Ponte de Lima – Castelo Século XIV Overview

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Ponte de Lima – Castelo Século XIV Overview


This world shows the reconstruction of Muralhas de Ponte de Lima, located in the district of Viana do Castelo, one of many sites to visit in Portugal.

Today little remains of the defenses of one of the oldest villages of the country, but this 3D world gives us the possibility to make a short visit to what once were the great defenders of the village on the banks of the river Lima.

When we enter this world, we are facing the wall and if we follow the bridge we will enter the fortress. Once inside, we don’t have much more to see, because the charm of this world is really on the outside and the pleasure of seeing something that in reality is no longer possible.


You can go to this world by going in to this page: http://www.odisseia.univ-ab.pt/ABNet2/3dchat.aspx?x3durl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.di.uminho.pt%2Fpl3d%2FVRML%2Fpl3d-xiv.wrl&title=Ponte+de+Lima+-+Castelo&worldid=10418&ts=1322688878

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