Presentation of the virtual worlds


Yesterday, October 14th, it took place the inauguration of the virtual worlds created in Information Systems and Internet of the Master in Multimedia Educational Communication at the Open University, Portugal. Professor Vitor Cardoso oriented all the projects and he was present and commenting this opening.

Several students presented their creations. The first visit was to the Virtual Peddypaper. This virtual world was presented by Teresa Küffer, who led us into a fantasy world where books and stories expand our imagination. The main books of Portuguese language curriculum are present in this world where creativity is present and makes us believe that we are in the land of dreams.

The next visit was to Kiosk Eco, by the hand of Lisete Lapa. Recycling, renewable energy and ecology are the central topics of this world. Here, the visitors can find information and careful spaces to develop ecological awareness. This is an important topic of ours days and Kiosk Eco is, without a doubt, an excellent resource to develop amazing pedagogical approaches and keep Earth healthy and green.

The world that followed was MProject, presented by Miguel Coelho. How can it be a virtual school? It can be fantastic! MProject is a well-designed space, with personality and charm to welcome teachers and students and create extraordinary learning environments. Other builders of this world were present in the opening, Nelson Sovela and Cristina Pereira, also gave the visitors important insights about this world.

It is missing the visit to the Universe of Books. The opening was rescheduled for Sunday, October 16 at 09 pm. Do not miss it, you will not regret it! Stay tuned to the blogs, there will be updates in the next days.