how to add dog to avatar?

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how to add dog to avatar?
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A dog is a living being with several behaviors/gestures and to associate that with a normal avatar would need some special gestures for the owner avatar too.
But if, as in the example you showed, you are talking about adding a "static" object with the shape of a dog, that is a simple process (just needs some code editing/changing).

Two possible ways to add objects to avatars

1) the usual way: Look a post here (in babel forum), by Alain, that explains/ilustrates the procedure:

Add objects to your avatar

May be some people find a bit hard to digg that, so there is an easy way with babel x3d avatars new code ...

2) The new way in babel3d avatars code:

To simplify adding objects to the av code (and inspired by what ziek did on zap 3 add on code for av studio) babel3d avatars have the main insertion points of objects highlighted in avatar code. Just edit the code and insert the object (or an inline) at the right position.

1- Open the avatar code

2-look for this line "#############External Objects part1 #################"
below that line you will find several insertion points with inline links to demo files (I let them there to make it easy for you guys to test) that you can uncomment to make those objects visible (replace them to use your own objects)

See how this perfectly normal lili (at:


is easily transformed into a deadly cowgirl (try gesture 6) by uncommenting 2 simple lines as can be seen on the wrl source file below (click the thumb image to enlarge)


The lili cowgirl is here to see the code and check for any details (wrl files are simple text files gziped. If you don't used vrmlpad editor, any good unzip tool can ungzip them).
There is one detail, by the way; the hat was slightly lifted. Wrapped the inline with a Transform to move it up a bit so not one of lili's hair is on sight over the hat.


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but the dog in the orginal

but the dog in the orginal avatar is in one shape

and in your way its not in one shape..

its different.

what to do?

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1) The file you pointed was

1) The file you pointed was produced with av studio that had the dog as an addon of av studio (like the purses). That is why the woman and the dog arte in the same shape. It was done easily in av studio like adding a purse.

But that is not included in normal av studio shapes. Probably was made expressly for a specific user or organization. 

2) I presume you don't have that dog shape in your av studio. So, you need to  do it "differently". 
Get a dog shape (from elsewhere) and "link"  it, the way explained, to a part of the avatar body.

Hope this can help!