Marker Based AR App using Vuforia

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Marker Based AR App using Vuforia

Hey everyone! smiley


For my first AR app I started by adding the AndroidSDK Module to Unity and installed Vuforia SDK.

Figure 1. Unity - Check this Vuforia mark in Unity XR Settings.

Figure 2. Unity - Vuforia Engine.

After that, I added a Vuforia AR Camera to the Unity scene.


Then, accessed my Vuforia Developer account, got a License and added a Database.


Figure 3. Vuforia - License Manager.

Figure 4. Vuforia - Target Manager.

Once the database was created I added a placemarker that I built based on my simple logo and downloaded the database to import in Unity.

Figure 5. Placemarker.

Figure 6. Vuforia - Download Database.

Figure 7. Unity - Importing Vuforia Database.


After that, I copied the license that I created for this app and pasted into the App License Key in the Vuforia Configuration (in Unity).

Then, I added the image target and the model that I want to show, as a child of the image target. For the model, I have used the Christmas gift built previously.

Figure 8. Unity - Target image.

Figure 9. Model on top of the target image.


Finally, I just had to build it for Android, install it on my mobile phone, open the app and point the camera to a place marker and there I have: a 3D Christmas gift popping out of my computer screen.

Figure 10. Install app.

Figure 11. Final result.


You can find this one and other projects on my XR Portfolio.


Best regards,

Gonçalo Peres

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" Hey, you got a present ...

" Hey, you got a present ...
What? Where ?
Popping out the screen LOL !!!

Well done!


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following this thread :)

following this thread :)