Accutrans 3D - A powerfull 3D converter

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Accutrans 3D - A powerfull 3D converter

Accutrans 3d

A new tool on babelX3D Tools-Tutorials page list.

Accutrans 3D provides accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats used by many popular modeling programs.

accutrans 3D
A tool to convert between 3D formats

This is a perfect complement companion for Vivaty Studio users. Remember the plugin Vivaty Studio uses to export/import 3D formats? It uses Accutrans 3D technology.

That plugin is very usefull and Accutrans 3D is even better since it is the updated full version of that plugin with more formats and options (also less bugs). When some specific files throw an error when imported by Vivaty plugin that can be fixed with the full Accutrans 3D program.

Although not a free program (as their authors say), Accutrans 3D can be downloaded and fully used, indefinitely.

»Download from

Alternative software: an alternative converter is MeshLab also available on babelX3D Tools-Tutorials page list.

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