What future for tiny devices larger screens? Origami and rubik paddle ideas

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Origami Cell phone concept

We want powerful all purposeĀ small devices that fit inside the pocket.

Yet, by experience small screens in todays devices limit usability a lot. Even 6-7 inch screens, once considered huge, fall short in today's needs. Larger 10-12-14" screens found in laptops and tablets are better suited for consuming in comfort ... and a minimum for ... content creation. The pocket is too small for today's tech so we walk heavy. Mainly because we need ... larger screens.

todays tech is heavy
With today's tech ... we walk heavy

Some say we will have wearable AR and VR devices, glasses projections or holograms. For sure, but they still look too cumbersome (who wants to use glasses and alike unless you have no alternative?) or a bit faraway. In the present and near future people will still be looking for an all purpose small, powerful, robust and practical device to carry on the pocket. Something that looks like a ... smartphone with a larger, laptop like, screen.

Bendable and dual screen phones are logically the next immediate iteration. Some are already here to buy (Samsung, LG, ...) and more are coming soon. They will get us screens around 10-12" inches easily and (If prices are not too abusive) some of us may consider buying them next year, packed with powerful new processors and ... 5G laugh
But that is the immediate future, already ...here! These will be larger than todays larger smartphones and, even with improvements, a bit harder to carry in the pocket.

Other ideas ...

What about other ideas for larger screens in tiny devices of the future? Space agencies have been using several ideas including classic folding origami techniques to carry large screen solar panels in small capsules. It is very interesting but we may have a few concerns about toughness.

Something else? What about having devices with variable geometry, both for itself and the screen so we could resize/mold them ourselves to carry easily and with better comfort. Well maybe, remember the Rubik's magic folding plate puzzle?

Rubik's Magic folding plate puzzle
Rubik's Magic folding plate puzzle - versatile and tough

The way this puzzle folds seems incredible versatile and the result looks tough and resistant (see a video). We need this versatility and toughness in devices.

Imagine smartphone like devices adopting the idea.

smart variale geometry devices
The variable geometry concept, an illustration -- view source)

The video below (view source) illustrates the concept in several ways
(It's an illustration, not a prototype)