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Updated: 2 min 51 sec ago

Intro to 2D World Building with Sprite Shape

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 13:06
Sprite Shape gives you the freedom to create rich free-form 2D environments straight in Unity and decorate them as you see fit, with a visual and intuitive workflow. The tool works by dynamically tiling sprites along spline paths based on a given set of angle ranges. Read on to learn how you can work with […]

Access the world’s largest marketplace of motion assets

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 16:30
Rokoko’s Motion Library provides Unity users the ability to preview character animations and purchase with just a few clicks without leaving the editor. Visit the Asset Store today to download this plugin! What is the Motion Library? The Motion Library is an extensive motion asset marketplace that gives you access to AAA-quality character animation natively […]

Real-Time 3D for Auto – From CAD to Unity

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 15:02
In August, we had our first webinar for automotive, allowing audiences to see how PiXYZ’s best-in-class CAD-import solution and Unity’s real-time rendering platform can quickly bring great ideas and products to life. It was hosted by several industry experts, including Unity’s own Ed Martin and Adam Myhill, along with our partner from PiXYZ, Axel Jacquet. […]

WebAssembly Load Times and Performance

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 13:08
A few weeks ago we talked about WebAssembly and its advantages over asm.js. As promised, now it’s time to look at the performance and load times of Unity WebGL in four major browsers. It’s been a long time since we ran the Unity WebGL benchmark and published our findings. During this time, both Unity and […]

Unity Hub v1.0 is now available!

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 14:12
The Unity Hub is here and ready for public release! We are thankful for the great community engagement which resulted in a quick and successful beta cycle. As a quick recap, the Unity Hub is a connected desktop app designed to streamline onboarding and production processes for all users. It’s the central place for accessing […]

Unity 2018.3 beta: Get early access now

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 11:53
In July, we launched Unity 2018.2, which improved the performance of both the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) and the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to help you achieve high-end visual quality. The release also included multiple improvements to the Shader Graph, which now supports both pipelines, as well as several new features for mobile, 2D […]

Multiplayer Connected Games: First steps forward

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 13:03
As part of our commitment to solving challenges for connected games development, we’ve focused first on real-time multiplayer games, and we’ve learned a lot from our prior attempts to democratize this space. First and foremost, we know that in order to build the right new technology, we need your feedback every step of the way. […]

ML-Agents Toolkit v0.5, new resources for AI researchers available now

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 17:00
We are committed to working to help make Unity the go-to platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen research groups taking notice, with OpenAI using Unity to help train a robot hand to perform a grasping task, and a group at UC Berkeley using it to test a new […]

The first-ever Unity Humble Bundle is available now

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 13:08
We are excited to announce that we partnered with Humble Bundle to launch our very first Unity Humble Bundle, which includes seven Steam games made with Unity, ten popular digital assets from Unity Asset Store, and twelve Unity development courses. For $15, you can get over $1600 worth of digital merchandise. The offer ends on […]

Faces of Unity: Alex Lindman

Thu, 09/06/2018 - 13:05
Unity’s internship program allows students from a broad spectrum of disciplines to work and grow under world-class mentors. From engineering to program management, our offices around the world eagerly look forward to welcoming interns into the Unity fold every summer.  In this “Faces of Unity” post, we’d like to highlight Alexandra Lindman, a Technical Art […]

Extending Timeline: A Practical Guide

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 17:02
Unity launched Timeline along with Unity 2017.1 and since then, we have received a lot of feedback about it. After talking with many developers and responding to users on the forums, we realized how many of you want to use Timeline for more than as a simple sequencing tool. I have already delivered a couple […]

Powering the Real-Time Revolution at SIGGRAPH

Wed, 08/29/2018 - 18:36
SIGGRAPH is the melting pot where the newest of technologies and the brightest of minds come together under one roof. This year’s conference took place August 12-18 in Vancouver, BC. With more than 50,000 attendees and content topics spanning CG, Animation, VR, Games, Digital Art, Mixed Reality, and more, it’s the world’s largest conference on […]

Spotlight Team Best Practices: Setting up the Lighting Pipeline

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 13:25
Unity offers several rendering pipelines, two Global Illumination systems, four Lighting Modes, three Light Modes, two Shadowmask Modes, etc. This tremendous flexibility allows you to create projects targeting high-end PCs and console, as well as mobile and XR devices. However, the number of options can be overwhelming if, for instance, you are new to Unity, […]

Animation C# Jobs

Mon, 08/27/2018 - 18:53
In Unity 2018.2, the Animation C# Jobs feature extends the animation Playables with the C# Job System released with 2018.1. It gives you the freedom to create original solutions when implementing your animation system, and improve performance with safe multithreaded code at the same time. Animation C# Jobs is a low-level API that requires a […]

First look at Unite LA 2018: World exclusive keynote content, new summits, tracks, sessions and more!

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 15:01
Unite Los Angeles is the perfect opportunity to connect and collaborate with developers all focusing on technology, creativity, games, and more. Unite is getting a fresh, focused, and more intimate feel, with new summits and tracks to explore. We’re excited to announce a sneak peek at our flagship Unite developer conference in Los Angeles, California […]

How to test Unity in a week?

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 18:39
That is the question we constantly face as Quality Experts in Sustained Engineering. Every week we release two new minor versions of Unity with fixes and improvements. A crucial aspect of our job is to assess the quality of these builds, identify possible issues, provide feedback to the development teams and give the green light […]

The Unity Awards 2018: Celebrating creators

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 17:28
The Unity Awards are one of our favorite events of the year, and we’re excited to be bringing them to you again this year! These awards are just one way we look to recognize, emphasize, and congratulate the hard work, creativity, and dedication that you all put into your projects. We’ve seen a great deal […]

WebAssembly is here!

Wed, 08/15/2018 - 13:01
It’s been a while since we announced our intention to switch to WebAssembly (a.k.a. Wasm) as the output format for the Unity WebGL build target. Since Unity 2018.2 is the release that finally delivers this change, we would like to explain how we got to this point and what this means for all of you […]

PiXYZ v2018.2 – Automation and algorithms for automotive success

Tue, 08/14/2018 - 15:10
Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with PiXYZ Software to provide Unity automotive and transportation customers with the best CAD import and data preparation software for real-time 3D. Since then, we’ve been hard at work improving how our products work together and developing new features. With PiXYZ for 2018.1 came new algorithms and an […]

Unity for Film: Real-time cinematic technology at SIGGRAPH 2018

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 20:52
Unity believes that the future of filmmaking is real-time, and this year at SIGGRAPH we are celebrating cinematic storytelling in CG animation, virtual cinematography, and more—all throughout the event. The week kicked off with our CMO Clive Downie giving a keynote presentation at the SIGGRAPH Business Symposium on Unity’s predictions about real-time 3D content and […]