pages. An important issue to refer is that the configuration process is very fast and also very easy to learn.



It is also possible to define how the final user will visit the model: Spin mode / Fly mode / Walk mode / Tour mode

Obviously this is not a perfect product but final results are very enjoyable and you may see some of these features, working together, in some of my models:

A simple (but real) machine to perform traction tests of train connectors:

A project for a baggage handling system in a small airport:


A roman villa of the first century A.D.:

Kubity is a recent project, so it's in constant evolution and new features are being introduced regularly. For now, it works well in Windows 8 with Firefox or Chrome and it may be used in mobile platforms.

Currently I'm using Kubity in my work, everytime I have to show my Sketchup models to clients or colleagues, (I find it far more interesting and flexible than Sketchfab, for instance), so why don't give it a try?



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Hi Pedro,

Hi Pedro,

Nice work with the baggage handling system and the roman villa!

Kubity is indeed a handy WebGL renderer and provides several navigation modes and other useful features and scene enhancements.

In my test it worked well with most simple 3D scenes yet halted with some larger ones like the one below that refused to render (several times) on firefox;  then I tried it with Chrome browser 64 bit version and finally got the render shown below:


It's definitely a useful online service :)