Event: A Viagem do Artenauta

The Local Learning Center (CLA) of the Open University (UAb) in Ponte de Lima organizes the educational,  cultural and artistic project,  "A Viagem do Artenauta" - Storytellers and creativity.

Supported by various entities in the district of Viana do Castelo, the project will take place between 17 and 29 October 2011 in several locations in the town of Ponte de Lima, and involves a series of initiatives directed to the school community and the public general: exhibitions, workshops, theater, dance, music, movies, seminar on Education, Arts and Culture, Literature, Cinema and Storytellers.

Babelx3d is present in the public exhibition room, open daily to local visitors: "BABELX3D e os ArteNautas Virtuais" (Babelx3d and the Virtual Artenauts).

Check the program here.