Unity 5.6 a very special version

Special, first because "Unity 5.6 will release on March 31, 2017, marking the final installment of Unity 5", according to the company.

Also special because it brings cool improvements and better performance, see the video at bottom.

Among the cool features we find an important option associated to WebGL export: WebAssembly. Top browsers already support it since March 2017 and Unity 5.6 also brings support for WebAssembly, which can be enabled in WebGL build settings. Although WebAssembly is another language, in Unity it comes intimately associated to WebGL export as a performance option; making your game/world load and run faster. According to tech posts WebAssembly code is about 10-20% smaller than WebGL, and runs around 10% faster. This brings browser graphics performance even closer to native code.

Click image to try an WebAssembly version of our featured world Island of Coins