The perfect smartphone in 2016? MS surface phone?

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The perfect smartphone in 2016? MS surface phone?

surface phone

Smartphones are powerful and handy devices to access information, media and other content anywhere. Are also fantastic in capturing media and communicating with people or systems (sensors, GPS, etc.). Beyond that performing with our "big" fingers on small screens lacks precision and has obvious limitations in content creation.

We can easily post short text messages but typing more elaborated documents is a bad idea. Even preparing a simple media/slideshow presentation is a challenge and can become a nightmare. Voice commands can help with simple tasks like dialing or navigation commands/GPS but voice-to-text recognition, still far from 100%, remains a curiosity that consumes our time and patience. 

To be a "bit" more productive in editing documents and media with smartphones we need to associate a mouse and a physical keyboard, via Bluetooth or USB, the problem is carrying around these peripherals in our pockets. In real life, If we know by advance that we will have to create some content we carry a bag with a laptop inside. When caught by surprise our powerful, expensive smartphone is most probably unable to do the job.

Curiously in past times we had these peripherals in our smartphones. Why not today ?! Galaxy note is the only line which includes a small pen that also works like a mouse. This enables an interesting level of precision and accuracy when working over a small screen. Unfortunately never come out a similar seamless keyboard. The ones we can buy around are clumsy and, together with the smartphone, do not fit well in our pocket.

With the stimulus and pressure to innovate and get a better share of mobile market Microsoft is allegedly about to propose a new phone in 2016, the "surface phone". Read more about: