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Updated: 33 min 39 sec ago

The Mound Pack by Adventure Forge

1 hour 19 min ago

The Mound Pack consist of 8 different mounds with 3 different texture variations and 3 stages of LOD.
The textures are 2K, PBR ready and set up to work with Unity's Standard Shader.

A good and simple way to add variety to your environment!

All set up and ready to go.

Package Technical Details:

Triangle count: 1860 - 3774
Vertices count: 992 - 1976

Triangle count: 882 - 1824
Vertices count: 484 - 975

Triangle count: 160 - 336
Vertices count: 99 - 195
Texture Size: 2048px

Link to forum thread

Price $4.99

Enlight_Furniture_Chest_Of_Drawers_01 by EnlightARVR

1 hour 20 min ago
Enlight Furniture - Chest Of Drawers 01

Chest Of Drawers 01
Polys: 1660
Vert: 1668
Textures: 4096 x 4096 Normal/Diffuse/Metallic/AO

Chest Of Drawers 02
Polys: 1316
Vert: 1337
Textures: 4096 x 4096 Normal/Diffuse/Metallic/AO

Chest Of Drawers 03
Polys: 2052
Vert: 2077
Textures: 4096 x 4096 Normal/Diffuse/Metallic/AO

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Price $8.00

Paving Stone 01 by VirtualSTAR

1 hour 22 min ago
A set of 4 standard materials.

Each material is based on 5 seamless 4K maps in PNG (albedo (diffuse map), normal map, height map (displacement), specular and ambient occlusion map).

Real world scale is 2376mm x 2196mm. The materials are adapted for unwrapped textures on a model measuring 1 meter by 1 meter.
Price $2.00

Modular Scaffolding ( AAA quality ) by Kobra Game Studios

1 hour 24 min ago
This is a very highly detailed AAA quality scaffolding set suitable for first person games.
The scaffolding's height can be raised / lowered.
I also included a separate ladder model as well as a couple of wooden planks.
You can use all of these to construct a complete scaffolding set.

All textures are PBR configured.

It comes with 3 different sets of textures:
1) plain metal
2) red painted metal
3) yellow painted metal

All textures are 4096 x 4096.
There is albedo / normal / specular / gloss textures ( all PBR ready and configured with Unity 5 standard metalic shader ).

A simplified collision mesh is included as well as various LOD levels are included and the triangle counts for each level are

LOD0 = 7,446 triangles
LOD1 = 5,444 triangles
LOD2 = 1,151 triangles

Price $10.00

iOS External Input by Alexander Hodge

1 hour 29 min ago
This asset allows you to quickly and easily add support for Bluetooth connected accessories, such as keyboards and accessibility switches, to your Unity iOS/tvOS projects.

Any Bluetooth device that registers itself as capable of transmitting keystroke events can now be used as a controller in your project.

The asset is open source and provided free of charge. If you use it in your project, please consider leaving a positive review on the Asset Store!
Price $0.00

The Chain Pack by Adventure Forge

1 hour 33 min ago

The Chain Pack consist of 17 different cutout chain props in different configurations.
These are low triangle count assets, with clever use of textures to create the illusion of 3D chains.

This package comes free of charge in our Modular Dungeon Pack.

Package Technical Details

Triangle count: 364 - 2188
Vertices count: 728 - 4368
Texture size: 512px

Link to forum thread

Price $4.99

City Bus with Interior 6 by Lowpoly_Master

1 hour 36 min ago
It is best for use in games and other real time applications.

- Model is correctly divided into main part and animation parts
- wheel separated,
- Door separated,
- steering wheel separated,
- Interior separated
- 4K Textures .
- Pivot points are correctly placed to suit animation process.
- All nodes, materials and textures are appropriately named.
The 3d model based on a real bus, created according to the original dimensions.
if you find any correction and additional technical details feel free to contact me..
Price $13.00

MonKey Commander by Jungle

1 hour 50 min ago

MonKey is the ultimate Command Manager for Unity. It is designed to be the most efficient way to use the editor!

Inspired by systems seen in Zbrush, Blender or Resharper, MonKey provides a direct access to time saving and advanced commands for artists, designers and programmers!

MonKey removes the hassle of having to do repetitive or cumbersome tasks or to navigate lengthy menus:

Get productive and enjoy a smoother editor experience with the smartest MonKey in the Jungle!

Useful Links

Our Website
Our Manual
Our Facebook Page
Our Discord Channel

Feature Highlight

✔️More than 130 commands for Designers, Artists and Programmers
✔️Custom Commands with Attributes
✔️Super Quick Fuzzy Search
✔️Hotkeys Manager
✔️Powerful Parametric Commands ✔️Interactive Commands for Level Design
✔️Supports Menu Items from Unity & Plugins
✔️Integrated Command Helps & Human-Friendly Naming
✔️Full Undo Support
✔️Great Performance & Optimized for Large Projects
✔️Command Validation
✔️Flexible Interface
✔️Ordered Selection
✔️C# Editor Utilities
✔️Active Support and Command Roadmap
✔️One Cute MonKey!

In Details

✔️More than 130 commands for Designers, Artists and Programmers
MonKey comes packaged with commands made to fit the needs of all Unity users.
They cover functionalities such as:
◽Object Creation
◽Object Finding
◽Scene Management
◽Level Design
◽Scriptable Object
◽And much, much more!

✔️Custom Commands with Attributes
Use attributes for a super fast and code independent way to write new commands with advanced customization, and parameters supported.
Simply add an attribute to a static editor method, and it will be available in MonKey!

✔️Super Quick Fuzzy Search & Great Performance
Our custom search algorithm provides the best human-ready experience!
Multiple ways to access commands including hotkeys, quick names and keyword search.
Monkey is optimized for large projects or big command amount.

✔️Integrated Command Helps & Human-Friendly Naming
MonKey’s interface includes help for all the commands and names them in order to be quickly understood.

✔️Hotkeys Manager & Quick Names MonKey detects hotkey conflicts between commands and with menu items, and displays them in search.
Use quick names for a fast alternative to hotkeys!

✔️Parametric Commands & Command Validation:
Parametric commands are fully supported for more intuitive and advanced usages than unity menu items.
MonKey comes with an AutoComplete feature to quickly search for GameObjects, Assets, Enums, or any variable type.
For parameters, MonKey supports Unity types, c# value types, enums, arrays and more, and can be easily extended!
MonKey also has a Command Validation feature to limit usage of commands to specific scenarios.

✔️Integrates you plugins and Unity’s menu items
Search for Unity’s menu functionalities and for your plugins’ menu items directly in MonKey!

✔️Interactive Scene Commands for Level Design
Powerful and emergent commands for level design to use in the scene view.
Combine few functionalities to accelerate your creation!
Includes commands such as collision constraints, distance constraints, object instantiation, measurement, alignment, clamping, component, object replacement, and much more!

✔️Full Undo Support
MonKey’s commands have a full Undo support (within Unity’s limitations). No fear of experimentation anymore!

✔️Flexible Interface
The interface’s UX is designed to be easy to extend and a compromise between intuitive and functional. MonKey’s console can be docked or used as a popup and includes many settings to customize the way it looks and the way you use it.

✔️Ordered Selection
MonKey stores the order in which you selected the objects (Unity does not): Make your commands user-friendly and reliable by using our system!

✔️C# Editor Utilities: MonKey contains advanced functionalities and access to editor variables such as mouse position, easy undo setup, scene raycast, key pressed events, hierarchy search, and more.
Make your editor utilities creation really shine!

✔️Active Support and Command Roadmap
We are committed to regularly add new commands and functionalities to accelerate your workflow and let you enjoy Unity editor to its full potential!
Here is our current roadmap!

✔️One Cute MonKey!
Isn’t he? He surely brightens our day!

What is Coming Next?

As Jungle, we develop tools for Unity, but we mainly are game devs.
We use MonKey to make games more efficiently, so you can be sure that the plugins will keep on improving: we also benefit from it :)
Here is what we have planned for the future:
◽More commands
◽More interactive option for scene commands
◽Improved Hotkey management
◽Level Design Visualizers
◽Support for localization
◽Scene Commands Macro setup.
◽And much more: check our current roadmap!


MonKey is compatible with all Unity versions from 5.4 until the last one! However, some commands won't be available for versions older than 2017: Functionalities related to Physics in the editor are only available from the 2017 version.

Please note that MonKey's functionalities are only editor related. The aim of MonKey is to accelerate the game production: it is not avaible on runtime.

Get Productive With MonKey!

We cannot imagine using Unity without MonKey, and we are confident you’ll be convinced too!
Price $40.00

GWP - Plasma Pistol by Gear Worx Productions

1 hour 59 min ago
Introducing the GWP - Plasma Pistol.


- Plasma Pistol Weapon

- Plasma Shell / Ammo

- Shell Cover & Trigger (Seperate Meshes ready for animation)

- 2k PBR Textures (Albedo, Metallic, Normal, Emmisive Maps)

If you need any custom art or animations for your game or 3D projects, please feel free to contact us for affordable rates and services:

Visit Gear Worx Productions

Visit Game Ready Art .Com
Price $10.00

Easy Water Buoyancy by AxlPlay

2 hours 12 min ago
Demo || Support

Setup a realistic buoyancy in seconds !
Drag & drop the script, and that's it, you have a floating entity !.
If you want a real sea with waves just drag and drop the prefab.

- Realistic buoyancy simulation
- Surface waves
- Weighting for the buoyancy force
- Works well with other rigidbody forces
Price $19.99

Fantasy Character Pack by PolySquid

2 hours 14 min ago
This package contains 4 fantasy style characters. The models are well made and have high enough texture size even for PC and console platforms, yet can be used for mobile. All of the characters are rigged. Each character is using 2048*2048 diffuse textures and one material for the character and weapon. You`re getting: Roman warior: 4634 tris Sword: 128 tris Mage: 4200 tris Staff: 206 tris Viking: 4214 tris Axe: 378 tris Archer: 3512 tris Bow: 504
Price $24.99

Lake Road by DEXSOFT-Games, 3DModels-textures

2 hours 16 min ago
Complete game level in Unity game engine. Huge 2 sqr kilometers terrain with over 6km long road and 30 prefabs.
Ideal level for your racing games. Beautiful landscape around lake.
Standard Water is not included in this package.
Each prefab comes with 3 LOD stages.
Price $29.99

RPG Cursor Pack (silver) by Leonid Deburger

2 hours 25 min ago
A set of 48 hand drawn classic Fantasy RPG silver cursors (96 in total).

Size: 32x32 px, 64x64 px.
Format: PNG (with transparency).

Please, leave your comments and suggestions, vote and check my other RPG packs:
+ Bronze/copper cursors
+ RPG Food Icon Pack
+ RPG Potion Pack

Price $10.00

Power GIF by Hippo

2 hours 26 min ago

Welcome! Hope you will enjoy working with my asset!

I've created this asset for my app Pixel Studio, so you can try it using the link.

● Decoding GIF
● Encoding GIF
● Encoding/decoding iterators for displaying progress bar
● GIF preview
● Clean and simple C# code
● Unity 5, 2017, 2018 support
● Unity uGUI
● Any platform (Standalone, Android, iOS, WebGL)


It would be super awesome if you will rate ★★★★★ my asset and leave your feedback!

Price $0.00

SU-57 by Evgeny Pritula

2 hours 27 min ago
Sukhoi Su-57 Russian fifth-generation fighter. PBR model. Textures included: Albedo, Metallic, Normal. Textures resolution: min. 256x256 max. 4096x4096. All movable elements (ailerons, elevators ...) are adjusted along the rotation axes.
Price $10.00

Asteroids LP Pack by exabyte

2 hours 32 min ago
Low poly asteroids pack

⭐ 6 base meshes each with 3 variations.
⭐ 6 x (3 Albedo, 3 Normal, 1 Occlusion Maps).
⭐ maps 2048x2048 png.
⭐ avg: 320 verts, 640 tris per mesh.
Price $9.35

Simple Color Picker 2018 by Hippo

3 hours 15 min ago

Welcome! Hope you will enjoy working with my asset!

I've created this asset for my app Pixel Studio, so you can try it using the link.

● RGBA/HSV switch
● Color sliders
● Color component input fields
● Hex color input field
● Color comparator and transparency view
● Clean and simple C# code
● Unity 5, 2017, 2018 support
● Unity uGUI
● Any platform (Standalone, Android, iOS, WebGL)

● Open and run Scene
● Click any point in working field (Saturation/Brightness) to pick color
● Set hue level using Hue slider (vertical rainbow slider)
● Use RGB/HSV button to switch mode
● Change RGBA or HSV sliders to change color
● You can set RGBA and HSV values with input fields
● You can set hex color value with HEX field (#)
● Press Select button to select color
● Press Review button to write a review and make me happy =)


It would be super awesome if you will rate ★★★★★ my asset and leave your feedback!

Price $0.00

Soldier Marine by Evgeny Korchuganov

3 hours 26 min ago
This character is great for games of any genres. Any 3D actions and arcade games will be perfectly complemented by his presence. A small number of polygons makes it suitable for use on all game platforms.
Two modes of character behavior: passive and aggressive. There is animation of transition when changing behavior.

Fully animated, has 16 unique animations:
Animations list:
1) Idle01;
2) Idle02;
3) Idle03Agr;
4) Idle04Agr;
5) PoseToAgr;
6) Walk;
7) RunAgr;
8) Jump;
9) GetHit01;
10) GetHit02Agr;
11) GetHit03Agr;
12) Attack01;
13) Attack02;
14) Attack03;
15) Death01;
16) Death02;

Texture maps info:
PBR metallic shader. AO, diffuse, normal, metallic.
Body texture maps 4096x4096;

Weapon texture maps 2048x2048;

Polys: 3210;
Tris: 6214;
Verts: 3275.

I hope my character will help your creative projects :)
Price $12.00

2D Ballz Balance Endless Arcade Tilt - Roll The Ball Labyrinth Escape Game + Accelorometer (Mobile Friendly) by Steelkrill Studio

3 hours 36 min ago
2D Ball Balance Endless Teeter Tilt - Roll The Ball Labyrinth Escape Game + Accelorometer (Mobile Friendly) is a simple, yet amazing complete ready-to-use and ready-for-release unity game mobile project compatible with all platforms such as webplayer, mobile, iOs, android and desktop.

Perfect for creating a game like Ball Balance in 2D or Roll The Ball type game with Accelorometer for mobile by tilting your phone to move the ball and try to get it into the right hole while evading the other ones to win the level and advance to next one with each level getting more challenging with platforms, spinning platforms, elements, blockers, rigidbody elements and more!

✪ This KIT have everything you need to create a Ball Balance game where you have to move the ball into the hole while evading the other holes and platforms or you ou can also create a maze-type game where you have to move the ball into the end of the maze to win. It all depends on your imagination because everything is customizable from the balls, the holes, elements, platforms and everything else. ✪

This project also includes over 25+ prefabs and over 100+ sprites which you can use such as elements, platforms, balls, backgrounds, holes, misc and more.

Mobilephone Landscape (1800x800) View Demo - Click Here To Play The Demo

This pack includes and features:

- Ready for release and really easy to reskin (Just change the sprites).

- Mobile accelormeter feature, where you can tilt your phone to move the ball and evade the holes while trying to put the ball into the right hole.

- Addictive gameplay where you have to move the player ball and try to get it into the win game hole to advance new levels while evading challanging platforms, elements and holes with many customizations.

- You can also create many modes with the same gameplay, such as big holes mode where you have to evade them, maze-type game mode where you have to get to the end to win, normal ball moving mode and many more.

- Advanced player ball with different customizable player balls (Over 25+ different player balls sprites to use) with customizable rigidbody, movement speed, ball hit with blockers sounds and many more.

- Different type of both animated and non-animated blockers to use to block the player ball from moving with over 100+ different sprites to use as blockers (metal blocker, glass element blocker and such) with many customizations.

- Endless level-based game that will keep you engaged for hours.

- Over 100+ elements and platforms to use. All can be used as blocker to block or can be used as movable rigidbodys by changing the mass of the rigidbody including glass, metal and many more!

- Easy create endless levels in just minutes with drag-and-drop ready to use prefabs and with over 130+ beautiful sprites to use for your game.

- Advanced functional and simple accelorometer movement controls for mobile and keyboard movement controls for desktop. (Works for all platforms)

- A completed game project with sound, music, effects, gameplay, over 5 scenes, menu, full animations, over 130+ total sprites to use, 25+ different balls you can use and more.

- Amazing and beautiful full ready to publish game modes including maze, normal, large mode, spinning blockers mode and more!

- Customizable player ball's speed, color, hit sounds and much more.

- Fully scripted win game feature that display the win game screen when you complete a level along with the score (time took to win) that you got and functional buttons (home, exit and continue) which can also be customized!

- 6 different levels example scenes included.

- Score system where it calculates how many time you took to complete a level, and then it will display it at the end of each scene. (both when you win and lose the game)

- Fully ready to use complete game with menu, game over screen, win game screen, score system and more!

- Win game holes and end game holes which can be customized to your needs such as color and more.

- Over 10+ music, sound effects and audios to use in your game.

- Fully function beautiful main camera fade-out feature to start your game.

- Fully beautiful and ready to use menu which can be customized very easily.

- Customizable on screen end game GUI buttons such as 'continue to next level' button, 'restart' scene button and 'back to menu' button.

- Fully function smooth game over and game win feature with screen GUI button displays and also displays score at the end.

- Customizable sounds such as win game sound, end game sound, 'ball hit wall blocker' sound and more along with other customization.

- and many more!

If you are looking to create a Ball Balance, Teeter, Roll The Ball or anything similar type game, then this is the ultimate package for you which includes all ready to use prefabs to start your own game easy so you can just build and go and you can also change it with your own needs, all sprites can be changed to your needs too. It is also mobile friendly and specifically made for smartphones.

Detailed full documentation is included which covers everything on how to create your own game, along with many other things with also 6 example scenes included (including the menu).
Price $5.99

ARKit Animation Tool by Next Games

3 hours 40 min ago
Capture facial expressions with the iPhone X connected to your editor and save them as a Unity’s .anim asset to be used for your (skinned mesh) characters in your game. This project uses the ARKit plugin to capture face blend shapes. The ARKit plugin must be downloaded separately. Please read the included for information on how to set up the project. Included are the libraries SharpYaml and UniRx with their respective MIT licenses.
Price $0.00