Drupal modules - temporary (tmp) directory creation error

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Drupal modules - temporary (tmp) directory creation error

"Unable to create directory 'temporary://update-extraction ..."

Public servers, paid or free, are useful to easily test applications like Drupal but unexpected problems, like the one mentioned above, can happen when installing Drupal modules, because of directory creation permissions. Directory permissions can be a problem in several circumstances and specially on public web sites where you may not have a convenient full acces to change server parameters.

1) To workaround: Using ftp.  

Is not as practical as using the Drupal interface but you can always install a module directly on the server using ftp to drop the module to:


and then activate it on Drupal administration. 

2) To solve the problemchange the temporary (tmp) location

On Drupal interface go to  Home >> Administration >> Configuration >> File system

and there instead of  "/tmp"   use   "./tmp"

That is it! Now drupal will install modules from the interface.


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