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Computer Magazines Archive






One of the main entry points is the Computer Magazines Archive on the site. It contains more than 18600 copies of classic computer magazines. Most are in English, but you will find German and other languages as well if you search long enough.

You find magazines for the Commodore Amiga there, C-64, PC, Sinclair, and many others. A click on one of the supported magazines opens the list of releases that are available. Each is listed with its name, sometimes volume and number.

Filters are available to display results by year, type, topic, or to search the collection of magazines instead.

A click on a magazine opens its first page in a reader area on the screen. You can read the magazine online right away there, and even use search the content of the magazine, or use the download options to download it in one of the available formats. This includes usually PDF, EPUB, and plain text.

The Computer Magazines Archive lists mostly computer magazines. Some game related magazines are listed there as well, but the bulk of magazines is about computers, hardware and technology.