Tutorial: Splash Screen and Enhancement in WebGL Builds

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Tutorial: Splash Screen and Enhancement in WebGL Builds

Hi all,

Unity personal edition lacks efficient splash screen tools and the ones available produce a poor result hardly better than the boring grey entry most seen in WebGL builds. Fortunately we can open the webGL build folder, tweak it and make a better entry to our creations.

In a tiny "one page tutorial" we explain the creation of the splash screen in the editor and how to enhance it tweaking 3 images of the build folder.

                               Fig: Enhanced splash screen in WebGL build

Demo: http://odisseia.babelx3d.net/unity3d/baloon_billboard_UI_Mouse_Over_click_test3/index.html

The made by Unity message is still there but significantly less impactful.

The tutorial (and a zip with the replacing images) is available in our Unity3D tutorials public drive (look inside for "TutorialsInAPage" folder):


Defy: Using the tutorial info, create your own splash screens and answer to this post with images and links to your creations



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Hi all,

Hi all,

Updated the tutorial and the replacing files to unity's version 5.6 

A loading screen is a cool spot to exercise creativity. Visitors will see it with attention while waiting for the world to load :)