ASMALLWORLD: about social networks series

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A Small World social network ASMALLWORLD, founded in 2004 as one of the first social networks, is the leading invitation-only Travel and Lifestyle community. The company operates a paid-subscription model and members pay a yearly fee starting at CHF 100 per year and up to CHF 26'000 for the top tier membership.

Members get access to an advertising free and curated community of global citizens around the world. The company organizes over 1'000 events per year, ranging from after work gatherings, art gallery openings to its famous Gstaad Winter Weekend.

To join, one must receive an invitation from an existing member, or an invitation from the governing board after filing an application to be considered for membership.

Today, ASmallWorld is marketing itself as the leading private international lifestyle club, whose members are internationally minded people committed to opening their lives to each other, sharing extraordinary experiences and insuring that fellow members can live like locals wherever they go. Membership requires an invitation from an existing member or a membership application approved by an international committee of trustees. ASMALLWORLD is active in about 150 cities around the world and offers more than 1,000 events annually.

Source and more detailed info: Wikipedia.