Paleolithic Reconstruction - a work in progress

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Paleolithic Reconstruction - a work in progress


Here's the newest mock-up of the Bari Test World, a collaboration between me and Susy Cavone, an italian history teacher (from Bari, hence the working title). Our goal is to create an accurate representation of a paleolithic scene, with suitable objects and virtual humans whose movements will demonstrate specific actions (eg, using a stone tool, picking up objects, etc.). So far the main work is in creating people using Avatar Studio, retexturing the texture maps to content-specific clothes. Using the new export pack we've discovered that by choosing a movement we can make the avatar perform specific actions.

Now we've run aground in two things: adding objects to avatars that will be used as inlines, and posing correctly the avatar upon import as inline. Any ideas?

The world can be visited here: Bari Test. It's still in a very early beta, more a concept proof than a complete world. And yes, we know, proportions are way off the scale... but this is a work in progress.