Parque Espacial /Space Park

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Parque Espacial /Space Park


  • Carlos Raminhos
  • António Domingos
  • Ana Paula Silva

Project oriented by: Vitor Cardoso

Project description:

The project consists of a 3D animation of a city, where they have the ability to click on a specific object, that transports us to a ship, which has two buttons:
1 "Down" - to return to the "city"
2 "Travel" - allows the realization of a journey through the Solar System, later returning to the ship





Enter the world here:


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Novas Atualizações / Imagens do projeto

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nice aesthetic! reminds me of

nice aesthetic! reminds me of 8bit.

another view



















Home Page, Guides and astronauts

We have created a new Home Page:

To visit the Space Park:

Home Page


There are some guides that will give important informations to the visitors:



Two astronauts are repairing the Space Station (animated):

Astronaut repairs the space station

A couple walking and a multimedia show

Our group have joined a couple who is walking on the Space Park Avenue

A couple is walking on the Space Park Avenue


and also a Multimedia Show to remember the movie Close Encounters of Third Kind (music and animation)


Close Encounters of the third kind music

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Visitei mundo "http:/

Visitei mundo ""

É muito complexo e muito bonito.

Eu estava no site "".

É um site de referência que pode ser usado como bibliografia.


OBS. Estas palavras foram traduzidas do Romeno para Português usando tradutor do Google.