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Babel forums: how to use an image from google photos

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Hi all,

For technical reasons (server space) uploading images or other media is not enabled in babelx3d but the editor allows using images and media stored elsewhere, in other servers like Youtube or Google photos.

Google photos is a popular photo server archive and has free unlimited storage for your photos. The interface of the service can be frustrating if a user doesn't know how to get the URL of an image; because he can't find an option for that in google photos menus.  Yet, it's a simple process if we use the old "right click mouse button on image" technique:

  1. open
  2. open album (a shared album, so the images are publicly accessed)
  3. open any image (black layout will appear)
  4. right click mouse button on image.
  5. copy image URL.

The URL should look like

More details at How to get the direct link to an image in my Google Photos?



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