CCleaner with malware?


Yes, for about a month (from 25 August 2017 until yesterday) ccleaner 5.33 users had malware installed with the program without knowing, as yesterday (18 September 2017) Piriform posted:

They say only Windows 32 bit users where affected but I saw the virus in the installer so ... kinda doubt that 64 bit Windows users where not affected too.

This is an unforgivable event specially when it comes from a reference company.

What to do?

  1. Important: do not enter ccleaner 5.33 or uninstall using windows uninstaller (it will call 5.33 to do the uninstall and it is not advisable). Do nothing!
  2. Download the new version 5.34 from Piriform, check it for malware (just in case) and install. It will remove the previous infected (?) 5.33 and install the new version 5.34
  3. Run a complete virus check of your system.

Please remember, as we say in our blog post about security:
"never install a program in your PC without previously scanning the installer for malware. Even if it comes from your usual software provider or a company you trust."