Video 360 is a blast!

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An incredible midstep between classic video and virtual reality.

Remember the 360 panorama technique that let us see a place in a 360 degree interactive perspective? This media effect appeared decades ago in VRML (later in several other technologies like Java and Flash) and became popular by the fascinating effect of its use in landscapes, buildings, museums, ... and of course Google Street View, .

Video 360 uses a similar concept but now instead of "still" 3600 panoramas we have moving pictures. There is action and movement as we expect in video but now everything can be seen in a 360 degree interactive perspective. The immersion effect we feel is impressive and it quite convinces us that this is the road ahead!

Star Wars - The Force Awakens (360 degrees experience)

Use the mouse to look around in 3600 and see the video in full screen to maximize the experience effect.
Mobile Users:  because performance issues may occur mobile users should click the link below and open the video in YouTube app:

For more interesting 360 videos visit the link below:




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yes , very great! but how to do that? is there an amateur solution somewhere ?

By Alain
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Hi Alain :)

One explanation, among others online, about the assembling of the cameras and software needed to get that six point perspective recorded simultaneously is available here:

What are the best 360-degree cameras?


By babelx3d