Converting VRML Worlds and avatars to WebGL

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Converting VRML Worlds and avatars to WebGL

Converting VRML to WebGL
Converting vrml/x3d to webgl

Hi all,

VRML/X3D has been around from mid 90's and a lot of 3D art has been created, among them beautiful Worlds and avatars. Some are still on the Net but more and more inaccessible since VRML/X3D plugins/viewers where banned from browsers. Even the standalone plugins and tools are vanishing from publisher's sites and the support ended. Is this pioneer 3D art form inevitably skidding into oblivion?

Probably, unless ... some of us, old school vrml/x3d creators/enthusiasts, convert a few worlds and avatars to WebGL. Indeed, from time to time people are asking in forums about this kind of conversion.

To cut a long story short, decided to give it a go and convert our old Looky Luke vrml/x3d world to webgl using Unity.

Converting vrml to webgl using unity 3D
Editing the converted world and avatar in unity 3D

It's not a painless process but quite feasible if you have the right tools. The mesh conversion part is easier, the behaviors/scripts and avatar controls have to be recreated/replaced in unity.

A simple webgl demo will be available soon and a rough tutorial later.





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very very curious to see the

very very curious to see the converter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Uups! Not a tool Alain. That

Uups! Not a tool Alain. That is for companies like bitmanagement; if they wish!

The idea is more like a workflow and hints to convert the meshes plus a few scripts to make it easier to rebuild the worlds in Unity, with the avatar and ... even in multiuser wink

Be well !.

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ah ok! enter

ah ok! enter meshes is easy , but not for scripts of course.

anyway, when I used some beautiful unity scripts years ago , after 2 or 5 years later , with new versions, all was destroyed.

it is is very boring...


btw be well too , joyeuses fêtes!

( here we are trying revolution LOL)